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22nd December 2013, 02:17 PM
Many multi-dimensional entities (MDE's) such as Bashar and Whitley Strieber's Master of the key - tell us that we can have anything we want and that we can have it right now. What I want is to remain alive forever without ever getting sick, ageing or dying. Are the MDE's referring to our abilities to create our own chosen realities as a skill available to mortal humans or are they referring to skills available only to our immortal (soul) component. To be alive on earth is a harsh sentence. To have to face loosing the people and places you've come to love is something I do not want to experience. It's clear to me that each soul is part of a superconscious "Mainframe" and that parts of this central core are cast down to earth (and other planets) to reside in mortal frames. The newly born human has its own virgin mind which grows with the body and contains all the memories of this individuals earthly experiences. Riding in tandom with the bodies physical brain (conscious mind) - the superconscious component (soul) gets to feel and record (mirror), all things that the conscious mind records. A third component to this living human is its sub-concious mind that controls all automatic reactions based on the knowledge attained by the conscious mind. The communication flow between the conscious/sub-conscoius mind/superconscious minds is such that the conscious mind is incapable of talking to the superconscious mind. The superconscious mind however has 2 way communications set up with the sub-conscious mind and a (receive only) arrangement with the conscious mind. The net result of all this is that the conscious mind (You and me) has to cope with the fear of death/ageing/illness etc. We are blind to the realities known to our superconscious (eternal) partner. Whilst its true that all of what we were (after death) is retained - I personally would like to skip the death bit. In the not to distant future medical science will learn how to revearse ageing and enable physical immortality. But my question is:- Can the mortal conscious mind create a reality where the body lives on in pefect condition forever. ..............?

29th December 2013, 06:50 PM
Read the Tables of Toth, if I'm not wrong the XIII he talks about a way to reverse the aging, he also speaks about how to perform a conscious disincarnation without any pain, not sure if it works though, in my opinion we are also programmed to believe that soon or later we will die, even though Great masters of the past always claimed the physical body always ages and if you don't do something the cold hand of the death will eventually grasp you =) This happends to animals, plants... But still we are God, God doesnt age or die, the body is the temple of the soul and we can make it immortal if we want =)

6th August 2014, 05:57 PM
It is possible to be physically immortal from my research. One of the most well known ways is the Philosophers Stone. A stone that is made through Alchemy, which grants physical immortality and turns metal into gold. Most common people know it as just a legend like the fountain of youth but its very real. If your intrested i suggest you read "Israel Regardie & The Philosophers Stone: The Alchemical Arts Brought down to Earth" by Joseph C Lisiewski. Only thing is it takes a full working labratory to do alchemy and the philosopers stone takes years of hard work dedication, study, and spiritual development to make. Not exactly an easy task.

heres the amazon link to the book also

http://www.amazon.com/Israel-Regardie-The-Philosophers-Stone/dp/1935150898/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1407347579&sr=8-3&keywords=israel+regardie+and+the+philosophers+ston e