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30th June 2006, 07:01 AM
Relationship Pain Body Constructs (Draft)

I am basing most of the ideas here on quantum awareness, since the decision to make a possible choice in 2 or more directions creates more than two selectable external realities.
Such a choice could be as simple as letting go or holding on to certain emotional attachments.
I am not quite sure where else on these forums this topic relates so I hope it does pertain to this context to the extents I believe it does.

Please bear in mind that this is a draft and should act as more of a guide than anything else.

I am posting this topic here as a response to the Healing Cords (http://forums.astraldynamics.com/viewtopic.php?t=3384) topic by scymi. There is significant deviation between the concept of relationship cords and relationship bodies and hence I think this warrants a new thread to avoid sidetracking the above topic.

Introduction: The Pain Body

I want to begin by touching on what Patty said about magical instantaneous healing. It is true that this event is quite rare but it is far from mythical.
For transcendental healing to take place at least the following aspects of the pain body must be reconciled:
1) The emotional investment in the pain body that is providing the ego with 'bargaining' energy for holding onto the 'grudge' (any points of attachment).
2) The astral perpetuation of the link between the mutual pain body and the two personal pain bodies sharing the connection (the cord).
3) The false perception of the ego itself which is imprinted both locally (your pain body) and globally (the shared pain body).

The Pain Body

Each person has an emotional pain body that is based on points 1 to 3 above internally. The emotional pain stored energetically is primarily based on all preconceptions that deviate away from the awareness of love and understanding.
This pain body grows throughout a standard lifetime and is burned away only with consciousness and love and understanding energy. Until this process is started with introspective development the pain body will continue to magnetically attract more and more of what it already knows (pain):
1) Each external event that can be skewed to serve under the pain body will be transmuted magnetically.
2) If the pain body gains enough power it rules over certain rational decisions. For instance (example): During childhood Jenna was told that she was bad at drawing. Jenna's lack of consciousness (or integration with her spirit at that time in her life) resulted in the addition of this "fact" to her pain body.
Each moment from then on Jenna does not draw well because her pain body has conned her mind into believing this as a self-evident truth.

Note: I am aware that this example is simplistic, but my intent is to keep the principles here as simple as possible for now

The Pain Body in Relationships

To overcome the pain body the focus should be shifted to the spirit, or consciousness. Magnetism to the external comes after the initial reaction in the internal. Hence if the focus is on the spirit and love energy it will also magnetically attract love and spiritual awareness. This is a good method to draw your attention away from the primal pain body.

If two conscious people interact their relationship will not dull and turn into a warzone for both pain bodies fighting for which pain is more valid. Rather, such a connection will promote mutual love and understanding based on the same principle as a person does in relation with themselves.

It is important to note that the generation of pain bodies is always negative. More aptly, the process forms an attachment that is not needed. Achieving a conscious link as above requires letting go of all attachment.
If consciousness is not allowed to transmute energy on a personal level, the pain body will inevitably take over, and from this stage it will also call the shots on the connection formed between relationships.

Each interaction you have with the external reality, and in particular another person sets off a process of the birth of a mutual pain body.
This body is neither yours, nor the other persons but it is the accumulation of what both of you share together in each others pain bodies. Each egoic interaction (or lack of) afterwards builds on this construct further.

For instance, the feelings you have when talking to someone will occupy this body. If these feelings were just a one time conversation the construct will remain pretty much as it is without further interaction.

However keep in mind the risk of a mutual pain body becoming a third type of construct (in the context of this discussion): a pain body template.

Pain Body Templates

The greater an external reaction triggers a response in the pain body the more it will bind itself to the ego (the perception of who you think you are). For instance, the repulsive construct of what most people would term "love" is more often than not the lifetime of two pain bodies fighting for their own acknowledgment.
True love is of course something completely different that is beyond the scope of this topic. However when the false construct of love completely takes over the pain body and makes a permanent imprint on the ego a pain body template is often generated.

Simple templates also arise from other basic circumstances and 'run-ins' however to extend the example above we could state that this temple has certain trigger conditions (like all templates do):
- Relationship with a partner with remotely close qualities to the previous partner that created this template (remotely because the pain body will skew reality to make it equivalent to what it knows, and not what actually is).
- The abovementioned partners reactions to the pain body which resembles qualities of the previous relationship that created the template.
These trigger points will activate the template which will cause one or both of the people involved in the relationship exchange to act the same way as they did in past relationships that resembled this template.

Mutual pain bodies and templates often also have a tendency to merge with each other. The quantum principle that intent creates reality is applicable since many relationships with pain bodies will often merge to generate a mutual pain body, which will create a template, which will be carried on to merge with future interactions.

Transmuting the Pain Body into Consciousness

It is quite evident that the above example is somewhat of a subconscious mess. Hence becoming more conscious of these interactions and how the constructs form allows the impact they play on your life to be minimized.
The shift from ego/pain body to consciousness is touched on above. This is required on a personal level so the pain body no longer receives energy. Once this process happens the person sharing the pain body will often notice that his/her pain body often reacts something to the affect of: "What the hell is going on?"
The principle of darkness not being able to persist in the presence of light, and hate not being able to persist in the presence of true love is applicable here.

This is often quite a magical process which at some level entails a complete quantum shift of realities. The process of this shift should require at minimum the following amendments:
1) The loss of requisite of 'better gain' for the ego. The ego wants all the time, it does not matter what it wants -- be aware that the fact that all egoic forms are desire-driven is important.

The ego will attempt to trade elements of unconsciousness for something it believes is better.
For instance (example): Someone offers Luke a cheque because he knows that Luke is short on money, however Luke knows that the person offering him the cheque is also not doing so well financially and really needs that money.

The example here is mutually converse. In accepting the offer Luke is identifying with his ego, but his friend in the process of making the offer is purposefully not identifying with ego. This is evident if we assume that his friend does not have some other hidden agenda behind the offer.

2) Severing of the actual cord through visualization, intent and mutual decision by both parties to stop giving the pain body energy.

3) Making a mutual decision to interact only through the basis of love and understanding towards each other themselves.

For instant healing to occur in a relationship be sure to let go of the emotional investment present. It can be quite disastrous when people claim they act out of "love" and in fact cause a great amount of damage to the said person instead.
Interestingly, this process is tied into the fundamentals of true love since the pain body and ego are both create of an underdeveloped consciousness (or not yet fully integrated spirit). They are both coping mechanisms for lack of awareness of love -- yet paradoxically love is a masked force ever-present in all things.

30th June 2006, 04:49 PM
Awesome post, Sash. I have to read it 3 or 4 times- to let it sink in.

1st July 2006, 12:09 AM
This baby's going on hard copy - printing right now.

Thank you Sash!

1st July 2006, 03:35 AM
I'm glad it was useful, but I think it needs a few more revisions before I'll be completely happy with it.
As long as it makes sense for now it is fine though, but if some areas are ambiguous let me know and I will attempt to go into more depth or clarification.

Thanks for the positive feedback for now.

1st July 2006, 08:29 AM
just clarifying
ego is the pain body
thinking that we are this or that is only part of the process
interesting work, you read The Inward Revolution, didn't you

i would suggest inspecting pain body's cords with objects and ideas too
also pain body has cords with itself

in my recent work i rediscovered that the pain body is created when the soul (/spirit, i use vague term here, although the word resonates) is not present within physical body, only sustains it, and the mind is forced to use available resources - animal instincts, and with the powerlessness and dependency of the baby each reaction is taken to the extreme
i see soul as third option to get out through, the problem is that established reactions prevent changing them or even viewing them

basicly i reworded what sash said to make it clear to myself, hope you don't mind :)

1st July 2006, 11:20 AM
Yes that is one of the points I was trying to get across, so thanks for reflecting back that this message made sense.
On a core level, yes the pain body is ego (but sometimes it is useful to explore the ego deeper to see how it works and stops the soul from being present).
Thanks for the feedback. :D
No I haven't read the book you mentioned btw, do you recommend it?

1st July 2006, 01:09 PM
it says basicly everything you said, with definitions, examples, meditations to overcome, analysis of personality with true self present etc
by Deborah Benstead and Storm Constantine
it was the first book i read and it was this book that directed me into exploring ego and patterns, and i use their workshop succesfully to this day

without it, it was just, gosh, i can start doing full body circuit in 7 hours (i just moved through NEW and everything was active and running, i never did anything in that direction before :shock:)
i have several further points, but don't have time right now, will edit this post