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20th January 2014, 08:56 PM
Hi Robert:
I had the following lucid dream last year, and would appreciate your insights on whether I was triggering some sort of Kundalini response
“In this specific dream, I was boating on crystal clear water on a beautiful sunny day. Colors were vivid, and ripples sparkled in the sun. Initially, I thought I was off the coast of Maui, where I had snorkeled the previous month. When I realized the rocky coastline represented some unfamiliar location, I became lucid. In the dream, I decided to chant “HU.” According to the Eckankar spiritual tradition, which my wife has followed for many years, HU is an ancient name for God and the sound of all sounds, which is sung for spiritual upliftment. Given my lofty intent, I was surprised by the tidal wave of base-chakra sexual energy that flowed through me. Due to this energetic onslaught, my dream started collapsing, replaced by considerable amorous energy directed toward my poor wife sleeping next to me. Because I did not want it to lose a precious lucid dream, I imagined myself spinning, which directed me into a new dream setting.”

Robert Bruce
28th January 2014, 04:12 PM
This could be K related.

K often comes with a lot of sexual energy.