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28th April 2014, 07:53 AM
gday robert. i don't know where to start really. i have been on a spiritual path since i was 18. i am now 23. i am now a reiki master as well.for the past few months i have experienced what started off as derealization. this world is doesn't even seem physical anymore. things wobble almost... and it makes me dizzy. there is a website on awakening i will link you - http://www.in5d.com/spiritual-awakening-quiz.html

i am not sure if that is a legit site to you on your experiences or not. but i match everyone of them for years. before i go on i want to say i have been checked out and i am 100% healthy. i do howeer have paralyzing anxiety at times. but im 100% sure its energy related. i am an empath and highly sensitive person. the doctors said i have autism but i really hate labels. i landed in a nut house last year because i am having events everynight now where i absolutely feel like the cheese is falling off my cracker. it is severe. i can't begin to explain how severe it is. when this happens i check my chakras with a pendulum. my crown chakra is so open at these times and i cant tone it down. all my upper chakras are usually way overactive. so i thought alright... let me check my solar plexus sacral and root. well i did this and they were closed. so i did reiki on them. i been doing this for about a week now and the symptoms have gotten worse. during these events i have short term memory loss. literally i can't remember what i was doing 2 minutes ago. i am stuck in the now. which isn't a bad thing... i even am trying to remember really hard events that have happened to me and i cant remember them. this is mind boggling. i feel so goofy all the time. i am staying away from energy work for a while so now i take nature walks and try and live in physical reality. i keep doing reiki on my lower chakras because im always ungrounded.

well now tonight i did this and for the past week i noticed sometimes at night my root chakra will tingle. the whole area. it will get really active. now it feels like a tennis ball is inserted right on the tailbone area. and its just staying there. its very uncomfortable. i get massive energy rushes lately that are incredibly uncomfortable. they are just so powerful. last night it happened so hard i started hyperventilating in my bathroom floor. i felt so clueless and lost. this is the most painful thing i have ever gone through. i will get these surges in my head where it feels like my brain is firing off 1000x faster than normal. this triggers fight or flight and i end up gasping for air shaking miserably. the head pressure gets so bad that i lay in my bed and i cant move my head. it is very hard for me. i don't have epilepsy. i have been tested for everything and i am 100% healthy. this evening i had a energy feeling on my tailbone and its so uncomfortable. i have never forced kundalini so if it does happen it's because it's spontaneous. it's almost like i am not ready. i really fear what may happen if i raise my kundalini. like i fear if it raises spontaneously in public or something. and i cant control it.

i really need your help. i am saving up for your kundalini program. i had a kundalini spike as a kid and it hurt like the dickens. it felt like i was hit by lightning or something. i really hope that raising kundalini doesn't hurt like that.

i do sifer from horrible anxiety robert. but i am doing progressive muscle relaxation, and really working on deep breathing and relaxing. i also do reiki for anxiety but now i am scared to even go there because these energy phenomena make me feel so loopy i honestly lose my cool with everything. if i was in public they would haul me off to the mental house. the only medication i am on is xanax and i am getting off of it super safe and slow so i dont have withdrawls.

i am really working on relaxing because i know thats making things 100x worse but. sometimes my heart center feels really strange and i literally cant breathe. as a sensitive this is awful feeling. i also cant look at a tv sometimes or my eyes burn. same with cell phones or any light source. i cannot drive now because there is too much going on and it triggers anxiety. i am literally bed ridden. i use a pendulum to talk to my guides or what not and asked if anything is physically wrong with me even though i already know... and i keep getting no. any time i ask if its energy or kundalini related i get yes. i am just so lost. this is very scary for me and i was wondering if you could give me some advice. i do not want to get psychotic if this happens. i astral project sometimes... not as much as i used to. but these feelings are so brutal.

thank you robert...

Robert Bruce
22nd May 2014, 05:21 AM

Sorry to hear that life is stormy for you.

My suggestions are as follows....

apply the Golden Rule. Stop 'everything' no meditation, no relaxation exercises, no reiki, no nothing.

Join a gym. Work out until you are exhausted. This will usually shut everything down and you'll feel normal again. Repeat every time you get overcome.

Eat normally, no fasting, and in particular eat heavy grounding type food.

Get some electrical earthing happening. Get grounded bedsheets, or rig up a grounded wriststrap.

Walk barefoot on wet ground or grass...paddle in water.

Get some 'St John's Wort' herbal. This is a big help...works similar to valium. It takes a couple of weeks to build up in your system, just like valium. Check that this does not conflict with the medications you are currently taking.

As best you can, eat organic and have clean water. No fluoride...get a filter or drink distilled water. No fluoride toothpaste, get herbal from supermarket.

Use alcohol sparingly. A glass of wine will help ground you, but many glasses will make things much worse.

Avoid recreational drugs.

Get some therapy for your anxiety. A good psychologist can do wonders with a bit of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy).

Try to spend some time with family and friends.

i hope you feel better soon....


24th May 2014, 01:08 AM
cheers robert. i am really trying. about the fluoride i don't have enough water for a reverse osmosis (right now) but i will look into a whole house one. i saw dr mercola say that it's been proven now even the reverse osmosis doesn't rid fluoride. and i looked up distilled water and i get doctors saying its dangerous because it does something with the vitamins and minerals in your body and depletes them. do you know much about this? i drink water like a fish. i do have a pur filter i use so thats better than nothing. i sure try. robert do you know if they will ban fluoride soon? i know some countries have. i live in the usa though.

ps i bought your psychic self defense book and its brilliant. i have applied a lot of the material and i felt a lot of relief. not fully but i dont have obsessive violent thoughts as much that aren't mine. i have an earthing bed sheet too. i suffer from insomnia right now for 2 days i have gotten no sleep but before a lot of stress it works wonders. i have a punching dummy in my garage too i can watch tv and work out in there too.

is it possible i had a kundalini rising already? a few months ago i spontaneously astral projected. i was half asleep. it felt like someone shoved a lamp up my behind... the size of a fist going up my spine. this was not very pleasant feeling for me. i found myself in the rtz then walking around my living room in the astral. all of a sudden it felt i was hit by lightning and i fell to the ground and felt like i was getting shocked. i woke up in sweats and had to watch some tv to relax. i am stopping all energy work. i read stuff online saying if you awaken kundalini and have "kundalini syndrome" like i match all the symptoms it says it never goes away. some sites even say i will be like this forever. i learned they are all different though. you seem to know the most about this subject out of everything i read. i also seem to have a medusa like cobweb feeling in my hair on and off all day. it doesnt hurt (unless its pressure) it just is a minor irritation

Robert Bruce
24th May 2014, 01:58 PM
The warnings about distilled water are complete rubbish, based on junk science. I think this warning is designed to keep people drinking fluoridated tap water. Distilled water is completely safe. You can get water distillation units that are excellent at removing fluoride, and they seem a fair bit cheaper than RO units...but cost more power to run.

Rain water is, basically, distilled water. RO water is equal to distilled water.

The difference between distilled water and tap water, in a quart of water, is the tiniest pinch of salt...as salt contains a lot of minerals. That is, real natural salt, of course, and not the processed stuff.

Some states in the usa are stopping fluoride, but not for health reasons...they are stopping simply to save money, as fluoridation costs money.

Another option is to find a clean well or spring for water, so long as there is no fracking in the area. Rain water can also be a good option...run it through a filter.

It is also important to eat as much organic and home grown produce as possible, to reduce pesticide load. A clean diet will in time help greatly with mental issues.

It is possible that you have had a Kundalini rising already, yes. This will usually happen in states. Be aware that this is not a 'do it once and it is done' kind of thing. Kundalini is a whole new level of energy and spiritual development. The early stages of Kundalini after it awakens can be likened to puberty...many changes.

Kundalini will stabilize if you look after yourself, body and mind and soul.

But, Kundalini will not stabilize if you ignore the warning symptoms being given to you by your body and mind. You need to be proactive about your health in all ways. Get some therapy if you can. Do some research. Know yourself.

When Kundalini awakens it will throw up all the issues within you that are causing conflicts, in order for you to deal with them and process them.

It is incorrect to say that negative kundalini symptoms will not heal. That is contrary to my experience, and to the many people I have advised on same. There is a lot of fear mongering concerning kundalini, that largely comes from people with no experience in this area.

Do not neglect 'the golden rule' and do not neglect the use of 'affirmations'. Affirmations are the most powerful tool we have for making changes happen, and for self healing.

peace, robert

24th May 2014, 04:39 PM
My water comes from a well, and I still have to run it though a water softening unit and an RO filter, because there is a lot of arsenic on the ground. It does taste delicious.

Robert Bruce
29th May 2014, 02:41 AM
Well water, or bore water, or water from any spring or creek, that is reasonably clean, is easier to purify than fluoridated tap water.

Water can be run through a pre filter before being put through an RO (reverse osmosis) filter, so you don't clog the expensive filters.

Distillation units are generally cheaper to buy but cost more power to run, and provide clean water.

You can also buy clean fluoride free water in big casks and etc.

Water is an essential for life and out of everything you can do to heal yourself, clean water should be #1 on your list.

If you live on the SAD diet (standard american/australian diet), you have my sympathies. Here, you need to start doing research, reading labels, seeking out alternatives, and removing poisons from your diet as much as you can.

If you have a 'reasonably' clean diet and lifestyle, and do some fasting practices, including a yearly water fast, you can heal yourself and will not need medical insurance.

We need medical doctors if we are injured. For everything else, and I mean everything, you need to know that your body knows how to heal itself, and it will do this if given the opportunity. So in this sense, we need to learn how to listen to our bodies and then to give them the opportunity to heal themselves.


My wife had rosatia, which is a bacterial infection of the face. It is very common. )If your face tends to flush red when you eat spicy food or alcohol, then you have rosatia. If untreated, it will eventually scar the face. I'm sure you know people like this.)

She visited the doctor several times and was given very expensive creams. The creams helped, but did not cure it. They only eased the condition.

She had to avoid spicy food, which was hard for her.

I made some suggestions and dreamed up an inspirational cure. EG, I created a home remedy that works. And it is very cheap and easy to do.

I thought to myself.... 'what is Rosatia?' (It is a bacterial infection) and, 'What kills bacterial?' (Betadine, Honey, garlic, etc) 'What can be safely put on the skin that will soak in and kill bacteria?' (Betadine, Honey).

So the cure involved Betadine (povoiodine) and natural honey.

Betadine soaks into and stains the skin. It kills any bacteria it comes into contact with.
Honey is a powerful antibiotic, antibacterial, antifungal.
These work well together.

Each night she'd take a makeup removal pad and swab her face with Betadine...swabbing the affected area.

After the Betadine dried, a few minutes, she'd mix a little honey in water and swab the area again. (if you water honey down 50/50 or so, it soaks into the skin better and leaves less sticky residue on face).

Iodine stains, but the stains are completely gone by morning. (in the western world, we are starved of iodine, so the body absorbs it rapidly, usually within a few hours.)

After a week of doing this the condition started to heal.

After a couple of weeks it was almost gone.

Now, a few months later, she does it once a week, just in case.

She can now eat spicy food again.

Now, everyone is different in the sense of having different strengths of immune system, so this remedy will have to be modified to suit. Some people may need to do this for longer, etc.

But it works very well.

We have a garden full of homegrown organic herbs and the healing properties of herbs is quite amazing. And because they are herbs that you'd throw into a salad or dish of food, they are totally safe to use and experiment with. Zero side effects, apart from healing.

Another example...

A friend on a long term visit to the states...

My friend, DeeDee, is on a long visit to the states. She might stay there. She's staying with relatives and friends and generally touring. She has very little money and no health insurance. A month after arriving, her wisdom tooth and tonsils got infected.

Normally, she'd need antibiotics for these conditions, which she has a history of. But she found it difficult to even see a doctor in the states, as she could not afford it. And a dentist was out of the question, seeing that she was down to her last $100.oo.

So we dreamed up a cure.

An hourly gargle with Betadine for the tonsils.

Neat Betadine on qtips was applied hourly to the tooth and surrounding gum. (the infection was in the gum around the tooth).

She as in a lot of pain, and took some basic painkillers.

She also took a few cloves of crushed garlic three times a day. Crush cloves, place on spoon, swallow, drink glass of water. It burns a little but is quite doable. (red garlic is hotter and works better). This is a natural antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal.

She also took Colloidal Silver water a few times a day.

This treatment did not work quickly, but over a week or so the conditions slowly healed.

If you google home remedies, you'll find loads of stuff on the internet about them.

Condition cured, zero side effects.....apart from wicked garlic breath!

Note, this treatment would probably have worked much faster if she had stopped eating until she was cured. This frees up more of the body's healing energy for repair work. That is what I would have done, but she was not keen on the idea.

I could go on and on and on with personal success stories of using natural cures.

We have a lovely little garden full of organic herbs. It is quite amazing what you can use to help your body heal itself.

And make no mistake about it, it is 'always' your body that does the healing. A doctor or drugs or an energy healer can only encourage your body to heal. But the body must always heal itself. So, the takeaway here is to change the way you think, to 'what can I do to help my body heal itself...what does it need?'

peace, robert

ps, I did not mean to write all this...it just happened. Thinking with my fingers.....

My water comes from a well, and I still have to run it though a water softening unit and an RO filter, because there is a lot of arsenic on the ground. It does taste delicious.