View Full Version : Black Bubbles

18th March 2014, 11:36 PM

When meditating on colors I sometimes see black bubbles trickling down from the crown down to the throat chakra. Its just a visualization, only happened once or twice, any ideas?


Robert Bruce
19th March 2014, 05:50 AM
Interesting. But I do not know for sure what this is.

Let me know if this continues.

Many peculiar things can happen during meditation and energy work. Its best to just note them in your journal and continue.


Aunt Clair
16th April 2014, 12:51 AM
One thing to consider is that black energy is our dis-ease either from being bullied or bullying another by hating or being hated, by withholding forgiving or not being forgiven. The bubbles indicate it is a little stream of intermittent black energy. Perhaps the bubbles mean depression or anger.

The origin is in the crown meaning that the little dark energy is thought after thought; thoughts from your own mind which are entering your throat and blocking energy flow.

The throat chakra is continuing to evolve. Magickians manifest an aqua coloured chakra at the throat between the blue and green chakras on the spinal column. The throat is blocked by words we said but shouldn't have that are not loving and forgiving and peaceful. And, the throat is blocked by words we should have said but didn't which are restorative, protective, just, compassionate, inspirational, loving and forgiving.

So this meditative vision means imho and ime that thoughts negative thoughts bubble up from the past and trickle down from your mind to your throat.

Cleanse the throat of negative energy by saying words that defend the innocent and are words of love, peace , forgiving and service. Also use energy to cleanse your developing throat and have mindfulness; watch what you think and thoughtforms you create. NEW energy works such as Robert Bruce's Spinal Bounce performed in the throat instead of the spine and moving energy from the crown to the heart and from the heart to the crown , will help.

Meditative visions are instructions from self and /or spirit and the universe to your consciousness . You are doing well to get such clear visions.