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30th July 2013, 05:27 AM
I've known for some time that Philip K. Dick was a mystic, just from reading his work, but I hadn't read his collected letters. This blog presents some really interesting material from letters he wrote to people, documenting some of his mystical visions, dreams, etc. I don't claim to understand all of what he was talking about it, but I definitely recognise the paradigm (and I'm very pleased I got to use that word, thankyou :))


30th July 2013, 03:01 PM
i like. i suppose that in our "modernity" that what we cannot explain away we also diagnose with a label that relegates the unexplainable to mental/emotional illness/disease. higher consciousness, big mind, extreme awareness, eyes wide open...etc, whatever the hell we might call it, is super-conductivity, and certainly, compared to the "norm" of our operative conscious day in and day out modality, it would seem as being excruciatingly sensitive.

Bicameralism is a subject/topic of interest, however i agree with PKD. there are some good reads helpful in understanding the embalance twain right and left brain hemispheres, and subsequent workings out as behavioral/conductive perspectivity on world/people. the leap is acceptance of behavioral as character, that as character one may operatively redress towards a more peaceful conductive nature.

seriously though, one can lose years to what comes down to human psyche-ology, spiritual redress that moves away from the sterility of diagnosable ails predictably splattered all over the misunderstood movements of soul.

my good ole metaphor about IT is, if you havent come through it like crap flying out of goose's arse splattered all over the wall, well then, it aint worth you while to have come through IT.

i hesitate to complain, but one cannot in the turn, turn back around and curse the step/s of coming through the gateway of our blessed human nature, such a step as religion/s. that's like slappin your mama the second you are born, or cursing the very breasts once weened. but it does seem to be the "norm" to despise the very crucible/stage of growth that we've moved beyond. children do this to their parents that they might make a clean break into their rightful individualistic passage.

instinctive this is the "norm", however, intuitively we may glance back and smile with recognition that honors, saying, it's all good.

it suffices to be reminded that mental/emotional diagnosis is more about pharmacueticals being pushed than is about good ole medical treatment that therapeutically treats the human as being human. it appears as if simply being human is an illness. an illness that is taken advantage of by every money grubbing institution that would lowly fall to the occasion of vicarious parasitical enterprize. with that analogy, we might all observe to witness that we are indeed thoroughly outnumbered and surrounded.

somewhere in the middle of psychological and spiritual therapy is the answer to this which we presently are. but, my personal take is to chuck and flush all the archtypal characteristics that lead to multi-farious(sp?) conductivity, or to say, look one last time at the splattered goose crap on the wall, the ink blot of our co-madness, turn and walk confidently away, being whole/healed at long last.


for example, here are two statements from Jesus, that draw comparitive truth, toward one truth. such as Percival telling Arthur that he and the land are One.

Jesus said, "this heaven and the one above it will pass away"; and also, "If they take your coat, also give them your overcoat". paraphrasing

notice that both these statements begin at the closest first and next outward nearest secondarily. this suggests that the removal is to within, either passing away or being stolen away, and that the term 'away' is directionally within. this apparently in our human' best interests.

30th July 2013, 05:47 PM
I'd like to note that Tessa Dick (PKD's widow) does not get a cent from most of the things that are out there available for consumption. So if anyone would like to send her a contribution to help her survive, I'm sure she would appreciate it.

or buy her books.