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27th June 2006, 03:25 PM
I had a strange experience last night. I woke up with all Chakras going nuts, and a spasming around the root (and further back :shock: ). Then, I felt a very strong pressure on my coccyx (tailbone) that started moving up. I panicked as I was still partially alseep. I remembered from Robert's workshop that he thought you could stop Kundalini before it started rising. I started concentrating hard on my heart and throat chakras to get the feelings in my root to calm down. It did after a couple of minutes, and I went back to sleep.

I woke up later with the exact same thing happening. I freaked again, thinking, "I don't think I'm ready for this". I also remembered Robert said that once it starts moving, there is no way to stop it. I desperately tried to stop it, and had the same results as before.

Then, I woke up again, same thing. I thought, ok, maybe this is supposed to happen now, and even though I was terrified, I said, "Ok, God and Higher Self, be with me as I'm going to hang on for the ride". The pressure started building really strong, and sure enough, I felt it moving up my spine and also huge pressure in my stomach, just like Robert had said. Then, it fizzled and slowed down. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom, as I realized I hadn't "fasted for a good reason" as Robert had recommended. It then completely stopped.

So, now I'm confused. This acted just like Kundalini as Robert had described, and I had done some extra work on my root chakra as I've had problems with my crown being too open and making me feel all "oooOOOoooooOOOooo". But, if it's true that you can't stop it, what could this have been if not Kundalini?

27th June 2006, 05:25 PM
I think the actual experience of Kundalini is quite specific, but there are many variations revolving around the experience itself. Perhaps events such as Kundalini spikes are preparation for the full event in the future.
Usually when you feel it rise naturally it is easier to just let it happen. My interpretation of not being able to stop it is that it will continue to rise throughout your life time once you attempt to rise it once (but you may be able to stop it at that particular moment).
For instance at these 'subtle' levels I do not mind attempting it because the energy flow is very soft and not intense. However once I think I started the actual process and it sent such a shock of fear into me that I freaked out and it stopped immediately. This was quite intense and I think if you are not ready for Kundalini awakening something like this would frighten you enough to put the process to a halt.
This is actually quite good progress with energy work on your part, I think as long as you remain aware of any possible danger you will be fine. Perhaps if you continue to stop it this might cause the Kundalini to stop occurring altogether for a period of time (not if you continue doing consistent energy work though).
However if I had this experience I would allow the process to occur naturally. This is a question of whether you actually want to raise Kundalini or not though.

27th June 2006, 06:51 PM
I'm not sure I want to raise Kundalini at this point, as I don't know enough about it and the consequences right now. Besides just having heard about it, I didn't know anything about it until joining AD. And, the thing that spurred me to join AD was a wonderful/terrifying experience that I had and needed to put a definition to. The experience was incredible, but the aftereffects were fairly devastating, so I don't care to repeat that with Kundalini. *taps foot briskly, "if Robert would just get that book out about Kundalini....* :lol:

From what I've read here and heard Robert talk about, I think there's a lot of misinformation out about it. Some of the websites about it look a bit wishful thinking to me, and I'm not sure those people even really know what they are talking about. So, I'm being cautious, but my energy body doesn't seem to want to co-operate. :shock: From what I remember Robert saying, once the "main event" starts, there is no stopping it. This didn't feel like a spike. It felt like the big bang, so to speak. :lol:

Sash, I don't think I could stop energy body work at this point even if I wanted to. From doing NEW to the healing modalities I'm trained in, half the time, the energy just turns itself on. When I'm hurt (in pain) or see someone who's hurt, it just starts up without any conscious effort on my part. So, are you saying raising K. is a foregone conclusion if I continue running energy?

Question: Is there a chance that Kundalini energy could be mimicked by neg activity? And, if so, is there a way to tell the difference?

28th June 2006, 04:08 AM
I doubt your particular experience was 'mimicked' by neg activity, that is always a possibility though. The method I would use to check for these signs would be to sense if there is any additional presence in the room at the time.
It seems to be an event that just happens by itself when a certain critical point is reached, however the more energy work I do the more often I get Kundalini rushes which ultimately increase in intensity. Hence if you continue with energy work I think it is very probable that this will happen sooner or later.
People tend to stumble upon mistakes when forcing Kundalini directly without any prior energy work. Spontaneous occurrences as a result of energy work appear to have a much lower risk level.

From what I recall Robert said he raised Kundalini first when he had basically no preparation at all, with your experience in energy work the negative effects of the experience should be minimized. (also Robert first attempted this at quite a young age, and later wrote that it is not something that should be tried before 25).
The general guideline he also gives is that if you are able to achieve astral projection this indicates that it is more likely that you will be able to 'handle' Kundalini.

You have got quite a few questions that would probably fall well into the Ask Robert Bruce forum, he will be able to make a suggestion based on his experience with the subject. If you have particular questions along the way there are others here with experience with Kundalini too that would be able to provide information about the process.
Researching the subject on Google will provide a significant amount of insight into the process, however there is a lot of misinformation as you said and it is ultimately your own discretion as to what feels like it makes sense and what doesn't.

At the core of the Kundalini process is the transformation of the human being into the spiritual being. Some people advocate all of the risks associated with it, while others think it is a great thing to do without being concerned in the least.
I think the wisdom is somewhere between these two opinions, since all spiritual growth requires some risk, it is useful to be cautious - but being over-cautious to the point of fear will hinder any possible progress.

28th June 2006, 01:50 PM
Hi painterhynpogirl,

I know exactly what you felt at this happened to me about 6 or 7 times during the past 3 years.
My opinion (and from my own experience) is that if kundalini starts rising naturally, then it's that you are ready. Being afraid that you are not ready does not mean that this is true on a higher level. It is just time for things to go on for you, therefore I would advise you to just let it move up when it happens and not let fear or the low opinion of your spiritual development (that you're not ready etc.) be on its way. Juste realize that it would not happen if you were not ready to handle it.

All of my kundalini experiences happened this way, at night, most of the time half in the astral (I had my astral sight activated). Nothing bad occured to me during the following months, it all went smoothly although my primary centres grew in strength as well as my overwhole energy body and what Robert calls "pure energetic functions". It led me to new energetic experiences that would not have been possible without it I guess.

During my first experience of this type, I was dreaming about Robert Bruce (:lol:) asking me if I wanted to grow spiritually. I said "yes", and immediately woke up totally paralysed, buzzing like hell and I felt something like a child fist knocking me in the groin and moving up my anus ... :shock: I was surprised of course, still half asleep, and put all my willpower to stop this energy from going up. It made like a small explosion in my back near my sacred chakra and it burnt in a non-painful way for a few days in this area. I regreted a bit my move afterwards, as it took two years and 1/2 to the kundalini to move slowly to the crown, moving from one chakra to the next one every 3-4 months or so.

So if it happens, I advise you to just let it do its job and only be an observer in the process :)

28th June 2006, 04:15 PM

I would echo Kalonek's reply.

Have you read El Colle's experience... I for one over the years have found her insight very much some of the most sensible on record:

See: http://www.elcollie.com/index.html



28th June 2006, 04:30 PM
OooOooOoo, Stephen, I was just reading that yesterday. Didn't get past chapter 2 as it's pretty long, but I thought it did make a lot of sense. Added it to my "favorites". :D It's good to know that you think it's worth looking at.

28th June 2006, 04:36 PM
Thanks for the link Stephen, I did not know this site.

What I would add is that many people have many different types of kundalini experiences. I know a very gifted girl that had the equivalent of 1 1/2 years of my own kundalini experiences in less than a week, and even felt some unknown energy manifestations to me at this time (kundalini in ida and/or pingala only, and not in sushumna). So just follow your own path here. My advices are only here to share my own experience from a few years back which seems very close to yours (kundalini at night, pressures etc.).

Many people seem to try to make their own and unique spiritual experiences fit into predefined boxes, and even force them to be like what they read sometimes. I don't think it's a very positive in the end. I'd rather let things unfold naturally with confidence, like with your kundalini. Don't start to think about everything you read or you were told about it. It's always good to listen to tradition and the ones that did it before, but it should not be a source of blocage caused by the fear of what you heard. I'm pretty sure that if your kundalini starts to rise, it's that you're ready to recieve it with all its purifying action into your energy body, and your life.

I strongly believe that Robert Bruce has some serious knowledge about it, but his awakening of kundalini wasn't very typical from what I read, he forced it, it was his path. It's not your case, everything seems to happen in its own time for you, so just open yourself to it I guess.

Do not fear your own evolution :)

28th June 2006, 04:41 PM
Good advice, and really helps with the "Fear Factor", to coin a phrase. :lol:

28th June 2006, 06:44 PM
PHG- I know very littler about Kundalini. However, I feel like Robert has said before that sometimes the rising process "stops" at various chakras on the way up, before eventually continuing (as opposed to doing the 3.5 coil thing and making its way up all in one go). Could it be that the kundalini has started rising, but has gone the start-stop, start-stop route instead?

28th June 2006, 06:59 PM
When the topic is spiritual ascension, it's hard to say what rules of sensibility can or should be used to determine that what is happening is good or bad, or that a person is ready or not ready for what is taking place. Especially when we consider as well that multiple-incarnation theory is a strong likelihood (it is to me anyways), and that the lessons and experiences of one life may be harsh to that person (single incarnation) but very beneficial to the "whole" (higher self, spirit prgression, or whatever). However, I think that between a lack of insight into the greater whole (from the poerspective of something at least as high as a Higher Self), and our need to live fully our existence as a human, in the now (as it is perceived by us humans), it is often most prudent to look at events and happenings from the perspective of us, singular human, in the now.

To wrap that all together, and to get on with my point, I don't beleive that just because a Kundalini rising takes place in someone that it means the person is/was ready- many people go in psycosis or even die from the event. If we knew that this was still positive to their greater self and existence, and could say- "it's ok they died because this was supposed to happen"- then maybe it would be fine and the statement that "it happens when you're ready" would be reasonable to make. But in my opinion, that which causes death in this life, without our express consent of it happening (and even then... :?: ) is "bad." It's a value judgement I make, but I think part of being human- and whatever that means to us from a higher-up learning perspective, means that we have "be human"- and that means avoiding death, or strong maladies, or losing control of our minds, aka psychosis. And since all of this "negative" phenomena has taken place and been documented as part of Kundalini risings, I don't look at it as being a thing that only takes place in the most positive of ways or scenarios.

However- this is all just my opinion, and it is based a lot of assumptions and value-based premises, so.... feel free to disregard if it doesn't vibe as correct to you.

28th June 2006, 09:27 PM
many people go in psycosis or even die from the event.

Do you have any statistics ? :wink:
I know personnally a dozen people having all different types of kundalini experiences, most of them without willing it in first place, none of which is in hospital or psychatric institute.

The main problem with kundalini I think is that people think about it Gopi Krishna-style etc. They focus on the few mediatic difficult experiences when most of the kundalini experiences are smooth and without any problem - so we just don't talk about them ... It's a vicious circle in some way.

29th June 2006, 12:50 AM
One of the things that concerns me relates to something Robert said at the workshop. He said that one thing that is of primary importance before attempting is to be very balanced psychologically. This means that you truly know yourself, have spent years in intropection, discovered your negative sides and have dealt with all of it. I believe (hope?) that I have done everything except the last one. I don't feel that I've healed all my negative sides. I'm not sure anyone really can in one lifetime.

Also, I once thought that I feared nothing. Whoa, was I wrong! After spending a little time in the astral and being confronted with negative entities, I definitely have not conquered all my fears. I really can't say which were real entities and which were made of my own fear, but they scared the livin' daylights out of me! :twisted: Knowing myself, it's the not knowing if the ones I encountered were real or not. A couple of times, I just laughed it off, and it stopped. But, the last couple of weeks I've had major pricking. Is it negs or is it energy body development? The website Stephen recommended said that pricks were part of Kundalini. Are they? It's the NOT KNOWING that gives me pause. And, makes me question if I am ready for a raising. I don't really fear psychosis. The episode I had before joining AD with not being able to stay in my body would easily have sent a less stable person to the lock-up ward. As I said in my title to the post I made about it, it was EXTREME! So, I made it through that. It's mostly the fear that I fear. :(

29th June 2006, 03:32 AM
many people go in psycosis or even die from the event.

Do you have any statistics ?

No- sadly I don't. I'm basing the statement on "Kundalini survivor groups," where I have read some horror stories, and also on the information that extremely talented mystics who I trust almost completely have told me (Robert is on that list). However- I don't have numbers, and it is second, or even third hand information, so I guess you need to take my statement with a grain of salt. Still though... I don't know- I'm still extremely cautious in regards to Kundalini.

29th June 2006, 03:55 AM
I know of a significant number of accounts of people who have experienced Kundalini and it served as an improvement to their life in most aspects (no harm at all came from it).

During several of these accounts people also experienced what Rayson termed the 'start-stop route'. This is quite common where the Kundalini will rise each night but only 1/10th for instance, and progress over several months to rise to 3/10th and so on...
However it is also quite possible for the full event to occur in one instance.

Nonetheless I still believe it is not something to be feared. Kundalini helps introspection along, you don't have to be enlightened prior to rising Kundalini since that would defeat the entire purpose.
You have to have done some introspection, however psychologically as long as your are able to let go of certain preconceptions as a result of the awakening it should not cause problems.

It is common to end up in a psychiatric hospital if you have not studied psionics or spirituality and suddenly feel a massive amount of force start moving through your body. Most people would say you are crazy too (and indeed this exact symptom is listed on most schizophrenia factsheets).

29th June 2006, 07:48 AM
Rayson, you are right, it is always good to be cautious with unknown matters, but not overly though.

One of the things that concerns me relates to something Robert said at the workshop. He said that one thing that is of primary importance before attempting is to be very balanced psychologically. This means that you truly know yourself, have spent years in intropection, discovered your negative sides and have dealt with all of it. I believe (hope?) that I have done everything except the last one. I don't feel that I've healed all my negative sides. I'm not sure anyone really can in one lifetime.

If your kundalini raising is the same as mine (start-stop), don't get too concerned about this. I had not done a lot of work except NEW for a few years before it happened to me, and in fact it is the process of the kundalini itself that helped me deal with my issues, and not the other way round. But not very hardly, everything went smoothly and naturally, I felt it on the moment as a totally natural evolution. It's still happening in fact.

Aso, I did not get any major neg problems, no more than usual at least.

Aunt Clair
3rd July 2006, 07:02 AM
Patty Imho there are precursors sort of like false labour pains which prepare the womb for birth . I feel that this is a preK event for you . I suggest this one will complete its path before the full moon which is the on the 10th of July I think . You could meditate on this to prepare the body . I find that if I raise energy when I feel a K event coming on it eases the discomfort and the visions are filled then with light and love instead of anxiety . You can also control it somewhat choosing the time of release by raising energy and sitting in trance . So go with the flow .

4th July 2006, 02:21 AM
Thanks, Aunt Clair. I was hoping you'd see this and respond. What you are saying makes sense to me. I had another spike? two nights ago, but it's not happening every night. I seem to have lost my fear just by talking and asking about it. So, I'm just going to go with the flow. :D

4th July 2006, 06:52 PM
Uuu,I missed that part of workshop-psichology thingy.Darn*,oh well..too late.Learnt it myself about it :lol:

5th July 2006, 02:40 AM
I changed the subject of this thread. Since I accidentally deleted my own OBE log :roll: I thought I might record what is going on with me and our friend Kundalini. Hehe!

Last night I had another episode of waking up with K. rising. I discovered that I could stop and start it at will. So, I played around with it for an hour or so. Still couldn't get past the solar plexus chakra. It made my crown chakra go all crazy again...something I've been trying to control. Now, it feels like my brow and crown are fused. When one is activiated, I can barely tell the difference because it feels like one big chakra from my ears all the way around and up to the top of the crown. Very discombobulating. Off to do some more grounding and will lay off energy work for a bit until I get more physical. Getting tired of the feeling of light headedness and energy flying straight up and out.

5th July 2006, 06:59 PM
It's amazing! I've lost all fear. I stayed up until 3 AM reading one of Robert Monroe's books. The things he discovered regarding the "I-There" among other things are exactly in line with things I have discovered and know to be true deep down in my soul. It helped the fear factor just melt away. The synchronisities in life are just too numerous. He was convinced that "love and light" were excellent shields against negative energy. He discovered that we are indestructible and eternal. He became a believer in a "Creator". Beautiful, beautiful book. I have always been an advocate of personal power, but this helped me to remember it, and I was able to dissolve my fears. I look forward now to these middle of the night energy body adventures. I may even just help them along. :wink:

13th July 2006, 04:31 AM
Last night was a weird one. I woke up when a blast of energy shot through me. I resisted at first, because I was so startled. I felt the pressure very strong at my feet, up my legs, and to the root chakra. It hovered there for awhile. So, I thought I might help it along and started "pulling" it up. It stopped, and I got very heavy exit sensations...vibrations and a pulling out my crown chakra. I thought, "Ok, I'll OBE". Well, that stopped. :x The root pressure started climbing up again. Ok, I'll go with that. Couldn't get it to go past the sacral chakra. Tried pulling, visualizations, but was probably working too hard at it and tensed up. I made myself relax, then it stopped. The exit sensations started again, so I went with that. Then, it stopped. :twisted: For about an hour this went on with this yoyoing/push me/pull you back and forth. This was getting ridiculous.

All of a sudden, I was at my other house in Tahoe. I mean, really there. I was hovering above the bed and couldn't figure out why I couldn't move. I was still trying to pull the energy up with the pressure on the root. I kept thinking, "I can't get out of my body". But, I was hovering above it. :? Then, I fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning, I was terribly confused because I wasn't in Tahoe. I looked around the room, and almost didn't recognize it because I was so sure I was in Tahoe. This was nothing like a dream. I must have OBE'd from one house to the other and back. :shock:

13th July 2006, 05:55 AM
That sounds like an interesting experience. Thanks for keeping this thread updated btw, it is good to be able to read where you are heading to with this.

The thing with OBE I notice is when you are about to exit and think to yourself 'I'm about to exit, ok I better not stuff this up' suddenly it stops. Hence the key looks to be not being worried about exiting and just go with whatever happens.
That would explain why you were confused having exited but thought you were still in your body, since the focus would have still been on exiting rather that the experience itself.

13th July 2006, 07:24 AM
Fascinating, Patty, and thanks for sharing :-D

I wonder, do you think it possible that you actually had multiple exits, but can only remember one because of the mind-split?

13th July 2006, 04:21 PM
Thanks, Sash. It's weird because I know that, but when in the moment, I always seem to forget it. *mumbles, "Gotta remember that". * :D

Freawaru, I think you're right. I have tons of vague memories that I know are OBE's but can't quite remember enough to say I nailed it. Many years ago, I was on sleeping medication because I had gone for 5 years with very little sleep due to another medication. It wreaked my health. I spent months training myself to meditate myself to sleep without prescriptions. It worked perfectly, but now it makes it difficult to stay awake during OBE's. So, I'm in the process of trying to retrain myself. :wink:

17th July 2006, 04:18 PM
Woo Hoo! Had a wild night last night. Had a K. rising all the way up to and past my crown chakra. Really awesome feeling. Was able to finally "pull" it up past my solar plexus, where it just took off by itself. Felt a kind of bursting? and unfolding? out of my crown. Maybe similar to the eastern lotus petal effect.

I don't feel particularly enlightened today, but do feel a calmness that is pretty unusual. Kind of an impartial feeling. We'll see how long this lasts. :roll: :lol:

18th July 2006, 03:11 AM
Dear Painterhypnogirl/Tempestinatepot,

Before enlightment we do dishes, chop wood, wash clothes and after enlightment what do we do? We do dishes, chop wood, wash clothes.

Now you are aware of your energy flows...these will fine tune and flow will improve as time goes by. You are now a much more energized and energetically aware individual. What is the big deal? Not really a big deal. If you still have lots of thoughts rolling around in your head it can actually be problematic at these new energy levels. Your consciousness now has much more energy to redirect into a situation. Hmmmm....could be good or bad. If your thoughts are positive GREAT! Thought will manifest positive things. If they are rolling around and are negative....not so great in terms of manifestation both in life and within your own body. To reach a deeper level past this stage it is good to work on stopping thought at will. Bring thought under your mastery and if thought is not necessary slip into the silent deeper consciousness. Incredible thoughts will be born there...just remember the minute they are put into words something of that great, deeper consciousness will be lost. Impossible to incapsulate these deeper levels into words but they definitely expand us and that spaciousness is sweet.

I find if I fall off the wagon though and start thinking negatively about anything it is a BIG problem. I would say enlightenment is a double edge sword BUT with a lot of discipline it is incredibly beneficial. Growth usually involves learning from our mistakes, which is not always easy and the stakes are now that much higher with high energy levels available.

Very Best Wishes,

18th July 2006, 08:59 PM
Heartiest Congratulations !!!

Aunt Clair
19th July 2006, 05:34 AM
Now, it feels like my brow and crown are fused. When one is activiated, I can barely tell the difference because it feels like one big chakra from my ears all the way around and up to the top of the crown. Very discombobulating.
This is the development of the moon stone . Another will develop shortly above the head .
It's amazing! I've lost all fear. I stayed up until 3 AM reading one of Robert Monroe's books.
Which one ?

Woo Hoo! Had a wild night last night. Had a K. rising all the way up to and past my crown chakra. Really awesome feeling. Was able to finally "pull" it up past my solar plexus, where it just took off by itself. Felt a kind of bursting? and unfolding? out of my crown. Maybe similar to the eastern lotus petal effect. the supra crown stone is purple and is the cosmic or heavens stone what you describe is its emergence imho. Congrats on the development and on the clairsentience to feel this and chronicle it . :D

19th July 2006, 11:25 AM
The book I was reading was "Ultimate Journey". I've read the other two in the series, but the last one (Ultimate) was definitely the best for me. His knowledge by then pointed him in a much more spiritual direction.

23rd July 2006, 07:44 PM
I went through a period of about 2 months of having crushing third eye pressure with almost constant headaches. Very different from normal headaches in that I felt pressure and pain all around my head at the eye and temple level, but pounding where the 6th chakra (third eye) is.

Now, I've been going through (for almost 2 months) a crown chakra spiritual emergency. It's hard to describe, but I'll try. It feels like the whole top of my head (from eyebrows up) all the way around is open. Energy is flowing up and out constantly. It makes me feel light-headed/woozy pretty much all the time. I can force the pressure down and relieve it, but as soon as I take my attention off, it flows upward again like an upside down waterfall.

Violetsky did some healing on me regarding this, and it helped for awhile. I was also doing visualizations of heavy flowing metal pouring down through my crown that she suggested. This also helps, but it's a constant battle that I grow weary of. I have to keep up the awareness constantly to ground, and it's just too much sometimes. Now, I've pretty much decided to let it go and exist in this flowing world for now. I assume that this, too, shall pass. Just as the brow chakra pressure let up.

In fact, this Kundalini major event thing started soon after Violetsky did the grounding healing on me. So, I blame her for activating my Kundalini. :lol: :lol: :shock: :lol: :lol: Does that make her my guru? LOL!

El Colle's e-book is really helping out with all of this. It's so informative, and some of my experiences are similar to hers. I'm on chapter 8 right now.

24th July 2006, 01:43 AM
Hi Patty,

Is it also possible that you are also having a physical as well as spiritual detoxification crisis?

I say this as I went through a long period of similar problems... with years of headaches (including the banding effects etc) and issues with lower centres at the other end of the spectrum... fierce burning and so forth.

All the practices I tried were to no avail. However things only really started to shift with a radical change in diet, including: salt reduction, adequate intake of natural foods (mainly organic if I can get it), pure water (not chlorinated/fluorinated) and fresh air etc.

I assume you look after your body well, but if not already done so you may consider reduction or elimination of dairy products as well. Caffeine can also be an issue... as can any use of alcohol or drugs (which I am sure you are careful with anyhow)... including all pharmaceuticals including aspirin and paracetamol can cause serious toxicity in the body as can release of heavy metals from years of modern dental treatment i.e. amalgam fillings (if one has any that is)... a separate but big subject!

Also avoid at all cost carbonated beverages... death in a can!

Alternatively if you are already detoxing the headaches may be a symptom of this very process anyhow - which is natural!

Otherwise know that it will clear in time, and Hope the above helps out!

Just a few thoughts.


24th July 2006, 01:53 AM
Also see useful herbal remedy list:

http://biologyofkundalini.com/article.p ... y=HerbList (http://biologyofkundalini.com/article.php?story=HerbList)

Essential oils including the ubiquitous Lavender, but also exotics like Frankensense or Spikenard (buy quality only and use in careful moderation). One of the best suppliers with an international reputation is Amphora Aromatics: http://amphora-aromatics.com/

Flower remedies work as well including rescue remedy. For sleep issues and headaches consider Passiflora (passionflower)... Try http://www.napiers.net

For general advice on detoxification try e.g. Daniel Reid's books on diet & health etc.



Aunt Clair
24th July 2006, 02:43 AM
Now, I've been going through (for almost 2 months) a crown chakra spiritual emergency. It's hard to describe, but I'll try. It feels like the whole top of my head (from eyebrows up) all the way around is open. Energy is flowing up and out constantly. It makes me feel light-headed/woozy pretty much all the time. I can force the pressure down and relieve it, but as soon as I take my attention off, it flows upward again like an upside down waterfall.

In syncronicity, Robert and I were talking about the pain in this last stage . I was shown a position to ease the pain and felt it pass much more mercifully then my mate Jodie who had to rush to the toilet and vomit and then spent the next day in bed . Kundalini events can be very powerful .

I would like to offer this position to you and perhaps it might help . Although we were shown this in alchemy circle in mystic vision , Jodie did not do it and I did . I feel that is why I had an easier time .

A new kanda is opening on the back of the head from the neck to the top of the crown . Concurrently the third eye is opening up more too from a core that is about the size of a coffee cup to a core the size of a cereal bowl . This is going then from a core to a mini kanda .

A kanda is a round flat alchemical structure occuring at birth in the male perineal area and the female crown . In time we develop them on each stone in the front and the back . Mini kandas are much smaller and have now developed on the forearms and the lower legs halfway up the shaft and on the third eye too . I suspect that the hands are developing them .

The purpose of the kanda is to step up or step down energy as it passes through the body either from kundalini ,by will when raised , or by recieving it in healing . Within the kandas are cores like those on the hands and previously on the third eye and around these cores are a square alchemical structure which is a garden of nadis . A nadi is a cobra like immature appendage of kundalini .

The pose is used by Moslims and Buddhist Monks . It is a prostration in prayer . If you will;

place the bare feet on the floor under your hips so that the top of the foot is exposed to mother earth and the heels are directly under the bum .

there are two new mini kandas emergent on the midshaft of the lower leg
there is a reciprocal effect that occurs when the two legs are side by side
a similar one occurs on the forearms so lay these also side by side

now lay the head down upon the hands the palms I am not sure about up or down to be honest I leave them up for open but felt they should be down to the floor like the feet so that energy came through them in that direction

then cradle the head and close the eyes

2 pillars of energy will be felt some time in this process on either side of the third eye and another 2 on either side of the jaw and into the back of the head . These are the 4 legs of the table now .

We were referred to Psalm 23 about the 'table set out' and filled by God .

The back of the head and the insteps of the feet , the middle of the lower back just above the hips will now be in the correct position to balance , equalise and attune the energy body to this new kundalini .

Try to stretch the back out and be comfortable in this position for a period of time , I hope that helps you .

I found the pain passed right away and never suffered from it again .
But prior to asking for help I would honestly say it was the worse I had endured . It began with massive headaches as you described.Then the ribs were being forced apart at odd angles , Robert had that symptom too . Then it felt as if Jodi and I were bearing a baby out of the male tan tien complete with waves of pain then relief .

As always drinking lots of water and stretching in yoga will help open the energy body . Where there are no blocks ,the pain is less .

It sounds to me like you are developing the mini kanda on the third eye and the kanda at the rear of the head so I feel you will be moving on to the composite stones next which is where Robert and I are .

He developed this before me . I am not level with my current stage . Robert pulls up everyone around him in vibration . He had a huge yellow stone from the chin to the groin outside of the body . Then his higher self explained that the female opened differently , I had a green one of equal size but in a different position . Mine was at the back halfway up the head and to the waist .

When we faced each other in trance , these bowls of energy manifested spinning as a golden bowl from the waist to the floor and another silver umbrella type bowl from the top of the purple stone to the waist . These bowls of energy are new to me as is the composite stone so more on that later .

However I would try the position and drinking lots of water and meditating daily with deep cleansing especially from the effluent areas of the head .
By meditating daily you continue to unblock and learn methods to balance particular to your own stage .

You can send energy out the nostrils , the ears, the third eye and the mouth to relieve pressure . If the head is fully fire energy and light you can calm the storm with water energy coming in from the crown .

We were told it is very important now to open the body sending energy into the out ports or effluent centres ; heels , back of heart , back of head , palms of hands and out of the in ports or influent centres; insteps , front of heart , and each stone .

But the best advantage of the prostrate position is that the divine effulgence occurs again and you will be at Kether during this stage if you pull light from the table into the head, you will get brilliant visions .

24th July 2006, 03:22 AM
I've met you Patty and I know you are good person whose heart is open and kind. If and when your Kundalini raises, and it will, you will embrace it with love and light. I have learned to incorporate forgiveness and love into my everyday life. I was taught that by practicing these everyday, you will resolve your inner issues a little at a time. Bring your conscious level to the here and now and see and feel your surroundings, including yourself. In other words, be happy...truely happy with yourself and your life. I have also incoroprated the 5 Tibetan Rites everyday. It will balance and if needed, increase the speed of our Chakras. This will help with the Kundalini process. I love my raising, because I know it's a great gift that not too many people can experience in this life. If you have the opprotunity to raise it, then raise it. Your concerns are very valid and yes, get yourself as mentally ready as you can. You're a tough cookie, and a great person. It's a blessing to have met you all at the RB workshop :)
Lisa [/b]

24th July 2006, 07:20 PM
Thanks everyone for the kind words. Every little bit helps as this is so new to me, and the knowledge I have on it would fit into a teaspoon. :lol:

Yo Stephen! I'm 95% sure this isn't a physical problem. Well, it's a spiritual problem that is manifesting in the physical. LOL! I'm a retired R.N., so I'm pretty aware of when I need to go to the doc. I eat pretty well, but I am a sugaraholic. :oops: I know I need to cut down on that. I don't drink caffeinated drinks because caffeine makes me a wreck with shaking and not sleeping. I'm bad, though, I do drink de-caff sodas. I've never done "illegal" drugs and have only had about 10 alchoholic drinks in my whole life. I know...fluffy bunny and all. I've also been called "goody two shoes", but anyone who has met me knows that doesn't fit. :twisted: I'll give some of your suggestions a try. Puttin' that health food/herbal/supplement knowledge to good use with me, huh!

Aunt Clair, that's so weird you mentioned that pose. I've been doing it some already. It was rather instinctual, I guess. Thanks for suggesting it and confirming that my strangeness is right on. It's good to know that you recognize the things I'm going through. Fascinating stuff!

Hey Lisa! Loved meeting you, too! I'm so glad you brought up the Tibetan rites. I was going to start doing those and forgot. Someone posted those just this week. Now, who was that? :D

I have learned to incorporate forgiveness and love into my everyday life You know, that is something I feel I have done all my life. But, the last 7 months have put to shame the work I had done on myself up until then. The transformations that I have gone through since joining AD are...transcendental is the only word that really fits. Sounds like you are having similar experiences!

25th July 2006, 11:48 AM
Darn,then what am I if 10 drinks makes you a goody.I'm probably a saint man. :lol:
At any rate the questions I want answered:
Painterhypnogirl,how much time did you spent foccusing on third eye?Did you deliberately created tension in the head or did you got that headache from observing it lightly?

You're quite advanced AuntClair(Aunt is your first name? :lol: ).How much time are you involved in spiritual practice? The same question goes for Painterhypnogirl.

25th July 2006, 12:14 PM
I did several days of specific third eye chakra stimulation, probably only about two hours in total. After that, every time I would stimulate any chakras, the energy would just fly to my head, non-stop. It was very difficult to control, so in the end, it ended up being way too stimulated for my physical body to withstand. I have been doing chakra work for years, but until doing NEW, there were no side effects. Developing the energy body reved everything up. Continual practice increased it. Kundalini is a new thing for me, almost probably stimulated by all the years of work.

Spiritual practice? Hmmm...honestly I consider it going on 24/7. I look at everything I do or say with the realization of who I really am. Either as the Observer in my daily life, reading spiritual literature, thinking, working as a hypnotherapist, healilng, or meditating. It's such a part of me that I don't divide it off into "something I do".

27th July 2006, 06:26 PM
I had one of those off the charts experiences yesterday that we have now and then. I was reading one of Robert Monroe's books, in a kind of meditative mood, but not really "meditating". I'll quote what I was reading below. As I was reading about something that happened to one of R. Monroe's original test experiencers regarding Oversouls, I kept getting an almost annoying buzz in my left foot. At first, I wasn't focusing on it. It kept up, like a fly buzzing around you that won't go away, and it finally got my full attention. It felt like blood pumping through a vein very strongly...kind of a bubbly squirt over and over. It wasn't in synchronization with my pulse, though. As I put more attention on it, it started traveling upward, until I could feel what felt like every vein and artery was doing this pumping, bubbly squirt action everywhere in my body.

Then, our friend, Mr. Kundalini, started traveling upward with that really powerful force. As it reached my head, the pressure inside my skull became intense, although not painful. It kept up for less than a minute, when suddenly, my crown chakra burst open and wonderful, amazing energy was spouting out and surrounding me. It felt really good, not at all like the lightheaded continual flowing of energy that was upsetting me before. All of this was happening while I was reading. Normally, an event like that would make me stop reading so I could focus entirely on it. It was as if my reading and the energy were fusing and happening at the same time, and I didn't need to concentrate on either. It was one of those rare moments of perfect clarity, when you can do multiple things and they each have deep meaning and are also interwoven. When I stopped reading because the story I was reading came to a close, the energy just stopped and I was back to normal. Well, not really normal, hehe, as I was crying with the profoundness of it.

Flashback to other experiences... When I first experienced being an Oversoul in a meditation, I wasn't exactly sure what had happened, but it felt familiar. I then found literature explaining the phenomenum, and realized I had read about it almost a decade before. But, at the point of experiencing it, it became real to me.

So, here is the progression. I went from believing in it from learning about it. Then, as I experienced it, it became a truth to me. With this experience yesterday, it became a Known. What is the difference between a truth and a Known? For me, the terminology is not really important, it's the experience that the terminology tries to capture that has meaning. A truth (for me at least) would be something that I wholeheartedly believe in because I have experienced it. It has a "joyful" kind of feeling along with it. A Known is something that transcends everything, including feelings. Every fiber of your being resonates with this eternal knowledge. It becomes a part of you, not something that you just believe in or are joyful about. You become the truth. That is the closest I can come to explaining it.

So, I wanted to document this so I will never forget even one nuance. For me, it is the ultimate knowledge that I can perceive as an incarnating being. Funny that Alex and I were talking about ultimate truth's just this week. That funny old piece of magic, synchronisity, happening again. :D

The book is "Far Journeys" by Robert Monroe. The information comes from Chapter 5, page 51 and 52. Some of the information was channeled and some of it was just given as knowledge to the experiencers.

"First of all, I had the impression that physical matter reality--inasmuch of I guess what is normaly called reality, not only physical matter, but also a certain amount of our daydreaming and our imaginative intuitive qualities--is part of a, sort of like a large daydream or thought from a higher consciousness. Just as we can daydream and invent characters and situations, we are characters in a situation that was invented or dreamt, quite consciusly dreamt by a more advanced sort of consciousness. The part that we have to play in this daydream is one of education, one of learning and bettering ourselves, striving to become more. Now, I'm not clear why this kind of over-consciousness or over-soul is having this daydream, but I have the feeling that it is for its own education. It learns as we learn. Anyway, we have such limited consciousness to begin because if you are going to set up a situation where you expect certain processes to happen--these processes, of course, are our education, our learning--you don't set up the most complex and involved experiment or situation. You set up a simple one that you can produce, that still has the qualities to get the results that you want. This is the reason that we are seemingly of such limited consciousness. But the reason that we have an option to develp our consciousness more fully is part of the experiement itself. We are to learn and grow and evolve and become and learn through experience in doing, and as closely as we can come to understanding and being a part of, our understanding a part of our creator, our over-soul daydreamer, if you like, then sort of the more power to us. The more of that we can understand, then the more learning that we've acquired. So it's not really--well, I take that back. It's not so much that we are driven to expand our awareness or that we should be, other than it's available, and being available makes it a direction in which we can evolve if we so choose."

It goes on to discuss levels of vibration or existence and how we actually choose when to move up. I would recommend this reading to anyone who wants to evolve past dogma, past belief, and even move on past being human. It's definitely a case of having to give up the old to experience the new.

27th July 2006, 06:45 PM
Actually, I had ordered it about a month ago, and because of a dingbat thing I did I had to reorder it- and should get it today or tomorrow. After reading your post, I can't wait!

1st August 2006, 05:46 PM
I have no idea if this is Kundalini related or not. It's been a tough week on the forums, with people getting a bit rude with each other. I'm guessing this might have something to do with the way my second chakra has been acting. It's strobing from the root with no intention of mine. The energy keeps building up, but it seems like there is never enough. It has an intense "pulling in" feelilng. The energy is being pulled into the second chakra almost non-stop. It doesn't hurt, but it sure doesn't feel good. It's too intense. Now, what was that Aunt Clair was saying about releasing energy out the back? :D

The only relief I got last night was going to sleep. My heart chakra woke me up this morning in overdrive. That lasted about 30 minutes, and then the second chakra took over again and doesn't seem to want to stop. I wonder, is this something I need to intentionally stop? What is happening with this? Besides this, my energy all over my body is turned on and is tickling/vibrating everywhere. This is rather pleasant. Also, the ringing in my ears is turned on high volume. Or, as CF puts it, the hissing with a much higher tone along with it. Something is definitely happening. :?

Aunt Clair
23rd September 2006, 04:15 AM
my second chakra has been acting. It's strobing from the root with no intention of mine. The energy keeps building up, but it seems like there is never enough. It has an intense "pulling in" feelilng. The energy is being pulled into the second chakra almost non-stop. It doesn't hurt, but it sure doesn't feel good. It's too intense. Now, what was that Aunt Clair was saying about releasing energy out the back? Imho, this is the orange stone opening in the rear fourth pillar and this is related to the orange chakra at its core .

To fix that ;
open the eye of the sun and pull in energy to flow out the eye of the moon

The eye of the sun is a round area directly above the centre of the breasts . When it becomes activated it will be physically swollen and can be palpated . It is a round kanda the size of a coffee cup presently . This kanda forms a channel thru the energy body which opens the orange stone more fully . The orange stone in the rear of the energy body is where we can project the lower self and guardian demon . These should NOT become united but should be raised in love and light to become equal partners to the higher self which should unite with the Guardian Angel in the yellow sun stone . The channel from the eye of the sun leads to the eye of the moon which is an equal sized kanda at the small of the back . This channel allows light to flow thru the body to transmute and clean the orange fire stone .It should be done daily now .

To pull the light thru it , lift the head back and hyper extend it as if looking up to the heaven in entreaty . Open the chest fully and pull energy thru the eye by visualising and manifesting a white pillar of light into which you project or by pulling a stream of the highest light energy you can manifest at will into the eye . The angle from one eye to the other is about the tilt of the earth 23 degrees .

The only relief I got last night was going to sleep. My heart chakra woke me up this morning in overdrive.
The sun stone is reciprocally activated . The sun stone is where we unite the higher self to the guardian angel and from it we can and should project their united angelic form which will continue to evolve as we develop . The fire stone also called the hell stone is where the lower self is transmuted or where we carry it in filth . If we transmute it the progression is like this

frightened toddler
naughty child with imaginary friends and perhaps night terrors ensue
a magical element ie purple dragon or purple fae
gremlin half white /half black
half white/half black dragon
demon black winged bat faced is common
arch demon massive armoured bat winged beast faced
if the lower self is not transmuted by the time the arch demon evolves then human loses their clairvoyant sight , their ability to fly , their ability to heal and becomes self destructive when their demon self projects out to the world because this act of non love harms the universe . I do not feel it is ever too late for hope though . I am just not level with the stage that occurs after the fall from grace .

When the higher self is united to the guardian angel the rewards are equal and opposite . Increased alchemy , kundalini , projection , clairience and wisdoms .

You're quite advanced AuntClair(Aunt is your first name? :lol: ).How much time are you involved in spiritual practice?.
My name is Catherine Curran lol . I have been on a extended break and only began to post again here today . I am sorry for neglecting your answer . The time on the path is not important . It is helpful but the two most accurate predictors of the proficiency of the pathworker to me are ;
2.the energy body quotient as recalled from past life vibrations and new vessel energy workings .

With these two in hand and heart a young person can do much better than an older one . I worked all my life as a sleepy indigo making no eureka discoveries until a few precipitant events helped me out .

1. Rene's Spiritual Web site which is sadly gone , this is where I took off and also where I first met Robert Bruce who has been a mentor to me since 1995.

2. Routine meditation and closed development circle of peers beginning in 1998.

3. Mystic Projection to the Golden Chamber of Melchiezedek in 2002.

4. Reading so many books and learning , sharing and teaching on forums like this since 2003.

5. Completing Emerald Tablet , Dragon Initiations and continuing the pathworking thru my own metaphysical research .

25th November 2006, 04:59 AM
I went through the same thing like you.It started on June 4th with a spiritual awakening triggered by a dream.I felt the same way you did and had headaches for 2 months plus uncontrollable sobbing for 1 1/2 months and major flow out of the crown and out of the heart and felt like I am god and god is me.This stopped for a month and I began to miss the non-stop energy,the rush, being able to exercise 10-20 miles on my elliptical machine but it started again 2 1/2 months ago with a Kundalini awakening and it's still going on.It went recently up to my third eye and I saw lights and felt this force roar coming through ,was on fire for 2 hours but I was grinning like an idiot all this time.So don't worry about it.It will last for awhile but not non-stop because your body needs to rest because all that non-stop adrenaline rush can't be good and then it will start again.It will work on any blockages and then it will start again.You can't stop it now and you have to stop being afraid,greedy,gealous, angry etc and you have to feel detachment as part of your life.You'll be like witnessing your life but nothing will touch you.It will feel strange and sometimes you'll feel like you don't understand yourself or other people.The tought in your mind will cease to exist and it will feel like a void, only quiet will exist.People will start looking at you weird if they don't already , shocked, in awe , they'll follow you sometimes but pay no attention.You will feel strange, not in this world but each day you'll feel better,more confident until you'll be sure of yourself and you might feel like you can manifest some things.The ego is still there, do not accept the power because it will get stronger.You'll still get some activity in the crown but not that much.You will still get headaches in the crown area especially if you go outside a lot.You might have weird dreams like reccuring dreams.A dream triggered my spiritual awakening and it was a man in my dream that I have been having dreams with the same man but a different scenrio everytime.It's nothing sexual but I have been searching to find a meaning to this but so far no answers.I hope I have been helpfull.Also when your heart chakra will open you'll feel this unconditional love for you and everyone and it will pour out of you.If you find yourself in a public place with a lot of people and children they will feel it, especially children, they'll come next to you and touch you and smile at you.I'm telling you this because it happened to me. :)

25th November 2006, 05:08 AM
Also I want to add that when your heart chakra will open you'll have a terrible pain and pressure in the middle of your chest and you must rest in a quiet room.It can take a few hours or a day, it can stop and start again.You will cry and scream maybe like never before, all the anger you have experienced in this life and previous lives will come out.You will not know why you are crying and screaming but you'll have to do it, it has to come out.I don't know you so I don't know what you've been through in this life so I can't tell you exactly what will happen.Everybody's experience is different.You have to believe in yourself and you have to believe you are not crazy.Other people might think otherwise, now you'll see who your true friends are , thus the detachment is made much easier.

7th June 2007, 06:35 PM
So much has happened in the last year, since I started this log. Things have become clearer. My understanding of why we are here and what it is exactly that we are doing has made ginormous (gigantic, enormous) leaps. :D I look everyday and wonder, "what comes next?" I realize how much more power and control we have over our own lives than we ever knew. Yet, I still don't know what is next. I feel like I'm on a huge map of the universe, with a pin stuck in California that says, "You are here". There are so many directions in which to go, and all I have to do is choose. There isn't a wrong direction. I create my own life and my own afterlife. So many puzzle pieces have fallen into place. I look back at this log and see how naive I was. I'm sure I'll look back on this in the future, and think I was still naive today. There's just so much to learn, and the more I learn, the more I realize there's an infinity of learning ahead. What I "know" to be true changes so much that I finally gave up on knowing anything. I allow new understandings to unfold, and am open to their possibilities. In so many ways, I feel more free than I've ever felt in my life.

Back to Kundalini...I went to Robert's first workshop at The Monroe Institute. We used his New Energy Ways in conjunction with Robert Monroe's Hemi-Sync CD's. It was a pretty powerful combination, but familiar to me, because I was already doing that. Among other experiences, I had two new ones that have not happened to me before. The first was a series of mandalas that were rushing towards me one at a time, at incredible speeds. One would disappear, and another would be rushing up behind it. They were incredibly beautiful with vibrant colors and impossibly complicated patterns. Something I never expected to see.

The second was an enormous burst of energy that came rushing in through my crown chakra and filled my entire energy body with so much light that I thought I might be glowing so bright that other people would see it from other rooms. I'm used to energy flowing upwards and in particular, energy flowing out of my crown. This seemed to reverse things for awhile. But, too soon, I began to have the odd energy sensations buzzing in my head that make me feel loopy and dizzy. Then the headache started, and I had to miss out on Robert's last segment of the workshop. I'm not sure why each new occurence that involves my crown chakra results in headaches, but it does. I do very little energy work with my crown and third eye these days because of this. I'm hoping that with the upside down Kundalini rush that things will improve over time.

Aunt Clair
17th June 2007, 08:10 AM
Imho , it sounds like you have blockages in the tiny satellite energy centres . I will look for some images to show you how many there are .

You can do daily deep cleansing through the whole body.

Focus on taking gentle energy into the crown and before you exhale visualise the energy coming out in 8 ways round the core pushing it gently thru then fully exhale .

The head has numerous centres all the way around the core on the crown at the level of the nose and ears and there are many more nested in the head in pairs of grape to egg sized centres . The entire surface of the brain is covered with these centres .

One way to clear a blocked centre is to make a loop of energy .

You can prime the palms by sending energy down the crown to the heart to the right palm . As the energy comes to palm time your exhalations and close the eyes . With each breath see it as hot bright dry electric fire .

Then send the energy from the right to the left and up the arm to the heart . Inhale as you draw energy down the crown , push to the heart to the right arm exhale at the palm . Continue until the path is running clear ,clean and fast . Then pull these palms apart slightly try to pull them apart a little more each breath until you no longer feel the energy flow . Immediately come back to that spot . Now place the right hand over the spot on the head that hurts most . And place the left hand behind it and cause the flow to continue from right to left through the blockage .

When that centre feels better move to another . Place the stronger hand over the part of the head that hurts the most send energy into crown to the heart and down that palm . Place the opposite palm on the other side of the head and cause the energy to run from one hand to the other thru the head .

If the fire is not helping after a few minutes than try water . This is cold dark heavy indigo energy coming in the opposite direction from left palm to right .

Daily energy deep cleansing and raising of energy will help , also drinking lots of water . Yoga and pilates are excellent as is swimming to stretch out the body and increase flow of energy .

18th June 2007, 05:43 AM
Thanks, Aunt Clair. I tried this even though I don't have a headache right now. It actually feels really good. Strange though, as if I have on a ski cap pulled down almost to the top of my ears. It's a pretty strong feeling (very "real" feeling), but comforting. Almost as if someone has their hands around my head. I can't wait to try it when I have a headache. :lol: The energy circuit moves easily, I can't detect any blockages (heart, palms, or in-between) doing it the way you described.

I don't know why it didn't occur to me to pull energy through the crown "gently". Come to think of it, I usually force energy down, but can't maintain it for very long. I think "gently" is the key. Thanks for that!

8th July 2007, 05:20 PM
Not much has been happening lately until 2 nights ago. I've hit an OBE dry spell, using a lot of Hemi-Sync and doing a lot of click outs. I've had my mind on a lot more physical things lately, and have done very little energy work in the last week. So, I was really surprised when I woke up to a whole Kundalini major event 2 nights ago.

Sound asleep, no dreaming that I can remember, when I woke up in the middle of the night. I had a very strong pushing energy feeling starting in my feet and going up to my root chakra. From there, it became the fist like energy that Robert describes, with the whole pushing around of internal organs on it's climb upward. At my heart chakra, I clicked out. Woke up again later (don't know when) to it happening all over again. I was really sleepy and so didn't encourage or discourage it. I remember it getting to my throat, and thinking, "Oh, great, I don't need my throat chakra to be any more open than it already is.". Then, I clicked out again. Woke up later to the whole episode again. From there, it seemed like an unending night of awakening to Kundalini energy moving up and then clicking out. At one point, it got to my crown and just stopped with a lot of energy bouncing around inside my head. If it ever exited the top of my head, I don't remember.

I'm unclear as to why this happened. I never try to force Kundalini, it just creeps up on me when I'm asleep or in meditation. I don't feel particularly evolved, or like I have had any kind of metaphysical breakthrough.

Wait, I take that back. I've been reading a lot of the Seth books, which make a whole lot of sense to me. I've noticed that I have fewer opinions on things. My family is kind of perplexed when I don't really care where we go (like to which movie), what we eat, or when we eat. It's almost like I'm losing a grip on having opinions, and it feels very refreshing. It's very unusual for me, being a rather opinionated person most of my life. I find myself being content with much smaller things and goals, or rather, the lack of them. I don't dominate conversations anymore, and my husband is at a loss since he's used to me being the life of the party. I read posts and arguments on AD and don't have a strong opinion either way, so it's just more interesting to see what other people think.

In some ways, it feels like I'm starting to check out of the world. I look around me and see things of great beauty that give me joy, and then think, "I won't really miss this". Then, I think, where the h... did that come from? It's like I'm slowly disengaging from the earth and my ego. There is no sadness, just a contentment that everything is as it should be. I don't know if this is related to my age and precognitions I've had, or if it's something different. Either way, I seem to be ok with it, and rather peaceful. Perhaps the Kundalini is related to all of this...or not.

8th July 2007, 05:41 PM
I remember reading in Bardon's IIH that it says something like "when the elements get into balance the serpent power raises on its own accord". Many roads seem to lead to Kundalini. ;)


13th July 2007, 11:46 PM
Interesting. Speaking from my few possible Kundalini episodes, it seems to rise in my sleep, without awakening me. I just feel the strong energy movement sensations in my dream.

I'm really thanksfull for that, heh, the internal snake sensation doesn't really appeal to me, personally. :)

29th September 2007, 12:43 AM
some of these experiences sound familiar, i went through a quite painful and extended trip over the last year. Though the body has calmed and there is a newfound sensitivity, the head remains in a state of pressure and heat.. particularly the crown and cerebellum region... any further tips on what if anything could be done about that??

29th September 2007, 12:51 AM
Do you practise grounding (http://forums.astraldynamics.com/viewtopic.php?t=3721)?

29th September 2007, 01:05 AM
In my experience it only goes away if you stop all energy and meditation practices...for as long as it takes. Re-introduce the practices slowly to see how it goes. Of course, if you enjoy the sensations, I wouldn't stop, but I'd take it slowly. I learned the hard way. Those enjoyable sensations can get out of control and make you feel like the world is spinning and doing crazy things. Doesn't blend well with functioning on a physical level. After 2 and a half years, about the only effects I have left are hearing things fully awake similar to what one hears upon OBE exit...music, voices, gonging, etc. My husband thinks I'm bonkers. :D

29th September 2007, 01:21 AM
thanks for that link...

haven't really "practised" anything of that sort consciously, except breathing, meditation, physical exercise, biking, swimming... i've heard of energy but the whole "serpent fire" thing is new to me, eventually came across it in an attempt to figure out whats been going on....

i have noticed recently that if i put attention on the feet, it's as if the sensation extends below the floor or surface, varied surfaces feel different.. the effect is definitely more pronounced in natural environments, which i've been seeking out, because they feel better.

Are these post suggesting that the ground can absorb excess energy.. like a battery??? is this akin to grounding exercise? Would it take some of the pressure off the head??

Just today i was thinking that i one were to extend an imaginary finger down, through the center of the earth, it would eventually be moving up... so which way is up and which way is down?? lol...

29th September 2007, 01:24 AM
Are these post suggesting that the ground can absorb excess energy.. like a battery??? is this akin to grounding exercise? Would it take some of the pressure off the head??

Yes and yes.

29th September 2007, 01:40 AM
thanks for the replies so quickly...

Havent really done any meditation exercises for a while.. last few years it was just sort of happening naturally throughout the daily activities...

The worst of the effects would go away in time, allowed to do their own thing. Trying to control it actually made things worse, but then again, i had no idea what was really going on. It was like raw heat, raw emotion, without any rational point of focus. Bonkers!! :D Taking naps seems to help. Sounds like a very good idea to try the grounding. Thanks

7th October 2007, 04:29 AM
please delete.

7th October 2007, 04:46 AM
So, Niki 123, what have you done about this? Are you certain it's linked to your energy work and it's nothing to do with depression?

7th October 2007, 05:22 AM
Wow, I've been feeling detachment lately a lot.My children say something and I don't care but I fake that I am angry for their sake so that they may listen and learn but I don't care about anything.I think my son sees through my detachment because he said to me today that I look like I don't care.This would have hurt a lot before but now, I just don't care.I stopped doing so many things like watching tv or listening to the radio and sewing , embroidery and reading books that I feel like I have no purpose anymore.I have to take a nap everyday and it has to be quiet in the house or I get headaches and I also get them when I go outside.I can feel when there's someone upset nearby because I get sick and I get headaches.I forgot to mention that I don't like loud music at all.


detachment is not like "not caring". Detachment is like observing the emotion still happening, but assigning less importance to it. What you are describing - caring less, feeling unfeeling, getting tired, changing behavioural patterns - this sounds more like depression, not like detachment at all.

Detachment involves full knowledge of what's going on, not being oblivious or unfeeling. You have to have something to observe or let go of for it to be detachment. The alleged depression may indicate a spiritual crisis where you long for personal evolution and learning to be really detached, but to me it does not sound like you are already there.

Take good care,