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18th December 2013, 02:51 PM
i've heard that robert told in his last interview that you have to become vegeterian to raise kundulini
can anyone tell me exactly what doe's it mean?
it's a bit problem for me .

18th December 2013, 05:49 PM
I'm sure becoming vegetarian is a bit far fetched, although I can see a diet based on more greens would be beneficial. And I don't think he actually said that you need to become vegetarian.

18th December 2013, 06:39 PM
I'm sure becoming vegetarian is a bit far fetched, although I can see a diet based on more greens would be beneficial. And I don't think he actually said that you need to become vegetarian.
what kind of diet?
this is beneficial to all the training process or just to part of it?
and thanks for your answer

18th December 2013, 07:20 PM
I moved this to this section so Robert can clarify whether he said it and why.

Robert Bruce
19th December 2013, 12:55 AM
Good question,

If you watch the interviews in the Raising Kundalini program, the two guys there that were successful with Kundalini were 'not' vegetarian.

This is not a total prerequisite for Kundalini.

However, being vegetarian, especially if consuming lots of raw food, increases subtle energy levels and Chakra activity. And you need every watt of energy you can muster to activate Kundalini. A clean diet like this also causes waste to move through the system more easily, in that cooked meat and processed food tends to spend many days in the digestive system. This makes it more difficult to purge and cleanse the digestive tract, which the majority of people need to do in order to activate Kundalini.

The basic principle here is that if there is any dirt or waste near the site of a major Chakra, that will interfere with the higher functioning of that Chakra. This affects all Chakras, and extra cleansing is needed, including rinsing out the nasal passages. The base, or root, Chakra is particularly affected by the contents of the bowels, which need to be purged and cleaned to allow Kundalini to activate.

This level of inner cleansing is only necessary for 99% of people doing this work. The 1% that do not need to do this already have spontaneously awakened Kundalini active in their systems.

And once you succeed at raising Kundalini and repeat this several times, the requirements for inner cleansing can be eased, because the initial high-level activation and Chakra strobing has already been accomplished.

For most people, activating Kundalini is a bit like jump starting a car with a flat battery. You need every watt of power you can muster to get your motor running. But once you have warmed it up and the battery takes on a charge, you can start it more easily without the extra battery.

NB. I was vegetarian for several years around the time I raised Kundalini. I was also fasting 3 days a week, and doing a lot of deep meditation and other things. This was necessary for me to raise Kundalini, which I did in the first attempt after a session that lasted 6 or 7 hours.

After this, I raised Kundalini once a week for several months. Eventually, I could do away with the enemas, but I continued my regular fasting as I enjoyed it so much.

Fasting is enormously helpful for Kundalini work. Digestion takes about 80% of available energy resources and generally tires you out. Obviously you need 'all' available energy for Kundalini, so fasting and inner cleansing accomplishes this very easily... once you get used to it, that is.

Everyone can feel free to try raising Kundalini with no inner cleansing preparation. And if you fail, go back to the drawing board and work out what you can do to increase your energies. You'll come back to this subject eventually. It is logical. And fasting and inner cleansing is life changing. Spend a year or so doing regular fasting, juice feasting, raw food, and other dietary disciplines. Then get into fasting. This will improve your health and increase your energies in general.

And fasting is very healing. You can cure just about anything with fasting, particularly with longer duration fasts of a month or so, and this includes cancers, heart disease, liver disorders, and just about anything. This happens because when you stop eating for say a month, the body starts to consume itself. It stars by dissolving damaged and diseased tissue, and tumors, and plaque buildup in the arteries, etc. It will consume all available fat, including excess liver fat and size. Only when it runs out of fat completely will it start on the muscle tissue. It will 'never' consume its internal organs.

I just finished a 28 day fast on water, and am now fasting 2.5 days per week....in case you were wondering...I do walk the talk.

Fasting also gives you complete control over your body and its weight, and control over the ego aspect. The detox on a long fast is profound. This also cures many conditions, physical and mental, including things like schizophrenia...for which heavy metals and toxins are primary contributors.

There are fasting clinics available where you can do extended fasting under medical expert supervision. Google 'True North' fasting clinic, stateside. This is recommended for people with no fasting experience. Otherwise, start researching and getting personal experience for yourself.


Robert Bruce
19th December 2013, 12:58 AM
Raising Kundalini Program update....

The program is going very well indeed and everyone seems very happy with it.

It is a very extensive program.

there are a few little bugaboos, like a few seconds audio distortion here and there, and a couple of interviews still to upload, but nothing that can't be easily fixed.

This program will also evolve through the feedback on this forum. I already have a few 'fireside chat type' videos I want to do to dig a bit deeper into some topics, like immortality and fasting, etc.


19th December 2013, 01:07 PM
Wonderfull information about eating raw and fasting Robert! Im already a vegetarian, and like to eat more rawfood, and even though yoir information didn't come as a complete surprise its nice to read from someone who walks the talk as you put it :)

19th December 2013, 02:37 PM
ok, thanks Robert i got it!

Robert Bruce
19th December 2013, 03:26 PM
I hope you enjoy it.