View Full Version : Solid Creation of Matter

27th July 2013, 08:53 AM
I would say that this is my theory of creation for things to become solid. They say that when we die, we have the possibility of turning our dead body into a diamond because our bodies are made of carbon. Now I will jump into a research that I have just started and it has to do with electromagnets, neodymium magnets, hydroelectric power, and a new type of printer in which I coin as a matter manipulator. This seems like science fiction, but the possibility is higher than I thought that it may be legit. Seemingly they found a way to print all types of things using some type of putty or even real equipment. This I feel is going back to the Nikola Tesla days in which it gathers matter from the Universe like protons and makes these into objects. I will yet start to take notes on this device.