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4th October 2013, 08:20 PM
I am figuring out how to create a device which you could use to manipulate gravity. I plan on first compiling a list on experiences you guys have had where gravity just didn't seem to have an effect on you. It could even be during astral projection. I have a theory based on the many practices I do like through hermetics, the manipulation of the electric and magnetic fluids within the body, pranayama to add increased amounts of air within your body and adding pressure to make you levitate, or other things. Anyways, tell me all about your experiences.

4th October 2013, 09:19 PM
I am figuring out how to create a device which you could use to manipulate gravity.

As i just read this line from the 'what's new' list...... our Dalmation dog who was lying on my bed beside me (i am sitting in an armchair), suddenly rolled towards the edge of the bed and nearly fell off it !

Geeeze.... these pets !!! .... guess he just wanted to join in the manipulating gravity discussion ... :lol2:x

As for myself, don't recall at the moment any non-gravity experiences, but i have had times, where subtle energetic effects would make my body feel so heavy.... i would feel magnetised to the floor almost like a strong suction being exerted. would feel like an icy cold and the heaviness of lead.

This was most prominent when it would happen whilst i was in the local bus station in town, early hours of the morning with no-one around. these 'heavy' experiences would not last too long, probably no longer than 20 mins. in time

For a while i was unsure if there was some sort of physical device within the building that was causing the sensations, but i have also had these experiences in my own garden whilst walking around with bare feet.

4th October 2013, 09:37 PM
I would say that you were grounded while you were walking bare feet in your garden. Possibly even an unbalanced earth element in your body. I will go with both heavier and lighter experiences. This one sounds great. Thank you for sharing.

4th January 2014, 07:11 AM
I have experienced such gravitational influence many times on my body but never thought of any astral connection with it ever.Sometimes even I feel during sleeping that my body is falling down from some large hills and suddenly I wake up.

4th January 2014, 06:54 PM
I have experienced such gravitational influence many times on my body but never thought of any astral connection with it ever.Sometimes even I feel during sleeping that my body is falling down from some large hills and suddenly I wake up. That's a myoclonic (hypnic) jerk and the interpretations available are brain-based or energy-body based, and don't include physical effects.

GMan, the thing about gravity, is that no one really knows what it is. It used to be thought of as a force but science threw that out the window as it appears to be an effect on space itself related to mass.
So to combat gravity from a physical standpoint, a 'try and see what happens' approach is as good as theoretical, because in theory you have to know what to cancel out, and as of now science has a lot of speculation but not a lot of 'knowledge' about what gravity is.
It has even been speculated that gravity is caused by the proximity of parallel universes, something 'from another dimension' that can affect ours, but that really doesn't 'exist' in ours. Mind blowing, if you ask me- but not too helpful.

6th January 2014, 06:09 PM
"light as a feather stiff as a board" ? I heard this story, there was a telekinetic who moved a lot, he hauled his house on a flatbed. his house was made of giant stone blocks. he told the truck driver to park at his new property in florida and leave it there overnight, then get the truck in the morning. there was no machinery to remove the blocks. perplexed, he did what he was told. the next morning not only were the blocks removed but his stone house was constructed. he said that gravity is magnetic and he levitates things by manipulating the magnetic force between objects. (or something like that)

7th January 2014, 07:40 PM
Astral flying is not so much flying as it is a denial of gravity. I guess you want to bring that into the material world. Well, someday that will be possible I suppose. But why invoke the physics of the astral upon the material world? I can't quite understand the 'why' of your ambition.

9th January 2014, 03:57 PM
I find that in order to succesfully manipulate a system I need understanding of that system. Indeed perhaps one could take ones successful manipulations of a system as indickitive of the degree to which u understand that system. Successful predictions and consequent manipulations of gravity have already been acheived. First newton then einstein added further insight. Due to strong correlations between imagined theories and consistent observed realities it can be said some of the aspects of gravity have already been laid bare for those who take the time to develop the necessary insight to see. How versed in current successfully verified scientific theory are u? It seems plausable that this should stand out as a starting point, such is the reality. After all, anything u develop would have to be consistent in some way with what already Is. Such is Reality. To assume otherwise is to suggest u are more powerful than Reality... (good luvk with that). In general I have found that physical reality is best addressed with mathematics. This language, and I aint talkin occult numerology here, allows direct commune with physical reality. It is the language of god manifest, open, honest, no hidden agenda, only Truth. U cant alter gods reality, u can only via understanding, work with it. To do otherwise is to proclaim urself of greater authority than that which made Reality. Kinda sounz a little arrogant to assume as such, and with arrogancy comes delusion. The quest ur questions lead to must have physical manifestation answers, not just dreamy astral ones. Reality's reality is more powerful than ur astral reality, hence Reality is objectively observed to be somewhat more in chargeof reality(or rather Reality is more in charge of Itself) than u, somewhat irritating as it is and all, but expecting dominance over another i do find somewhat objectional(at any rate something about a goose and a gander suggests why such expectations may soon sour. ( And in case ur wondering, no Reality doesn't have dominance over u cos ur part of reality, hence it is a case of reality having dominance over itself. Which is not only allowed but, like personal growth, ought to be actively encouraged in the name of self volition!)). But fret not, for that which exists gives itself away by being observable. Understand the reality and ask it to do ur bidding. Through understanding we build trust and we can always trust a thing to be its nature. A thing will always be happy to act in accord with its nature. Through understanding the trust is built and with integrity ur bidding should be consistent with its Nature. But u must in earnest come to understand its nature. The language with which to cunduct ur reality spells is spelt out in the pure no bs god manifest language of mathematics(objective reality needs to explain itself in no uncertain terms in order to justify its own existence). Enginears have been well aware of this for quite some time now. If u truly will it, u must take the time to understand what u Will, 'cos we can't be allowing ppl to get all WILLy nilly when talkin manifest reality. Higher forces disallow such nonsense due to the chaos for All that would ensue.

?..Reality is but Mind of a more powerful mystic..?

10th January 2014, 04:33 PM
Thank you MSI, I could have written it, will sign the paper, EXCEPT:

not just dreamy astral ones

This is where we, both of scientific minds, depart. Who is to say that our astral lives aren't equally as real as our physical lives? You are very grounded in the earth, the empirical. Ok. One of my fav physicist, Lisa Randall, has been experimenting with the essence or manipulability of gravity. That's why I say it is possible, perhaps, to mimic the astral in terms of gravity.

The point, of course, is the Reality v. Astral question. I give them equal value. Where will you spend the bulk of your life? 80 years here on planet Earth or some untold millennia in a different dimension free of common physics? Shall we bother to make 'Heaven on Earth' or be satisfied with the hereafter, free of such challenges?

11th January 2014, 01:02 AM
Yeh the whole fantasy vs reality illusion. Kool. Ok lets play the polar opposites game. The coin is heads.... nuh uh.. the coin is tails... nuh uh.. heads... tails... something... nothing... reality... fantasy... its all in ur mind... whats all in my mind? ?... umm reality?
Polar opposites set themselves up to create movement, an unbalancing. In unity opposites are united. But unity is an awfully boring thing, u cant do anything with this absolute indivisible nothingness, until u realise that u can, it all starts with turning it into something, tho its nothing, it flips back and forth in perpetual indecisive flux blah blah. Woohoo the unity ball has been shattered. We get delineation, logic is a tool that helps with this. Its basic premise is that a thing can not both be what it is and what it is not simultaneously, mutual exclusion. Hence the understanding that opposites are united, tranceSends logic. Meh, logic's a fairly mechanical intelligence construct anyway, "there aint no life in logic". Anyways polar opposites often like to set themselves up seated at opposite ends of them long, sometimes infinitely long dinner tables( the infinite ones are like Soo joy, cos there's like room for like everyone to be seated like anywhere they might like, and what's not to like about that then?) Movement along the table is a matter of degree. So be seated and fancy feasting with reality and fantasy for a bit. Then comes that inevitable question, 'Can u pass the ketchup please?' Ok, how far? We need a way of measuring how far along the dining room table we've moved. For the reality/fantasy feasting I find it convenient to use the notion of CONSISTENCY, for woteva that might consist of, perhaps ketchup in this case if it helps u catch up to whats going on. The more consistent a thing is, the closer to Real is that thing, the less consistent the more we'd be dining with Fantasy. This removes the whole absolutist fantasy versus reality not dead but dyingchotomy. Now instead of the absolutist game, we get to play the relative game(and dont u just luv it when relatives come round for din dins?) Cos as it turns out fantasy and reality are but relatives seated at the same dining table discussing there relative back and forth merits and in the process clearly showing that they consist of different degrees of pretty much the same stuff. Not that surprising really cos it all came from the same undifferentiated nothngness/somethingness unity ball, that isnt really there even tho it is.
Reality or fantasy... same difference