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5th October 2013, 08:21 AM
I have read various text I found on the web about Kundalini that where either outtakes from chat sessions of yours or text about the subject in general written by you. Im really interested in your new Kundalini material you'll be releasing soon and that's why I'm writing here.

What caught my eyes in the texts was about the reason one would want to raise kundalini and I need to quote here:

Bad intentions, or raising kundalini for self gain and or to harm others, would bring with it self-annihilation. Like attracts like, and at kundalini level, one would attract the highes of negative forces. The will of one raising kundalini is the most important thing of all. This must be of iron.

My reason for wanting to activate/raise kundalini is: I want to evolve, to gain knowledge, to find out what happens and what it is, to experience and to explore.

My main question here is - What is a good reason to raise Kundalini?
My own reasons begs the question - Are these selfish reasons, are my reasons only for self gain?
If you have answers to these questions, can you tell me why it is so?

As always I appreciate everything you do. Love your material.

Regards Linus

Robert Bruce
5th October 2013, 09:25 AM
Your reasons are sound, and very similar to my own at the time.

Its like climbing a mountain. Why do you do it? Because it is there to be climbed.

The main reason for raising kundalini is 'evolution'....to evolve.

This is the reason why the kundalini mechanism is built into every human being.

The reason for the existence of all specie is to evolve.

peace, robert