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6th June 2014, 01:19 AM

I had a very strange lucid dream Tues night. Lately I have had problems recognizing that I could become lucid; I don't know why.

I have also experienced hitch hikers but they were easily thrown off of me.

Tues. night I did the reality test and became lucid. I enjoyed flying around the town I made. I met a younger guy who I thought was projecting; then he grabbed onto me. I realized he was a hitch hiker and fought him off and he fell to the ground and I flew off elsewhere. He was unusually tough in fighting off and my energy level was very depleted; so I called for more energy and received it.

Soon, an older man grabbed me, another hitch hiker I could not shake him off and I was getting exhausted. I kept calling for more energy, but it was coming slower and weaker. I began to wake up. I was on the couch, still hazy and I could see he was still attached!! I did not want to fully awake and bring him into this realm so I mustered all the strength I had and projected back to where I was, finally shaking him off and he fell to the ground.

I was so exhausted and when I awoke, I could not move, I've never been that tired. I just could not move.

I was so exhausted from the grappling that I could not go to work and called in a "sick" day. It took about an hour and a half to start moving around.

I put on a magnetic bracelet before I went to bed and wonder if that caused the exhaustion and the hard time fighting the hitch hickers, who in general are easily pushed away.


6th June 2014, 05:27 PM
Take a salt shower or salt bath if you can. Even though I'm pretty sure this is some variation of 'dweller test', it never hurts to be careful.

10th June 2014, 10:23 PM
What is the Dweller test.

I've encountered dwellers before. but I knew them for what they were. I've put spheres of protection around my home< actually in three levels "diameters. Sometimes I can see them parusing or walking around the borders. I'm not afraid of dwellers or hitch hickers because I know what they are.

11th June 2014, 03:54 PM
When a Dweller is an aspect of your shadow self and is accosting you so that you can defeat it and reintegrate with it, you will get tested. The trick is to defeat it in a way that is good for your spirit. In my case, I fought it with fear first, then moved to anger/rage next, then moved to understanding and love, and transmuted it to a positive being, and it never bothered me again.
As I dealt with it I changed too, from someone afraid, to someone angry, to someone caring and empowered. And after that, it wasn't necessary any more.

13th June 2014, 09:15 PM
That sounds like a great idea.

I usually try to fight them off, defensively, only when they grab me; but, first I try to engage in a "leave me alone" gesture.

I immediately start to become "unfriendly" if they grab me. I'll try your method, even if they grab me, before I become defensive.