View Full Version : Theory of Time doubling (or dis-doubling) by JP Malet.

10th September 2013, 10:49 PM
I found a dumbed-down copy of it in spanish, but nothing similar to it in english, but I found a translation of the paper.
This can be applied (and later is, in a video) to meditation and projection. Whether you agree or disagree with him, it's interesting reading.

11th September 2013, 08:23 PM
Can you summarize in plain English the paper and how this has anything to do with meditation/projection? I tried to read it but couldn't understand anything.

11th September 2013, 08:40 PM
It is a science paper, and it has to do with the author's view about matter in the quantum state- the author presents that matter, when it exists at the quantum level, exists both as a particle and wave (like light does as shown in the double slit experiment). He considers this a doubling, each version of the unit existing in different areas of the universe- the particle in the spacetime region and the wave in the no-time universe. This is kind of what we talk about when we say we project as an energy body- the energy body would be the 'wave-body', and the 'wave body' has access to all possible futures (since the future is a statistical event that comes out of the present decision-making, it does not resolve until it manifests), and in the region the energy body exists, there is the possibility, that since the energy body is not in the spacetime part of the universe, that it can connect with many of the possiblilities. So this would explain projection as the retrieval of information from that other region of the universe that our physical body doesn't have access to, but that our energy body does.
The author isn't speaking about projection per se, (I haven't viewed the original in French completely to see how far he goes with it) but for those of us that speculate that projection is the information retrieval from a nonlocal state, this is pretty exciting, if valid. I haven't heard from other physicists to see what they think of it.
I think that the person who translated it spoke about connecting with our 'wave body' (or superconscious) when in meditation or sleep, to get insights from it, since it can see all the possible outcomes of our decision making.
But I didn't get far enough into the original paper to know if Dr. Malet actually said this or if this is an interpretation of the possibilities for our advancements from the presenter.

11th September 2013, 08:49 PM
Just to clarify- we pretty much know that all matter, when seen at the quantum level (electrons) exists as both particles or waves- but what is 'new' is that he doesn't think that it is both in the same spacetime (such as the concepts of quantum foam, or virtual particles) he simply assigns different regions of the universe for each expression of the quantum unit- the particle existing in timespace, and the wave existing in some nonlocal (or no-space no-time) state at the same 'time' (since time here doesn't mean what we mean colloquially, I have to use quotes)and it expresses differently depending on where it's going to manifest.
Since the wave version of matter exists nonlocally (a catchy term I'm using to express it easier), it also exists in the 'world' of the 'possibilities'- and if this is what the energy body is, then when we connect to it and get information about it we can know what is most likely to happen if we do x or z, or as much as we can comprehend about this information.
I imagine that when we project into 'non-real' environments (as in, the astral plane) we may be observing what this nonlocal universe looks like to the energy body, as translated by our brains.
Someone once said (I think here, maybe) that maybe projection is all about scale, not distance. And s/he may be right.