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30th April 2014, 01:27 AM
Hello Robert,

Energy work has proven to be an incredible spiritual catalyst for me. That said, when I try to push the envelope further, I find myself in varying degrees of discomfort. I have reason to believe that kundalini is active in me on some level, as I've been involved in some sort of transformational process for the past 8 years or so. It periodically acts up, and I'll find myself in the most profound states, then it will settle down for a while. I don't think it's on the level of kundalini raising, but the process continues, regardless of my will.

I often find myself thirsting for more, wanting to push myself to new levels, then getting burned in the process. When I try to do energy work these days (or any sort of meditation really), I find that things get activated to an uncomfortable degree. I'll experience intense heat in my belly, hot palms, sensitive digestion and headaches. A more experienced energy worker has suggested that I may have a blockage in my head, stating that there is a center in the head which relates to empathic information. I used to have acute episodes of constant sneezing, which ceased after this individual worked on me. I am indeed a pretty acute empath, and I suspect that this relates to a general sense of agoraphobia and difficulty connecting/opening to people and excessive shielding. I've tended to see this as a personality issue to work on, but perhaps it's a wiring issue as well? Regardless, when I do any sort of energy work, this trait becomes magnified heavily, along with a sense of pressure in the head and "heat" around my eyes.

I've been wanting to undertake the Kundalini Program over the summer, but with the above considered, would you consider this a wise idea at this time? I wonder if I can simply "blast away" these types of blockages with persistence, yet I'm hesitant to push further without really knowing what I'm doing.

Thank you for your advice

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Robert Bruce
23rd May 2014, 06:12 AM

Your words remind me a bit of my own journey, in years past....

I recommend you get the program. Even if you do not undertake some of the work now, you can always come back to it later. The understanding it proves is essential if you have even light Kundalini issues.

In your case, I recommend you follow The Golden Rule of energy work.

Push hard when you can, and take a break if it gets uncomfortable.

This break should be as long as necessary, be it a few hours or a few months, or even years.

Following this process encourages your energy body and its chakras to develop....a bit like growing muscles through weight lifting....where you push hard for a time, then take a break so everything can heal and settle and grow.

I suggest you put most of your efforts into your lower chakras. This will help balance you, and will solve a lot of issues.

It is not unusual to have a blocked chakra, and this will reflect into personality issues. It is a good idea to seek some therapy to address these issues. This will help clear blockages. Energy work on this chakra will help, too. Note that working on clearing blockages can cause upsurges of personality issues, which can be said to be your higher self throwing up things that need to be worked upon.

Kundalini will often rise one chakra at a time, and there can be gaps of months or years between them.

If you can identify the blocked chakra, do a bit of extra work on it, and use 'affirmations' to help clear it.

I wish you well....robert

ps, remember the golden rule.