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6th February 2014, 09:57 AM
Here's a GREAT article about food and what is right and what's not. There is great debate among large communities about what is healthy and what's not and I think this article shines alot of light on it. It's very hard to sort out what is true when your being fed lies through media and other ways continuously.
I posted this because I feel it ties in with recent posts regarding kundalini and what to eat and what not. I feel that getting more energy in general also is important to me (and in regard to the kundalini matters, it could be beneficial), and if I could eliminate or prevent future diseases at the same time that would be great. Well have a read and feel somewhat more enlightened ;)


6th February 2014, 01:04 PM
What bothers me about this article is that there is a lot of missing information: It's not that all carbs are bad: But wheat has been modified to break down into sugar (wheat only) immediately after consumption, and virtually all non-organic soy is treated with glyphosphates and is genetically modified to be chemically treated, making so much of our choices difficult- I would say whole grain is good, not whole wheat, that almost all corn (maize) is genetically modified, (I can't find organic corn at the store anymore, practically all of it has been contaminated now). We should eat a healthy variety of foods, from all the kingdoms, but it is difficult to do this.

6th February 2014, 01:07 PM
Yes offcource your own opinion matters, and I aggree with the wheat. There is difference in carbs and carbs. I eat mainly fruit nowadays, and go with the high carb diet,. Works very well and you stay healthy and alert all the time. But I do not think meat is ever neded in our diet. Ever. Not milk or diary products in general either. The difficulty for me lies in the habbit of eating in a certain way. But meateater to vegetarian was not difficult at all, and vegetarian to vegan... well, harder for me. Vegan to 80/10/10 or "Vegan Til 4" is harder.
But why havethey removed the organic stuff from your store? Sounds like some NWO agenda right there hehe.

6th February 2014, 01:18 PM
They haven't removed any organics from my store- you can still get all the other organic staples. The problem is that corn is a plant that needs cross-pollination to reproduce, and in nature you have to have both male and female plants to cross pollinate to get corn.
When they planted GMO corn in fields even miles apart, the tainted BT toxin pollen is transported by the wind and bugs (that is their job, and it's part of what's killing them) to the organic plants, and the prior organic plants get cross pollinated with the GMO plants, ruining their organic status. Little by little GMO corn has corrupted the organic corn, and even Mexico issued 'cease' orders against the GMO companies (you know which one), futilely, because it just spreads. And once a plant has been pollinated and produces GMO seeds (which are trademarked) they become the property of the GMO company- by law. So organic corn is becoming extinct, and the laws protect the GMO company.

6th February 2014, 01:20 PM
Yeah.. that, its pretty sick and I understand. I guess I'm fortunate to live in a country where I still can get Non-GMO foods. Still, the prices for organic and ecological food is higher so I cannot always get all things organic etc.

6th February 2014, 06:21 PM
Yes, that's when I can I try to grow some veggies. I know those are really organically grown.