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29th March 2014, 01:19 AM
In the past I wasn't aware of the value of recording dreams, being that I was under a false impression of what dreams are. I understand now that recording them is a necessary step to further my development. This will simply be a place to write them down. I probably should just write these down on word for myself though.

March 23, 2014
This dream had startling implications. I was watching a television program that had a disturbing amount of overt symbolism in it. The scene changed and I was standing by the rocky edge of a lake where the sun was up. Slowly out of the water emerged an unusually pretty man, whom was accompanied by butterflies. He had long dark brown hair and wore a white and gold drapery that fit only in places where modesty was required. He showed excessive pride in his appearance. He said to me "Hello. I am from a higher place. Where I come from I am very well known and respected. You can become more if you follow me, for I am the bringer of the light." I had doubted his trustworthiness based on how he presented himself alone, but I was completely sure of what he was after that line. I refused his offer politely and he simply disappeared.

After that one I had a neat quickie LD. I was walking on the usual route I take to get home when I noticed I had ended up in my old neighborhood instead, and people were driving peculiarly and impossibly. This oddity was my ticket to lucidity, and I was overjoyed at this because it's been a while. Despite the fact that the dream looked more "slippery" than waking reality, the vividness of colors was pleasing to look at. Rather childishly, I decided to impose my will on the objects around me. I caused a car to crash, moved the clouds, and caused an enormously oversized passenger airplane to do a somersault before plummeting into the ground. I entered my old house to be greeted by characters taking the appearance of my family. I decided to levitate my mother and brother on to the couch for kicks, but they responded to me "not if I kill you first." I realized at this point that I had just threatened the denizens of my dream, who were in fact, not my family but only using their appearance to exist in it. I tried to make them understand how sorry I was but despite this they were still angry. Shortly after the dream faded to black and I was awake.

I'm certain other entries will be shorter and less detailed.