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23rd April 2014, 09:32 AM
Hi BW,

I am still unable to reply with quotes, when I press reply with quotes, the whole quite appears in my text box. What do I do from there? If I copy a small part I need a new text box, so am still confused.


23rd April 2014, 09:46 AM
Yes, that's how it happens. The whole thing, one big go. :)

I'll copy and paste what I wrote in the other thread, just for posterity:

Lower right corner of the post, there's an option to "Reply With Quote". Click that, and it'll bring up the contents of the post in the appropriate tags to show it as a quote.

What I do to get the multiple quotes is just basically copy the code for first quote (where it has the user's name and thread number) and paste down, and then copy and paste the bits I want to respond to, and close by manually typing the quote quote code. All of the codes are easily visible (and copyable) when you use Reply With Quote.

Just one note, though, it's NOT good practice to just quote an entire long post. Probably best to copy the part(s) you specifically want to comment on, rather than copying a big block of text. There are many reasons, social and technical, why that's not the greatest idea. It's okay if it's a really short post and you intend to reply to pretty much all of it (as I did just up there ;) ), but for a long post, please don't. It doesn't always cause problems, but it can (can get flagged as spam by the board's algorithms, for example).


Okay. First thing is to know how to copy and paste in general. I'm assuming most people know how to do that, but maybe not, so:


Then, get the post you want to reply to. In the lower right hand corner is an option to "Reply With Quote". Click that. The whole post will now be in your reply window, with quote codes around the text. Now, as it's not a good idea to just quote an entire post (unless it's quite small and you intend to reply to pretty much all of it), you might want to just break it up a little.


At the beginning is a block of code enclosed in square brackets. There will be the word "QUOTE" and the name of the person you're quoting, plus some numbers that indicate the unique number of the post. You can copy that entire piece of code and paste it to make a new quote section. Then copy (or cut) and paste the part of the post you want to reply to. Then close it with the brackets, slash and "close quote" code, which you can copy and paste, as well (it'll be at the end of the block of text you got when you chose Reply With Quote).

There's no way to do this automatically, other than generating the whole block of text, so if you want to get fancy with it, you need to get good at copying/cutting and pasting. ;)

It's difficult to display code on the board (can be done, but it's a pain), but I can do a diagram if people are still confused.