View Full Version : I'm possessed, is it ok for me to attempt OBE?

8th July 2006, 07:05 AM
Hi Robert,

I'm a newbie and happy to join you guys. I have practicing Middle Piller Excercise for 1 month and now i need to practice on OBE but I'm possessed. Will i get any harm if my OBE success?

Once i master OBE (AP), will i be able to go out of my body in few minutes anytime??

Please Help.

Robert Bruce
22nd July 2006, 10:13 AM

Possession will not usually interfere with OBE ability.

As you are doing the middle pillar, you are obviously interested in ritual magic. I therefore suggest you preform the LBRP (lesser banishment ritual of the pentagram) twice a day, morning and night. You can find versions of this online. A simplified version is in the rear of my book, Practical Psychic Self-Defense, but I suggest you learn the full version. This takes about a year to master, but its well worth the effort if possession is a problem.