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2nd August 2013, 10:34 AM
Hello everyone. I would like to test out something here and see how it works out. Anyways it will be kind of like a journal, but input for everyone. I want everyone to share their Astral Projection experiences and explain the scenery and adventures you go on while there. What you create. My hypothesis for this is that with everyone explaining their Astral Projections in a poem format that others will also get involved and share there experiences as well as train another great skill which is imagination. Anyways I will start.

Astral Projection 1 from GMAN:

My astral body flows out of my physical like a wave crashing on the shore. I float out of the roof of my home not knowing where i'm going. As I fly out of the ceiling I am transported to another dimension; This dimension unlike anything I have seen on earth. I find myself on the astral plane. The sky was cloudless, the sun was nowhere to be found. The ground felt as if I were standing on marshmallows without the stickiness. I explore my world further for another five minutes. I get a wake up call and get pulled like a bungie cord back to my body. I leave with me a world a bit explored but many worlds unexplored. I come back with recall of the adventure I have partaken and am back to do worldly activities.