View Full Version : made my first attempt, need some feedback though

16th June 2014, 08:06 PM
Well I made my first KA attempt yesterday. I didn't awaken it though I doubt I would have on my first try. I want some feedback thought to see if what I did should have been done differently though.

I had to watch my aunt's house for a few days while she was away so I had plently of privacy, just a couple of small dogs. I started my fast on Thursday, my last work day. I mainly drank water, now I did drink juice and make a few fruit smoothies to keep my nutirants up.

I watched the KRP and tried to look at all the things to do before. I did scrub myself down, I breathed in water to keep out my nasal passage. and I only wore my swimming shorts.

I didn't use any emmemas or anything like that, I sat on the back porch on a chair. I got into trance, did the peminarie stimulation. hands feet arms legs spines and worked on the charkas. spend most of my time storing energy into my base.

I did this for 4 hours, about alittle past 8 to a few minuets past 12. a few times I did stand briefly but I didn't break my trance state, every so often I restimulated from start to finsh. I sometimes switched out the base center raising from a full body circuit to raising directly into my base.

after 12, I figured it might be a good idea to stop, and not over do it. doing NEW and KA attempt for 4 hours I was impressed with myself my ego did pop up a few times but I followed through.

it seems that, given the circumstances, I am able to work on and store energy into my base without worry that I might trigger a K.A. or a K. spike

did I do right? I mean is there anything I could have done differently? the program is fine but sometimes it's good to get feedback after you've made the attempt

even though I didn't actually awaken my kundilini or anything the energy sensations were strange, not bad but strange and I had little desire to eat in fact I wanted to continue the awakening attempt

Robert Bruce
10th July 2014, 12:37 AM
You did good.

Raising kundalini is a bit like riding a horse. No matter how much instruction you are given before your first ride, once you get on the horse you and your body have to work it all out for yourself.

My only comment here is on your fasting. Taking juice and supplements makes fasting much more difficult. It is FAR easier to just take pure water only. Consuming any nutrients, even a little juice, will trigger hunger and keep your digestive system working. If you take only water, your system will shut down by the third day and all hunger pains will cease. From this moment on you will feel like you have just eaten a short time ago.

Eating and digestion, and awake consciousness, can be said to take up at least 80% of your available energy. This leaves very little energy for self repair and self healing and other things. The idea is to free up as much 'vitality' as possible for these things. And when it comes to raising kundalini, you need all the energy you can get.

The above energy uses involve physical activities, including the powering of awake consciousness. But there is a direct parallel with subtle energies. So this practice also frees up more subtle energy, which is needed for raising kundalini.

When doing a short fast of say a couple of days prior to a kundalini raising attempt, there is barely enough time for the digestive system to shut down, as this takes three whole days. But this process can be accomplished much faster using purgatives (castor oil or similar to flush the digestive system) and enemas.

The digestive system can be completely purged and flushed in a few hours. This will speed the digestive shut down and make things a lot easier in general.

A colon health center should be considered, for colonic irrigation, as this is much easier than doing it yourself if you are not used to doing this. Giving yourself an enema takes practice.

To do a home enema you need to do it several times during the same session until the water runs clear. Eating raw food for a couple of days prior to this will make it easier.

Apart from that, you are doing everything right.

Keep up the good work...