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14th February 2014, 07:52 AM
I went over to the river of enlightenment forums and saw this titled: Euro Tsunami:

"I dreamt that extreme cold temperatures in Canada and Greenland caused land shifts and coastal landslides into the Atlantic ocean and the weather conditions caused meteotsunamis from the cold fronts.
Due to subduction, landslides, earthquakes and freak weather a phenomenon occurred which has been unprecedented in recorded history.

Freakish cold weather induced Meteotsunamis across the Northern Atlantic and these hit the coast of Portugal and France and other Tsunamis hit Northern France, England and even parts of Scotland and Ireland.

Massive devastation occurred in Europe with the coastal buildings being swept into the sea with little warning and no voracity. The people would not believe that a life threatening Tsunami could hit North of Cornwall and South of Norway . This area is not known for deathly Tsunami action.

The length of coastline affected and the death toll and the extent of the debris fields were the highest recorded. The earthquake was not as high as 9.1 and it was not expected that the tsunami resulting from the combined factors would hit both European and North American coasts but actually hurt the European coast more hitting them twice.

I saw helicopters tracking the debris field as it split into sections and incredibly recombined "con-gliding" with other debris fields.

The helicopter crews were looking for survivors. Incredibly three were found but two of these died during transport. They used instruments to measure the heat radiated from the bodies to ascertain life signs.

One young boy with dark hair was lying on top of a debris field on his stomach and wiggled his right fingers so that the helicopter would descend. They assumed his waving arm was a dead human's limb bobbing with the sea action afraid they would leave him there he lifted his arm as high as he could and wiggled his fingers but he could not turn over.

International debate ensued over who was responsible and how the wreckage which contained massive fields of floating debris and human remains would be dealt with.

There was talk about bombing the debris fields to sink them but worries about that ecological disaster and the creation of further catastrophe too.

There was talk about air lifting out the bodies which had been televised globally and were macabre in their rapid decay and stench.

The fields were so heaped and high that nothing but birds could get to the bodies to decompose them and there became a concern for the health of people along the coastlines where the debris fields might actually land again

The world was shocked. It was the worst death toll from a Tsunami recorded in history and carried more km of coastline into the sea than ever before but worst it threatened to carry these disparate debris fields back onto nearby coastal villages and even across the ocean to North America moving straight across the atlantic from ground zero and coming back to the European Coast to the North and South of ground zero.

Helicopters hovered tracking the debris fields expecting these would sink in a few days time but the fields continued and then they monitored the size of each field and placed tracking instruments.
atop the fields, months later.

I recall seeing large chunks of floating concrete buoyed along by so much floating debris of all manner of materials. I thought this heavy concrete would shift and cause the field to plummet into the sea but that is not what occurred.

The fields moved erractically across the ocean and also back to the source of origin on either side of ground zero.

Ground Zero was actually under the sea of the coast between Portugal , France and England.

The news reported how many weeks later the fields were intact and how far these had moved across the Atlantic and there was even concern that when these reached the North American coastline another Tsunami might send the larger intact fields right back to Europe! And this did happen.

We began to understand that the ocean was rocking the tsunami from the Euro coast to the North American and back again causing three tsunami hits.

It seemed at first that the source was between Canada and Greenland but later research indicated that the source was actually along the European Coast and that the action had gone across the Atlantic and returned hitting the European Coast the worst with two distinct events.

These massive Tsunamis that ricocheted or boomeranged back to source were the most dangerous as they hit unprecedented kilometres of coastline already fragile and easily eroded by the sea's onslaught on the 2nd event.

Worries about the death of marine life and the effect of subsequent Tsunamis caused research and further international debate about who was responsible for these and who could be charged to clean these up.

Communities which were destroyed could hardly be expected to pick up the remains.

I dreamt of the 2011 Tsunami in Japan years before it occurred in 1993. I had no time marker clues then, or did not interpret any ones that were there correctly.

Like this dream, I saw the people and heard them talking as if I was there in full colour. It was traumatic to see this up close.

I do not know when this European Tsunami will occur but all day before the dream I had seen 2s figure prominently and the time 2:22 am was highlighted by a spirit calling my attention to the digital clock,

So that I think it might occur in February perhaps on the 22 of February but I don't think it will occur this year.

Perhaps in 2022 but that was not confirmed. "

14th February 2014, 07:54 AM
I see that there is a superstorm headed towards the UK. They reported a 75 foot wave smashing into the coastline. They want to plant tsunami warning signals in places there. The weather is also cold because of this random polar vortex. This is definitely a possible prediction for this year, but I guess we will just have to wait and see.

14th February 2014, 02:00 PM
As it's cold here in the subtropics I've wondered if this is the beginning of the superstorm Whitley Strieber has been warning us about.
In a related subject, when I was around twelve, a series of people in my neighborhood (including my dad and I) had a dream about a tsunami hitting Puerto Rico (where I'm from, and where I was at the time). In the dream we survived the devastation. Of course, it didn't happen (there was a hurricane around (2004?) that had similar characteristics, but at the time I wasn't living there, and half of the people in the dream had already passed away- my dad, one of the neighbors that had the dream, and I wasn't living there anymore.
At this point I may be the only person left that is still alive from the crop of people- there may be one more person, and she still lives in the same house. Everyone else is passed over as far as I know.
I don't know if this means anything, it certainly (in my case) could have been symbolic of another type of disaster, or maybe a sampling of the collective consciousness at the time (or an alternate timeline)- I don't know if those types of experiences are literally prophetic. If it is, we're pretty much.... well, you know. :| . Even if we're not in the affected areas (but some of you are) no one can escape such a disaster without being affected in some way.

14th February 2014, 08:30 PM
Coincidence or not ... Just yesterday I watched a YT-video about Edgar Caceys Earth Changes prophesies. It was mostly about floods hitting the coastal areas causing devastation and the coastlines to change on a global scale.

I remember the TMI Explorer tapes mentioned 2014 also related to changes (a lady mentions sth about a "one world (crisis?) government" existing then). Don't know which tape though.

I'm normally not into fear porn and try to stay positive and think that nothing will happen, at least on that scale.

Recently I also dreamt of a flood coming downhill from the forest which is uphill from us (but we also already live on that hill, so it came 'from above'). I interpreted it to be metaphorical though or relating to a recent small pipe burst we had. But who knows.

This site was linked in another forum once:


Take care. Who knows what's coming.

14th February 2014, 08:39 PM
I do not know when this European Tsunami will occur but all day before the dream I had seen 2s figure prominently and the time 2:22 am was highlighted by a spirit calling my attention to the digital clock,

So that I think it might occur in February perhaps on the 22 of February ....
oh, sh*t ... I just remembered ...



This stuff is getting a little scary now. :-(

14th February 2014, 08:55 PM
It is only my personal view, but I would prefer earnestly not to believe such predictions. We should remember the "100th monkey effect"; too many people thinking about such a disaster could actually cause it to happen. Better not to think about it! (I repeat - just my personal view; others may disagree and say that this "head in the sand" - but I still don't want to give such events even a chance).

14th February 2014, 11:31 PM
Oh, I'm not really believing that something cataclysmic (in the scale of legend) is going to happen- I do think a lot of those types of experiences are symbolic. However, while some people (me) tend to dream in symbols when it comes to disasters (for example, mine didn't happen while the group that dreamed this were alive and living there), but it's obvious to me that when a group of people from different families and cultural beliefs have the same dream, it's for a reason, even if not literal). Maybe they (we) read all the same books.
But when someone like Aunt Clair says something like that I tend to listen a little more, because even though I don't know if her precogs are literal or symbolic, I once had an energy body reading from her and she not only told me my stuff, she also told me other people who were in the room's stuff.

15th February 2014, 09:53 AM
I posted a 2nd post yesterday but it was censored for whatever reason. Here's again what occurred to me regarding February 22nd ("222") exactly:



This being said or linked, I also do not believe sth to happen in a week's time. I know I would (even if only subconsciously) feel it emotionally. But there is nothing, no fear or panic or apprehension or even bad mood.

I might have come across a bit over-dramatic. So let me say I just like to point out, as so often, some synchronicities.

I had precogs myself in dreams but no great prophetic visions of Earth changes as does AC or Casey. Still from this personal perspective I know that things you dream can come true. However, they are possibilties shown to you for some reasons. The floods or a great one may come true in some unkown far or not so far future, but nothing is really certain.

16th February 2014, 03:37 AM
That's true Sinera and for all we know, I might have thought it would be this year because the 22nd hadn't happen yet. Had she gotten this dream on the 25th, I would assume the next year or forward.

Also CF; that was the exact reason I also paid more attention to it; Because Aunt Clair is pretty trusted and I also had a reading done before as well.