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2nd January 2014, 09:03 PM
Hello Robert!
I just completed your RK videos, and have been engaging in some of your practices during a weeklong year-end retreat. I've also been devouring your books in the last few weeks.

Firstly, I want to thank you for making this material available. Clearly you have learned from a lot of personal trial and error, in addition to intensively researching the practices of various traditions. I laughed out loud when you talked about 'leveling the playing field'. Good for you man! There's a lot more I could say about this, but it might not be the right time and place for that. So all I will say right now is THANKS!

A bit about me I have a 20 year background in Buddhist practice. I am starting to teach meditation now. My own practice is a mix of 'insight' practice, tibetan energy practices, and a little (completion stage) tantra. I'm very interested in Tibetan 'dream yoga' practice and lucid dreaming, but have never had success in maintaing awareness while falling asleep. I do have lucid dreams, however. I believe the 'OBE' phenomena is talked about in the Tibetan practices on dream yoga, but they just don't call it that. If there is one thing I really want to learn from you, it is how to maintain awareness while I fall asleep and during the sleep and dream periods. (Affirmation: I am a person who maintains awareness during sleep and dreams!)

So, my question / challenge is this:
You talk about the importance of deep trance, ie. being able to maintain a deep state of relaxation/stillness/mind-without-thought-words.
Then you have the energy practices that get the subtle body moving and opened. I am getting the 'waves of bliss' and all manner of interesting sensations in all the chakras. I am somewhat familiar with these kind of phenomena, but your practices definitely raise things a few notches!

What I am finding challenging is striking the right balance. Strong moving energy is not so conducive to 'mind-without-thought-words'. If fact, it seems like my mind is generating copious fantastic ideas at an astonishing rate, as if my creative self has gotten a whole lot more amperage to work with. So in this state, the meditation practice of letting go of thoughts and being the 'still pond' is not so easy.

Any suggestions you can offer would be appreciated.

With love,

Robert Bruce
3rd January 2014, 07:29 AM
With a lot of practice it is possible to maintain a robust altered state of consciousness while also allowing thought words. In the same manner, it is possible for an advanced practitioner to energy altered states while still thinking thought words. This relates to how it is possible, with practice, to induce altered states while standing and walking.

For advanced practitioners, it is a matter of choice to allow thought words or not. See the Deep Thinking Creative practice at the end.

However, this should not be considered as a shortcut, as it is necessary to learn and practice how to hold the mind clear.

Your problems should ease if you begin learning to induce and hold trance while moving and walking, as this will make your altered state much more robust. This will allow you to withstand high energy movement sensations and phenomena more easily.

So, basically, thought words are only a problem if they break your altered state, or if they stop you going deeper. You will find that too many thought words will erode your altered state and or stop you going deeper.

This is all a matter of progressive regular practices.

OBE and Lucid Dreaming are gradients of each other. OBE has many levels, from deep real time OBE to high astral OBE. LD is technically (to my thinking) a projection of the mental body. But real time OBE also contains some of the mental body. The mental body of LD also contains some of the astral body. It should be noted that a low power OBE, or strong real time OBE, comes with difficulty thinking and remembering...even, at times, remembering ones name is difficult. So, it is obvious to me that there is a gradient of consciousness and energy from deep real time to high level lucid dreaming.

It is a common mistake to consider the physical body, the astral body, and the mental body, and higher aspects, as being completely separate items. They are all aspects of one, of one consciousness.

Deep Thinking Creative Practice....

Sit silently in a room with dim light. i prefer one candle somewhere behind me. No music or disturbances. Just sit and do nothing. Think if you like, but keep it light and observe your mind. Let yourself wind down, settle and relax. Your mind will naturally want to process recent events, like it does at the end of each day. You'll find yourself reminiscing Be aware of your mind like a gentle shepherd. The intention is to let it wind down and eventually stop naturally.

Put buy at least a couple of hours for this practice.

Allow your eyes to drift open and closed as they will. In very dim light, it is all the same.

You will feel the shift as your body falls into an altered state, and as it goes deeper.

Move in slow motion if needed, to keep your body comfortable, or to sip a little water.

The idea is to do nothing.

Everything you would normally do during a lengthy meditation session will happen naturally.

At some point you will begin to experience phenomena.

Your mind will deepen and broaden and begin thinking at a more profound level. Allow this to continue. You will find yourself thinking in abstracts. You will be able to hold many things in mind at the same time. You will, in time, gain access to your mind's eye space. When this happens, you can create things in your mind's eye space. It becomes a canvas and, much like in a lucid dream, you can create and change things as you will.

You can shift into a lucid dream or OBE here effortlessly. But try to stay in your chair. Let your eyes open and close as they will. Open your eyes a little wider if you feel you are about to shift out or go unconscious. This will cause a minor disturbance 'slight discomfort' that will help you stay focused and conscious.

Once you are immersed into this practice, you can do anything...you can plan and build models in your mind, you can craft a book or an art or musical piece. You can build machines and take them apart and put them back together. This is how Tesla did it, and other creative minds you may have heard of.

This is my favorite practice.

It is a timeless space to be in and you may find several hours will pass before your body demands attention, food, etc.

The point to this practice is to explore your creative mind, and to solve problems, and to allow the 'muse' to flow.

Note, during this practice, it is okay to take a short nap. If you do this, stay sitting upright and either balance your head or allow it to droop forward. When you awaken again, hold your trance state and resettle your head and continue.

You can use a short nap like this as a shortcut into the deeper state, so long as you are disciplined enough to maintain your posture.


10th January 2014, 05:56 AM
Thank you for your long and detailed response.

A question about your upcoming Glidewing online course. Is the content of the videos different than your Kundalini course? I am thinking about whether to take it, so as to get more personalized feedback. Alternatively, I could just continue working with all the many practices from your Kundalini course and the Energy Work book, and perhaps contact you later on, when I have more experience with these practices.

I have been adding more practice time in the evening, but probably need to approach things in a more structured way, like in your 90 Days to OBE book, which I just bought.

There's definitely a metamorphosis underway. I feel like I am becoming a different kind of human. There are some integration challenges, like learning to function in my work and relationships while my energy body and mind are changing quite dramatically.

New affirmation: I radiate positive energy, undivided from the source of love.

With love,

Robert Bruce
13th January 2014, 04:30 AM
The content of my other course focuses on OBE. We of course teach everything needed to achieve OBE, including energy work and altered state work, with emphasis on deeper physical mental relaxation.

We use the 'journeys out of the body hemi sync support' CD set for this, which is required for the 5 week course.

I recommend this course as the time, 5 weeks, helps immerse one into the work and gain healthy practice habits.

i also suggest that you read all of my books, as they each contain information that will help.

OBE is an excellent goal that will help significantly with raising kundalini.

Achieving conscious and deliberate OBE separation is a big step on the spiritual highway and this makes a lot of changes in the energy body that makes kundalini activation easier.