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5th October 2013, 02:02 AM
Hello, Someone asked me for the meaning of something they experienced during meditation and I don't understand It's meaning myself. She said she saw a background of pitch black and suddenly 3 large gray streaks appeared in the center. Does anyone know what this could mean? Each time she meditates she also hears voices talking and singing and when one male voice in particular starts talking and singing the rest would quiet down and listen as if he were making a speech. Could she be picking up an astral meeting of some sort? She says he sounds benevolent.

5th October 2013, 04:54 PM
I believe that the background is what is known as '3D black' or 'the Void', an intermediate area that prefaces the astral plane. It can be seen in various ways- all black space, a starry void, or a void with entrances (such as a door or window). I believe the gray streaks may have been doorways, and if your friend would have tried to focus on one of them, she would have found herself on an astral landscape.
As to the voices, these are common in the preprojection stage, and can vary from organized voices (intelligent, talking to you), non-organized random voices (like listening to someone else's conversation), unclear sounds, loud noises, and any combination thereof. They are categorized as 'hallucinations', but really, sometimes they seem as if someone is eavesdropping. I think sometimes it's hallucinating forgotten overheard conversations, other times it's 'tuning in'to some other source.