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21st February 2014, 06:52 PM
For manifeatation, changing beliefs, I have recently tried using commands but am not totally confident in my sucess because I am unsure if
It is a valid method. So, I have been telling my subconcious mind to delete various beleiefs and to replace them with others, which is all not done in a trance. Usually this command/process consists of a short sentence, which i follow with a single statement or 2 of the new belief.

Has anyone experimented with anything similar, and if so, are there any reccomendations about how I may do things more effectively, or if it is sufficiant?

22nd February 2014, 10:59 AM
I'm afraid your spinning your wheels, Josh. The subconscious (for some reason) does not understand No and Yes. They both translate as Yes - it skips negatives. For example; when a child is leaving to go out and play, the parent may say: Don't get hurt, or, stay safe. The latter was always my words. To say 'don't get hurt', the mind receives the word 'hurt' without the don't. But to say 'stay safe', the brain records safe.
Stay with the positives. Also, trance should not be too difficult for you at this point. It does take some practice, but I believe that state of consciousness is mandatory in trying inner work.

Just my thoughts.

22nd February 2014, 12:26 PM
I think the thing with negatives is that the subconscious mind works on images and symbols, like in a dream. If I say, "Don't think of an elephant" what do you immediately think of? Or "Isn't this a lovely teacup? Pity it's filled with manure..." Did you see a cup of manure at first? I'm betting you saw a pretty teacup (however you envision such a thing), empty or even with tea in it, and only later went back and adjusted for the rest of the information. So when you say "don't get hurt" you've put the image of "getting hurt" in the mind of the listener (or yourself). Just like "don't think of an elephant" puts an elephant in your mind. :)

22nd February 2014, 02:14 PM
Yaaah :thumbsup: