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8th September 2013, 04:28 PM
yesterday i heird in news that some misterious creature that flies vary fast and is uncatchable by the eye
is terrorizing a villige called zgude here in georgia. it threaghtens and throws stones at people.
here is the link of the news. you can watch it by yourself. i knew a woman in village "tianeti" who told me
in childehood that some creature was attacking neighboring village by throwing stones and she didnt went there
but many were interested. it was when i was a little boy. but here it happens again.... may that be a sort of
elemental or something??? have no idea. im so curious. but i dont have time to go there and live there for a week.
if somebody has time, could you try to go there while you are asleep and try to solve the mistery? because
government really won't take it seriously.i can not project. or i would go by myself. i try to learn it but
all i get is broken sleep at nights...

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here i have translated it for you. if you know somebody who knows georgian you can show it to them
they will translate the same:

news speaker:
i must announce the following story widely so please have patience, Qareli region's police is before
the hard task, they must find an evil spirit which threatens villages by death (extermination).
it throws stones to their homes and sets them on fire.evil spirit as it appears to be has fine understanding
in criminalistics and works in handgloves since he leaves no fingerprints (i think that was said in a sarcastic way).
police cant create it's photo robot since he wasn't seen by anywone ever -since he is a spirit (opens he's hands
(suli means spirit) ). luckily he couldn't manage to kill anyone but he's evil's victims became only broken windows
burned curtains and local people's raped neurves who haven't slept nearly one month in peace. because they wait who will
be next.

old woman:
men from whole village who could were guarding but....

then jurnalist starts :
it's already 20 days tht in qareli reagion village zgude locals dream by turn. (then some crab ill proceed from interesting)
zgudians say that so called illusive creature throws them stones and burns homes.

old woman:
concrete fragments, but not ordinary stones. nobody sees hem but everyone feels that it runs by fery quickly.

old man:
in night hours from 11 oclock even on 2 oclock 3 oclock 4... a person walks and throws stones at houses

old woman:
nobody cares about us, if he kills someone? isn't it possible that it will kill someone?

young woman in green dress:
it set on fire the courtain.

in village, strange events at evening start from 10 hours, first victim became jabashvili 's family member
(jabashvili is family name of the family).when all family members where at home, the unknown started throwing
stones at their windows, lately he entered house and burned courtains.

family member woman:
endtire nights we haven't slept, were on our feet. but like it was like a flying dish like unknown body like a planetary
event... then he came more and more more intensively throwed...

locals say that unknown guest's agression gets provocated not only by youngster's curses, in village zgude situation
became more tense after they decided to put law enforcement in business and signed the mutual statement, exactly by
this was followed he's visit to johtaberidze's family. (woman showing two stones).

family member:
as this document was signed, i don't know he saw us or somebody told him about us or he has contact to someone i cant tell,
the same night he came and here these stones threw at us. these windows he broken by the stones. some stones were lost
in grass... couldnt move at all, then we heird door, and he jumped to neighbor. dogs followed him, this was our fact.

except broken windows and stones locals also got latters, which he had left to one of the families.

old woman in red kerchief:
in the latter was written word by word: "I will kill you all one by one! , wait for me"

old man:
that letter could not be written in the air right? he could have touched the surface of it or something, or by what he
wrote it....

village is beign checked permanently by police crew, the unknown creature was not found, in village they describe him this

old man:
is it god's event... or a person... or it was raised like a simple man.. or became something... what do i know


he flies as he runs, nothing gets to it, .

next woman:
yes our region police was coming but, what was the result they were hit by stones aswell and they were also in emotion and...
with us, when 2man stand side by side we congratulate each other, that -god give us a peaceful day.

and that asshole speaker smiles in the end.

ofcource it may be all fraud... i dont know