View Full Version : Much ado about nothing

18th December 2013, 06:22 PM
This neuroscientist posits an afterlife contained in a computer. He reasons that if the genome can be deciphered then a ‘connectome’ of a human brain could as well be encoded in a computer. Thus, an afterlife would extend forever via the ‘code’.

This is an interesting article, http://aeon.co/magazine/being-human/virtual-afterlives-will-transform-humanity/ but what the author doesn’t realize is he is talking technologically of age-old metaphysics.

I have long held that in a sense we die every night and drift into another reality. Then, dangit, we wake up. The point, though, is why would it be any different when the physical body dies? Finally, we don’t wake up - that’s all. Life continues in another reality.

I encourage you to read it. :)