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8th April 2014, 02:16 PM
So I used to have an exercise bycicle, back when I was young and slim. Then one day, after years of not using it, my husband decided to put it outside, where it rotted away in a year. I didn't work out after that, and always blamed him (which is a crock obviously). So we've gone to the stores a few times and been shocked at the prices of those things- our economic reality is not what it used to be. So last month my husband received one of those things people get when they've been working at their job for a long time, and in the list of gifts he could get, there it was, an exercise bycicle. He ordered it and it arrived yesterday, to my surprise.
So now I have no excuses- and I've been wanting 'it back', and the universe just obliged me.

8th April 2014, 03:54 PM
Cool! I have found that manifestations are very powerful related to physical exercise specifically (not even to mention "health"). So far, I have not (yet) succeeded in any "impressive" manifestations in other areas of life like wealth, but I have had the following related to my fitness and exercising:

Healing a tear in my shoulder that I incurred while weight lifting, it was preventing me from using weights, but after 1 energy work session with spoken affirmations trying to heal it, the next day I was pain-free and actually could use more weight than before.

Making headaches and even migraines go away instantly while running on the treadmill using a spoken affirmation and a tactile imaging of my head cooling and deflating (like a balloon).

Making cramps and fatigue go away instantaneously using affirmations and tactile imagining that I am floating, and hence time drastically improve while doing a competitive run.

Synchronicities alerting me to things I can do that I didn’t know about before to improve my diet and overall health. I can think of at least 5 examples of this, but to give one; based on synchronicities I discovered the amazing power of taking high doses of high-quality vitamin C, which helped me recover from a major accident/injury.

Keep affirming your health and fitness!

6th May 2014, 02:41 PM
I like that, CFT. That's the way manifestation pops up in My life. A bit uncanny isn't it?

Can we manifest for others? I think so. At least, I try my best to improve the lives of people I love and it's no use thinking it's wasted effort. I'm not sure whether I affect the circumstances of the 'target' loved person, or simply having a positive attitude in the face of challenges emboldens that person to manifest for themselves.