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10th February 2014, 12:31 AM
(I wasn't really sure where to put this so sorry if it's under the wrong category- i couldn't find one on crystals)

I'm not sure if this question sounds ridiculous or perfectly plausable, but I'm definitely curious. I've been looking for crystals since I hear they can help with phychic health and turn negative energy into positive energy. Yesterday by luck, a friend of mine told me that someone at his work left a necklace with a crystal on the end (apparently they were leaving work and forgot it there) so he took it with him and gave it to me. It's a small clear somewhat see-through crystal on the end with a point (I hear pointed-end crystals direct energy in the direction of the point.) I accepted it and put it in my pocket until I got home.

The next day (today) I was going about my business feeling fine when I decided, since i have a pocket, I could put my new necklace crystal in my pocket in the hopes of improving my day. Curious, I took the point of the crystal and pointed it toward my chest [heart chakra], and it felt funny (almost ticklish.) Amused, I moved the crystal and started moving it slowly back and forth pointed toward my wrist and arm, getting a similar yet oddly not-as-powerful ticklish feeling from it. I blew it off as something in my head that I was imagining and put the crystal in my pocket.

As the day progressed, I started feeling nauseated. I looked at the time (12:30ish) and realized I hadn't eaten anything, and my nausea was growing so I quickly took some peanuts and ate them in the hopes of subsiding my nausea enough to eat a full meal. I found it pretty odd that the peanuts hardly helped me (and gave me indigestion to boot eve though I ate only about 3-5!) so I ran upstairs, got a bag, and layed down with the fan on and a wet washrag on my forehead. I didn't actually THINK i was going to throw up, but I was taking precautions. It subsided eventually and soon went away almost completely. Thinking I got away with it, I got up and went about my daily business again. It didn't take long for my nausea to come back, so i repeated the process. Feeling nervous that it'll only get worse from here, I took two pills for indigestion and made myself a cup of chicken broth and poured a small cup of cold soda. The chicken broth helped a lot, and I sipped my soda although it didn't help as much for some reason. After that, it took longer for the nausea to come back, yet it did eventually get there.

It's 5:30 now and the only thing I've eaten is a few peanuts and a bite or two of Laffy Taffy, yet I don't feel hungry nor do i feel the source of my nausea is hunger? While laying down in bed, feeling annoyed at this, I suddenly remembered some people are sensitive to crystals and it can make them sick. I panicked a litle too much, grabbed the crystal from my pocket, and put it a good length away from me in my room with the crystal point pointing in another direction. I still feel sick, pretty much nothing changed after taking it from my pocket.

Is it possible that this was the crystal or am I overthinking things? I don't know much about crystals, so I have no idea about any of this. Sorry if this is a stupid question- but I wanted to cover all my bases for the future. Thanks

Edit: By the way, the crystal is definitely a real one, not a fake one. My stomach keeps making upset gurgling sounds, I think that means it's probably nothing to do with the crystal. It's probably just my stomach or something...

10th February 2014, 01:32 AM
First, crystals are physically made of chemicals. As with any substance, it might be toxic to you (rare) or perhaps less problematically just allergic.

Crystals (and most stones) affect energy in a specific way. Some can actually generate energy either on their own or via your handling of them. Some crystals can store energy (a battery), and will release it if you handle them.

Most commonly, reactions to crystals is due to the energy stored in them or the pattern of their energy signature.

In the case of stored energy, the reaction is usually strongest at first but lessens as the energy is used up. This is pretty common when handling crystals immediately after someone else. It picks up their energy which then gets transferred to you. Because of this, energy healers using stones need to clear them after each use. There are some advanced techniques to supply a crystal with an endless source energy in which case the effect would remain equally strong each time (very rare).

For the most part, the energy signature of a crystal is not actually the problem per se. It does happen, clear quartz makes my skin itch if i touch it. That is because my natural energy frequency varies while the quartz is extremely stable. The mismatched frequencies grate on one another. More commonly though, the crystal triggers a preexisting internal issue of yours. This can be an energy problem (block, imbalance) or energy stored in your body (commonly emotional trauma). The bad reaction is to the toxic nature of that energy already in your body (not the crystal). Do note that positive reactions occurs too, most people call that bliss not a problem.

As such, you are not likely sensitive to all crystals (or maybe any). Similarly you are not likely sensitive to all energy (although this is becoming common).

One way to work this out is to use thin but non-porous gloves (leather, surgical, rubber) to hold the crystal briefly (3 seconds). If it still affects you, the incompatibility is energetic in nature. If that test does affect you, you can try to determine more by having someone else hold the crystal and then put your hand on their hand (less certain test). The effect will lessen if it's the energy signature of the crystal affecting you (emitted energy will still travel around their hand).

10th February 2014, 02:02 AM
Thanks- I had no idea you could be allergic to crystals! I didn't really touch it- just the necklace part really- but I definitely DID touch the crystal and I like to put my hands in my pockets. I really don't have any strong emotional trauma, although I must admit I wasn't in the best mood this morning nor have I been lately for some emotional reasons (they're emotional to ME anyway.) I don't think this is it but like I said, I know virtually nothing about crystals, so for all I know, even a slight disturbance can cause something or perhaps it takes a good amount of prodding? When I was holding the crystal toward me, it wasn't actually TOUCHING me, i was holding it over my skin about 1-2 inches above. When I pointed it toward my heart, which I thought had a strong impact, it was through my shirt and farther away, so I don't know...

Like I said, I don't even think it IS the crystal in the first place, but you never know :?

I've always been scared of having some sort of energy block i wasn't aware of...how can you tell?