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21st December 2013, 06:58 PM
Hi Robert
you say Raising Kundalini invites and brings on Genius , Would you also say that out of the ordinary people like Steven Seagal , Stephen Harwking , star athletes , Bloomberg , Gates , Jobs and so on are actually the same as us average ordinary folks ,just they have or were born with some degree of a raised Kundalini or an already developed advance chakrars ?


Robert Bruce
22nd December 2013, 03:59 AM
How the Chakras are wired (how they function together) has a big effect on the expression of personality and talent. For example, some people have natural artistic ability, and some people do not. Some people are musically minded, and some are tone deaf.

So it is fair to say that famous talented people have Chakra configurations, supported by life experience and programming and opportunity and natural talent, to express their talents well. And some people become famous. Those that do not get the opportunities, of course, do not become famous.

Kundalini, when raised, will release hidden natural talents according to how the Chakras and personality is wired. This can release 'potential' talents, or it can release a talent in full. For example, the purple strobe that happened to my son caused immediate release of artistic talent at a fairly high level. And this was not just limited to sketching or painting, but involved full artistic expression in all associated areas.

Some people do not have much in the way of talent and have no real interests in the talent area. I've known a few people like this to raise Kundalini. In such cases, it can be said that Kundalini needs developing further, or that the brow Chakra needs further development. But in all cases, the potential is strong and once persons take strong interest in something then Kundalini will begin expressing itself more strongly there.

Kundalini releases more subtle life energy and upgrades the human energy body and its Chakras to function at higher levels. This extra energy flow is enduring, although during Kundalini raising sessions it will obviously provide peak experiences. And this extra energy flow will greatly enhance the functioning of personality and talents. It will also power physical and psychological healing, as the body mind attempts to express itself at higher levels.