View Full Version : Need Advice on Fasting

8th May 2014, 06:55 PM
While I'm doing long sessions of energy work/meditation, digestion becomes a hurdle. :)

Frequently I have to use the washroom, thus breaking my concentration/progress.

I need your advice on fasting.

Due to the present situation I'm put up, I don't have access to kitchen and cooking! I can afford to have:
1) Water (Lemon and Salt)
2) Juice
3) Tea with milk
4) Milk
5) Fruits

Please suggest me, for 24 hours or for 3 days, how should I fast?

And how and when do I know, what to take?

Robert Bruce
9th May 2014, 12:12 AM
To fast, just take plain water...nothing else.

As for bathroom visits breaking your practice, this can be overcome by learning how to hold your deeply relaxed state. This can be progressively learned. Start by slitting your eyes a little, until you can do this without breaking your altered state. Then move your hands slowly. Then try your arms, and then slowly stand. With practice you can hold your altered state while you visit the bathroom. The key to this is to do everything very slowly, with your eyes slitted.