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24th December 2013, 08:12 PM
Hi, Robert,

I'm just now starting the K class, and I'm wondering about the preliminary practices such as the hand brushing, tactile imaging, etc. How long do you suggest we practice these before moving on? I feel like I have a very good handle already on tactile imaging, but I also don't want to move too fast. How do we tell when we're ready to move on?



Robert Bruce
25th December 2013, 04:11 AM
You never stop doing the hand brushing and etc. These will always be a part of your practice.

You can move on whenever you feel you are ready. You won't break anything. Just remember The Golden Rule and stop and take a break if things get too heavy.

If you have a good feel for tactile imaging it will be fine to move onto the Chakra work and larger and more difficult actions. Some, like the Two Tubes method, take a lot of practice to be effective. So its fine to start playing around with these.

Note...I have put my body into full physical shock doing the spinal and central channel bounce actions. If anything like that happens, where you feel faint, nausea, dizzy, sweaty, its time for some couch rest time. It'll pass in an hour or so.


30th December 2013, 04:20 PM
Gads. Ok, thank you, Robert. I'll be very careful. :thumbsup:

One question on today's practice. I'm currently going through a rather difficult grieving process (an 18-year marriage exploded and I was deeply betrayed). This was only last June. Fortunately, I'm now living with a very spiritual friend of mine who is very supportive of my attempt to raise Kundalini.

This morning I decided I would begin trying to heal my heart chakra using the cross brushing technique. Well, the tears came, and I ended up experiencing deep, soul-wracking sobs. I allowed it, because I assumed this is going to be part of the healing process. It lasted about 20 minutes, and I feel a bit better now. But I don't for a minute think I'm healed. This is very painful for me.

My question is whether I should continue with this kind of work right now? Will this technique help me get through this? I've wanted to raise Kundalini most of my life (I'm 50), but never had the method until now. I'm kind of clinging to the hope that this will give me insight into why I'm going through this, or at least help me work through it faster. The emotional pain I've been experiencing is extremely heavy and burdensome, and I want to move forward and be able to help others at some point.

What is your suggestion on this one? Also, how do I enlist you for healing or a psychic reading?

Thanks again, Robert.


Robert Bruce
30th December 2013, 05:24 PM
What springs to mind after reading your letter is....'if you have pain....use it'

My interpretation of this is that you could use your pain to go within more deeply than ever before.

You will find that part of your energies will not be available, will be blocked, because a lot of your energy will be going into your emotional healing.

But I see no reason why you should not throw yourself into this.

Try fasting on water for a few days and see how you go. Your inner pain will give you strength.

The inner cleansing regimen can have surprising effects, in that when your body is clear of internal matter you will feel more like a spirit than a living human.

The lesson here is also one of spiritual detachment.

Also, please consider that raising K, in your case, will not remove your current pains and problems. Please keep this in mind. The energy released by raising K tends to highlight all hidden pain, including those long forgotten. This can be helpful if you are strong enough to cope with this.

Sorry, I do not do readings.

But, for the other, contact my help desk.