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9th July 2013, 04:03 PM
ok so let let me share an example of how i (think) i might be jinxing probably good outcomes.

after ages i get a good date , most days i have a very short list of check marks to swipe ; healthy, sane , intelligent, no criminal intent,no visible birth defects,clean breath, no obvious signs of lechery or deviant thinking , not living in parent's basement (you get the picture), by the time we seat ourselves to start conversation all my check marks are met and around the same time "husband-vision" mode goes off with the alarm blaring full throttle and i'm wondering how persuasive the person would be to asian house keeping ( a japanese house with sliding doors and no furniture or clutter) , by the middle of the meeting i end in the bathroom to "de-jinx" , by running a few thoughts in my head , like :
"calm down"
"practice emotional detachment"
"don't pre-determine outcomes"
"don't set goals , let the situation progress naturally"
blah blah blah , list goes on , again (you get the idea)

If nothing good comes out of this date (and others like it) , i can't help but wonder if I'm jinxing things by thinking too much and meddling in the natural progression of things? like i'm poking my nose way too much in the creative manifestation of things and putting the cart before the horse so to speak , it's like when you're making eggs , standing at the stove puttin them on the pan and you get a bad one , like with a small crack or a hole in it and you think that "if all these eggs were incubated , the bad one just wouldn't have turned into a healthy little yellow chick while the rest of the batch would have" , yes i think like this sometimes , please don't judge me.

Similarly , someone else was telling me the other day she too had this problem , then she told me how she had a really good situation going but thought way too much about it everyday "picked , poked and fidgeted with the situation in her mind" and attached a lot of expectation and excitement to it and ended up jinxing it.

I asked her if she (like me) avoided telling certain people certain things , who might not possibly have the best intentions for you and their malice could possibly "contaminate" what we had going? so that our unexpectedly sweet situation turns sour?
She said yes.
I totally do the same thing , you can pick the jealous , envious or unhealthy vibe from someone (whom you would suspect wouldn't want good things to happen to you) so that their malice tamper or ill-intent wouldn't hinder your future happiness.

Also when i was young i read a manual that said , manifestation is a process where you plant the seed and wait a while for the seed to turn into a sapling and then go onto full bloom (achieve fruition).
After planting the seed you don't "turn the earth over , or pick or prod at it to see how the seed was doing" , trust the universe and give it time to let it do it's thing.
So similarly setting good intent and affirmation or manifestation in process ongoing , is jinxed by thinking about it and not giving your seed a good chance to grow.

It's like having a scab after a while you get to curious and your end up scraping it off to see what's going on underneath , "am i healthy? is my skin healing properly? will it leave a mark?" , you know you shouldn't do that but you still do?

I'm not sure if any of this is making sense now , because i'm naturally prone to "thought loops" and "repetitive thinking" and such type of OCD , as it is :-(

9th July 2013, 04:55 PM
You hit the nail on the head- you're overthinking it, and sabotaging yourself.
Of course, you know this, so instead of offering advice, I'll tell a different story.
When I was young I had a series of bad boyfriends, you could say I had stupid taste in men. So after a bad breakup, I swore I was done, I was just never going out with anyone again. I then proceeded to go out with my friends, and never tried to flirt with anyone or actively look for a partner. I was done with that.
Then I met my husband. He was not someone I tried to get, we became friends before going out, and when he asked me out I was honestly surprised. I tentatively went out, thinking, "well, why not, it's something to do" and we got along so well and so effortlessly, that we naturally progressed into marriage. It wasn't forced, we went out for three years before I realized I couldn't (and didn't want to) live without him, and another year for us to decide to get married. There was no 'social pressure', no expectations, simply one day we said "hey, why not get married?" and we did. This was 32 years ago.
Has it been perfect? Hell, no. We almost got divorced twice- but really, when it was right there was no effort necessary, not even thinking. It just felt right.
Maybe I was lucky.

9th July 2013, 05:13 PM
hmmm yes , i think i'm connecting the dots finally , "trusting the universe" isn't as easy as it sounds.

9th July 2013, 05:34 PM
is chalked full of making sense. Faith Brother, Friend. a backwards glance, heyoka, ride with the aim upon that "which" is behind chasing. therefore, to cut to the chase, for the chase unavoidably is. and it is hey o'kay.

fruition is within an orchard, otherwise a lone sapling of pollenation does not fruit. if one sees that what is expected already is, then the thought "jinx" is merely that "which" jinxes the thinker, for they strive looking ahead at the imperfect, unrealized that all past is perfect...leading to the present moment.

but as i follow what i in responce sense to write, i see your point more clearly. Friend, count it joy...letting patience have her perfect way. this goes for me too.

however, remember, that even as the/a preacher preaches to themself, the sensing of another are merely reflective evidence of one's own reactivity. thus, to have suspect of another reveals the suspect rooted in the thoughts.

your description is of any human, me...you...any. the pretense to be anything other than human is just that, pretense. folks who think to know, perhaps forget to feel to understand, even to understand themself. without understanding of one's self, then understanding of any other cannot be. in that there is no suspect within human nature, for that nature in and of itself is ever innocent. any mark given is not of one's self given, but rather, it is given through one's misunderstanding to another misunderstood.

perhaps it is like an expectant father who instead of being in the delivery room, has opted for the waiting room. thus, such expectancy is given to horrific feelings and thoughts of negative scenarios. if the said father was in the delivery room being lambbasted by the actual mother giving birth, along with being enthralled with such a miracle's happening, there'd be no time for negative scenarios, as he'd be everybit given over to IT's positivity. thus, is faith with works vs faith without suspectly lost to a negative uprising.

the extremities of such a happening are without any one's control, to include any one's attempt to control it through thinking. the spontaneity of involvement within the delivery room, gives way to that which cannot but be, in the actual flow, and not lost in the avoidance of such a natural flow, having opted for the unatural flow of thoughts run amok in the waiting.

to speak in the contractions, is to alleviate the pain felt. to hold the hand of the hand feeling such pain, is to share a modicum of the pain as your hand is squeezed. to bare the harshness of what might come out, is to with positive responce speak unharshly, reassuringly.

truly brother, we've neither any malice or ill-intent. turn what you've written to where it arrived to you. for you've described neither of us. we are both obedient, yet we are both attempting to share without allowing fear as our guide, but rather as that which through faith lovingly endures oneanother as love certainly endures us.

i will reflect upon your words, it is my practice to put myself in the worst of what may be given of another, that in that i am proven, not by what another has given, but by what is given that i am at all.

this here "achieve" issus is not my issue, for clearly without that which is given that i am at all, i am merely the dumb underachiever left to my own probable ills, as i've within my own thoughts thought to have achieved some-thing when i am not a thing at all.

i wait upon the Lord, obedient only in as much as i presently understand obedience. i am familiar with the woodshed, or the woodline, and i give due just as it is written that i give due. I trust only in the Lord, because as the cause of past griefs, i realize that i cannot even trust myself.

therefore, the spontaneity of what i write is just that, spontaneous obedience. i've no-thing to prove, for in the crucible of things are we all proven. what i write is directly relative to that which i've seen to read. it's not my job to do so, this is my vocation.

am i afflicted? yes, and much weakened in such. this day alone calls, not yesterday, nor tomorrow. this day alone beckons...us.

Shalom al'Achim

p.s. when brothers approach me irl, strait up, giving me such worrisome report as if they or they've somehow got some control, i hand them a dvd, a movie titled "The Kingdom of Heaven". "I am the blacksmith", and beyond that gift from God's will, I am no-thing, such that "Not I" is what it is.

i do crave silence, yet where is it brother? look at how our thoughts betray us. let us not betray oneanother, following thoughts borne of fear as our guide.

please pm me...

9th July 2013, 05:38 PM

when we trace the route we may re-cognize the natural ordered true. however, in having traced the route we also re-cognize the unnatural chaos of super-natural intersectedness that would as temptation prove us, in the ofference of short-cutting throughout orderedness' way - human.

I Ching - connecting the dots

Peace unto you Brother

9th July 2013, 05:41 PM

the same is true in re-cognition of the curvature of skeletal inipi frame, covered as womb. the bright and morning star, naturally true; linearly gives way to super-naturals of intersectedness. let us follow the true, staying the course, remaining true to form. Robert Johnson song will do here....about selling the soul to the devil within to play an instrument like a mad dog without.

Crossroad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yd60nI4sa9A

never put your eggs all in one basket, and how not to lose the self to 2D nonreality, that 3D might inform the 4D reflectively looking at it's self.

9th July 2013, 06:13 PM
lucky enough to be so blessed. congrats to CFT and Husband for a war well fought, a race well run, and the finish always in the day.

9th July 2013, 06:21 PM
aah ok :-)

9th July 2013, 06:38 PM
please pm me...

will do , need be .:heart:

Neil Templar
17th July 2013, 08:10 AM
How do you know your ideal partner isn't a blind asthmatic, who's currently getting over a recent separation by living at their parent's house for a while?...

You start out the date with a whole list of judgemental thoughts, then expect yourself to be able to get to the end of the date without any?!

TRUST THE UNIVERSE! Not to find you what you want, but to know what it is you need and to bring that your way...
The Universe/your Higher Self, knows what is best for you.
Your mind is full of judgement, and is too busy to truly understand what is best for you.
Ask for The Ideal Situation to manifest... make an emotional plea.
Put all of the energy you would normally expend in all that prodding and poking, into the initial heart-felt, genuine plea, and let the seed grow...
Remain open minded and don't turn away any opportunities before at least giving them a chance to make an impression.
And most importantly, BE YOUR GENUINE SELF!!!
Don't imagine you know what other's are looking for, because they don't know what's best for them either!
Don't try to be something that you're not, or something "better" than you think you are.
If you are simply authentic, all of the time, you WILL find yourself resonating with the ideal someone else, in a way that cannot be ignored.

And then everything will make sense. :D

17th July 2013, 11:56 AM
Don't imagine you know what other's are looking for, because they don't know what's best for them either!

17th July 2013, 03:21 PM

Love ya Bro! for throwing your best out, despite the truth of it.

17th July 2013, 03:32 PM
despite the truth of it.

what's the truth of it? essplain please! :eek:

17th July 2013, 06:03 PM
what's the truth of it? essplain please! :eek:

Neil's quote that you yourself gave thumbs up to. :)

Neil, "Don't imagine you know what other's are looking for, because they don't know what's best for them either!"

He shared his best, and lo and behold, some dang gum truth. it is that last word "either" that made it worthy of a thumbs up.

17th July 2013, 06:23 PM
leave it to me to get things mixed up :redface:

17th July 2013, 07:21 PM
just know that ye be loved silly. ;)