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13th November 2013, 04:19 AM
Hi Robert,

First of all I don't know what I would have done with your book on psychic self defense. It has been immensely helpful. Thank you!

I made the mistake of establishing communication with what I thought was a benevolent guide. You described this scenario so well in your book. This happened last August about a couple weeks after taking up kundalini. Daily positive communication soon turned scary. I was in a yoga class and noticed that my leg moved involuntarily. When I got home my world turned upside down when the communication became a bit sinister. It told me that it loved being in a body and something creepy that I won't mention yet. I not sure whether I ever believed spirits entering a body before, but now I know it's true. I was in a state of panic the last two weeks because there was no one to talk to that I knew of.

The night before this I had a meditation where I saw clearly the astral plane and many phenomena along with music and the most blissful coming to awareness of oneness. This really opened up my psychic centers. However, this facilitated the attachment and I'm now trying to remove it.

I did find one shaman in Wales who works remotely and he is excellent. I could feel him working. He removed a parasite that had attached to my sixth chakra and a bunch of other stuff, so there is a big improvement. However, this thing has evaded detection by him. He has made it weaker. Any clues?

A couple of other questions: When should I resume Kundalini? Or, Should I? I ceased for now until this thing is removed and I am grounded.

If I do resume how should I take in the energy without giving permission for something else to walk in?

I hope I can get rid of this soon.

Many, many thanks.

Robert Bruce
13th November 2013, 08:38 AM
Do not return to heavy energy work until such time as you are confident that the entity is gone from your system.

I would advice only regular meditation, and things like juice feasting, and fasting. Dietary disciplines, apart from health reasons, are also excellent for building willpower and for making negs uncomfortable.

there is a relationship between the immune system and natural shielding.

The general rule is, to keep doing what is working. So if this Welsh shaman is helping, keep working with him.

Also apply the methods from my book, including the core affirmation, and electrical grounding. Get some earthing products like earthed bedsheets and sleep grounded, as this will help drain it from your system.

Do not worry about permission issues relating to energy. Permission applies to entities. So if you have given permission to this entity in the past, start retracting that in your daily affirmations.

You will not pick up entities just by doing energy work, unless it was preexisting.

peace, robert

ps, let me know how you are getting on, and use the 'ask RB section' for that.