View Full Version : Briefly seeing through closed eye lids?

3rd September 2013, 04:45 PM
The other day, I was meditating while listening to some BrainWave presets in the dark. I was getting quite sleepy so decided it was time for bed. I was in a sitting position at the time and my eyes were getting very heavy. I noticed that every time I blinked/closed my eyelids, I was still seeing the room for a brief moment (half a second) before it went black behind my closed eyelids. I thought I was imagining it, so I opened my eyes again and blinked again. The same thing happened about a dozen times before the strange effect wore off and I no longer saw anything behind my closed eyelids.

Was I really seeing something? Was that my 3rd eye? or was my mind already in a dream state?

3rd September 2013, 05:47 PM
Yes, you were seeing something. You were perceiving with your energy body. This is one of the symptoms of readiness for projection.


3rd September 2013, 06:51 PM
Cool! Thanks for sharing the link. Very useful/helpful. I'm following the MAP program and am on week 3, so haven't gotten to the part about how to project or make an conscious exit. (And no, I didn't peek ahead. =P) Still trying to learn how to silence my mind and stimulate the energy body.

So the vision lasts only a split second and fades to darkness. Should I expect the vision to last longer the more my energy body is stimulated? Or is it supposed to be brief? How is this different from astral sight?

This forum is so helpful, thanks to so many people sharing from their experience. It's one thing to read a how-to book, quite another to actually try/do it and assess progress.

3rd September 2013, 10:48 PM
So the vision lasts only a split second and fades to darkness. Should I expect the vision to last longer the more my energy body is stimulated? I don't know- this particular 'talent' is somehow I have never been able to 'master'. I have had it last as long as my eyes remain closed (and eventually I can't seem to avoid opening them out of curiosity), during the day after a second of closing my eyes, and never ever predictably. So, :shrug:

How is this different from astral sight? Some people call this astral sight, I don't. I prefer 'seeing through the eyelids' or 'etheric sight'. To me astral sight is more like remote viewing or clairvoyance, or when you see weird stuff. But that's my own distinction and I know a few people would tell you to ignore this, because I'm 'labeling' or whatnot. Which I am. :)

6th September 2013, 05:05 PM
I had an extended period when 'seeing with closed eyes' was very entertaining. I would hold a hand up in front of me and see if I could see it. Yes, how many fingers do you see? What's that shadowy shape in the corner? Might be an etheric representation of the dresser - and on and on.

Can't explain it, but I was fascinated by it.

[Oh, and I would touch my eyes to check if they were really closed. They were.]