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12th August 2013, 08:45 PM

12th August 2013, 10:29 PM
I get it, if only vaguely. Reminds me of the conundrum of the mind observing it's self.

13th August 2013, 04:40 AM
"Light has no speed"...ayep, ever stillness. my continuum of thoughts be a racing, go figure.

like this bit of word from Thunder|Perfect Mind: "when you are close I am far away, when you are far away I am close". paraphrase

that line is talking about vision, sight. not sight on, but sight in such that sight on is always superficially a lie, or composite of mechanisms where duality has rendered two into one deeply hidden mystery, a mystery which even the person is forgotten/un-remembered of themself. while with sight in, this one becomes two again, not alone/re-membered. that sounds crazy,backwards, dont it?

now, with your hands palm to palm (prayer) in front of your eyes, look far away. do you not see two sets of praying hands, yet look close that you alone have only one set of hands. this is Aikido, Soft Eye. ya see, movement does not have to be sequentially timed, like coreography. movements freed may be timeless, that within the moment the opponent's use of personal power is their loss, for in time are they coreorgraphically stuck in the rehearsal. it is hard to word...gosh darn it. it isnt literal, ya have to see it...not to believe it. it's surrender of all thoughtedness, like a bird on the wing, its wing and tail feathers like fingers playing the air, nuance to nuance. eyes wide open

such that, one's chi/personal power, or focus thereof themself is "close". if an one looks through, far away, then with them close one is not alone. a typical aikido statement, "if you know what is in front of you, then you also know what is behind you". is good stuff, beats the hell out of physics/science. is human...nature, is nature et all.

we always wonder why the other side cannot be seen. "My grace is sufficient for you, for In your weakness is my strength". also, grace falls upon everyone, no matter what may be superficially seen of them. therefore are we not to judge what is seen as sight on another.