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16th July 2006, 12:08 AM
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I am a victim of psychic attack by a group of black magicians who have used every form of black magic against me and my family for well over twenty years. They have been living off of our energies for that time, as well as placing literally hundreds of hexes and curses to keep us from freeing ourselves from their grasp. I began to educate myself about seven years ago, and with some help along the way, I and others have done a lot of work to break hexes and curses, clear out implants and access points, place protective shields, etc..., a LOT of work.

The problem is that the attackers, and one in particular, keep attacking, during the day, but especially at night in our dreams.


17th July 2006, 10:55 PM
Something that Mick at GOM said could be helpful.

Recent methods that I have used is to in effect null out the emotion by perceiving/ maybe just visualising the emotion stream and canceling it to nothing. Do so by mentally countering the stream between oneself and the best established point of origin (it maybe that the point of origin is a layer or two beyond where we are sensing but no matter ) rather than limiting clearing to oneself. By 'countering' I am using the idea that one establishes the idea that it does not exist! If it goes well there will likely be a feeling of absence which although strange it is a good strange .
My parapsychology teacher has done some research on Voodoo, as he was the "resident expert" on an American tv show about Voodoo. He says that Voodoo works, but only because the people are convinced that it works. Those who had a death curse put on them, have actually died. But, others who have had a death curse put on them and didn't believe it would work did not die. Sort of a "mind over matter" example. He also believes the same is true for black magick. By not giving your energy to it, it has no energetic power over you. It might be worth it to find some articles written by skeptics. It could help you turn the corner of not giving it any energy.

17th July 2006, 11:25 PM
I saw the results of black magic in a partial projection. There was black spike shaped objects stabbing into the victims head. The victim was a strong healer and knew how to project and shield so I wouldn't put all your faith into if I don't believe in it, it can't hurt me.

Though disbelief in itself does act as a shield. So that method works too but I wouldn't consider it 100% effective.

17th July 2006, 11:49 PM
She isn't a good example, Star (I am familiar with the incident). She has done more to harm herself than anyone else could ever hope to match.

Maybe it isn't so much a matter of not believing, which isn't an option after you have seen for yourself, as it is of forcefully revoking permission. If you believe that the attacks will come and that you cannot keep them out, it is a sort of permission to let them in and to take the damage.

17th July 2006, 11:54 PM
Thank you, CFtraveler, painterhypnogirl, and star, for sharing your thoughts and recommendations.

I have actually learned a lot about psychic attack and invasion, and have put it into practice in the last seven years. I routinely do clearing, core image removals, exorcisms, banishments, all types of protective measures and interventions, etc.... While these things do work temporarily, the attackers, and particularly one of them who is completely obsessed with me, continue to attack and re-invade. While it takes them awhile to re-connect... seven years of breaking connections, cutting ties, clearing and banishing their dark demons and spirits, etc... has not stopped them from continuing to direct these things at us, and to also hex and curse us, particularly using the elements. It has been an unbelievable battle.

I wish that I could say that not lending my belief to these things would help, and I do agree that disbelief in itself is a form of protection... but I didn't believe this could happen during the first 16 years that we were being attacked. I didn't attribute our tremendous misfortune, bizarre health problems and bad luck to psychic attack, and I didn't know that a group of black magicians even existed to attack us. It was a slow realization, and I finally sought help and began doing core image removals and banishments, at which time images of the attackers and realizations of the various hexes and curses, implants and connections, etc... began to reveal themselves. I knew that the college professor whom I had known nearly 23 years ago when I was in school was a truly evil person and practiced various forms of magic, and that he had a friend, an Art teacher, who also practiced nasty magic... I really was not knowledgeable about magic at all, and simply began to wonder why, after so many years of not even seeing this professor, his image kept popping into my mind so frequently.

I have also been cleared so many times when I truly believed that this was it, and now they could no longer access us, and then to have them regain access each time, that I have to say that although disbelief in their power to cause us harm is a form of protection, it really hasn't worked for us when pitted against tremendous focus and dark magic directed at us for an extended period of time.

I'm really not an expert in any sense, but after all these years of working on this, I tend to believe that we can be cleared... but then we need to cut off access in dreams, which is where the attackers are still re-connecting and re-gaining access to us. This is where I tend to believe we need to focus, but I haven't been able to find any information on how to prevent this type of dream invasion. As I said, 'though, I am not an expert and certainly could be missing something.

I thank you again, and will follow up on any suggestions you have to offer.



18th July 2006, 12:15 AM
I didn't word that very clearly. :roll: When I suggest reading skeptic articles and things of that nature, I'm talking about using the energy of disbelief as a protection. I'm not saying "don't believe". That's kind of hard to do when you are already convinced. I'm not taking a stand on whether I believe or not. I'm open to both.

All of the "spiritual", "paranormal enthusiasts", etc. that I know are NEVER attacked, even though they are wide open to the astral and the paranormal, and have a belief in the power of negative entities, etc. So, there must be something to it. So, let me see if I can explain this better.

Surrounding yourself with the energy of disbelief by spending time reading about "nonbelievers" and their logical reasoning may help to take the emotion of fear away, leaving a protective layer of energy around you that does not require you to "give" energy to the fears, negative thoughts, etc. that countermeasures can. When you spend so much time using countermeasures, you are surrounding yourself with fear, leaving you wide open. I'm suggesting another approach that doesn't require you to make a huge shift in your beliefs. I'm not saying you are insane with the following quote, it's just something that has helped me. I'll be danged if I can remember who said it, but here goes...

"The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."

So, could it hurt to approach this from another direction and do something different? It's up to you. You asked for suggestions. If what you are doing isn't completely getting rid of the problem, maybe it's time to try another approach.

Our dreams often follow our state of mind. If you are fearful, then your dreams might be terrifying. It's a possibility that black magick practised by someone else isn't being used in your dreams. It may be the subconscious fear that keeps you locked in fearful dreams. I don't know, but it might be worth thinking about.

18th July 2006, 12:23 AM

Thanks for your interest and suggestions.


18th July 2006, 01:36 AM
If I were being attacked this way I'd use the methods of my religion to counter it. There is a Buddhist text called, in english, the Heart Sutra. The text is traditionally chanted to avoid obstacles including psychic attack. If I were being attacked in my dreams this way I would play an mp3 file so that it loops all night, with just the Heart Sutra. My guess is that the main prayers of other religions would be equally effective. In a closely related religion, Hinduism, I'd use the mantra of the Goddess Durga. She is known for protecting people especially against unfair attack. Maybe the "Hail Mary" prayer from Catholicism. If possible, use something with a lot of bass. Low frequency sounds by themselves help to clear the energy of a space and that's why they are so traditional in Tibet.

One of the techniques I've read for clearing the energy of a room is to scatter salt, leave it for a few hours, and then sweep up the salt. The salt soaks up negativity so take that into consideration when getting rid of it.

Another suggestion that comes to mind is to ask the Archangels, especially Archangel Michael, for protection before you go to sleep. The thoughts you have during the last 5 minutes you are awake have a very strong impact. It helps to wait until you are close to falling asleep if it takes a while.

When you break an attack it is important to make changes to keep it from happening again right away. Disconnecting from the attackers leaves an opening where their energy was connected. Replacing it with strong positive energy helps to reduce the tendency to replace the energy that is gone with more of the same or something worse. Robert Bruce explains it better. The idea as far as I can figure it out is that it is like someone breaking into your home. Even after you drive them away, they still know to come to a certain door or window at a certain time of night and what tools they will need to break in again. Adding more lighting and new locks can help.

18th July 2006, 02:28 AM
On the subject of dream attacks specifically, I have no experience, but some random thoughts and theories. I'm wondering if lucid dreaming, where you become conscious that you are in adream and by knowing gain control over the contents of the dream, could help. I know a lot of people who lucid dream will just fly away in the middle of a dream that was otherwise less appealing. In this case I would say fly away from any suspicious characters in your dreams...? I don't do activities which train for lucid dreaming, but I want to say astral projection and lucid dreaming are related, so either someone else can perhaps ellaborate, or you could run a seach function on lucid dreaming and see what comes up. Also- keeping a daily dream diary helps in the recall of dreams, and once you gain some awareness over what the contents of your dreams are, you may either be able to apply core removals or energy clearings to anything that you look back on and find suspicious. You may also find vulnerabilities that are exploited over and over again (such as a particular person in your dreams, or a fear of something, a bad pattern, etc)

Other randomness:
On the note of salt, I wonder of ringing your bed with a thick layer before each night could prevent them from getting through to you. Make sure it goes all the way around. Blessing the salt helps too. The idea here is that the negative energies that try and connect with you get absorbed bythe salt before they reach you and form a strong connection.

Dreamcatchers- something else I know little about, but I believe they are used in protection during sleep... might be worth a look.

19th July 2006, 12:36 AM
Hello Tom and Rayson,

Thank you both for your kindness and recommendations. I have used a lot of the recommendations, but there are some new ones that you've suggested which I will look into.

The Goddess Durga and the Heart Sutra are new to me. And although I've given some thought to Lucid Dreaming and to mastering Astral Projection, I haven't studied them as much as I'd like, and will also look further into those.


19th July 2006, 03:29 PM
My point was not to mix the energies but rather that there are a lot of options to choose from. The odd thing that I noticed was that all the examples including the Heart Sutra are based on mother Goddesses. In Buddhism, Prajnaparamita (Perfection of Wisdom) is the mother of all Buddhas.

19th July 2006, 07:37 PM
Hello Demek, and thank you for taking the time to respond to my inquiry.

I know what you mean about mixing energies of various traditions/religions... as I have had to take time to re-adjust my view of religion to integrate some of the new ideas. Once this integration has occurred, it seems to work just fine. However, if there is any doubt or unwillingness to accept the ideology, it just creates further problems.

It's also clear to me that you are, indeed, experiencing serious psychic attack, as am I, by your description of your attackers adjusting to your methods of ousting them, and using your techniques to allow themselves further access. Yes, I've had this happen... but under the watchful eye of someone who was more adept at these things than I, and she recognized their attempts to gain entry and blocked their access. I have always adjusted my work to block access once the black magicians began using it to gain access.

I do not fear the attackers, even in dreams. In fact, because of all the core image removals and battles on the Astral that have whittled away at their control over us, they fear me in dreams... which is why they appear to me in elaborate masquerades and ruses, in alternate settings, different almost every time... so that I will neither recognize them nor take action against them. It is their deception and trickery that is getting through.

I appreciate your mentioning recognizing bad habits and fears, also subconscious thoughts and the need to work on them... this is something that I've done from early on, and continue to do.

I should clarify, or rather, reiterate what I wrote in my original post... that I haven't been continually using non-working methods... that I've added new methods and eliminated old throughout, and have been utilizing numerous varied methods to eliminate the attackers' access... and, after seven years of work, I have, in fact, eliminated most access. I have had help along the way from various others who are far more adept than I.

I sought out this forum because I reached a point of dream access for which I have not previously in my search been able to find relief.

Thanks, Demek, for sharing your thoughts and recommendations.


19th July 2006, 08:47 PM
unfortunately i have only 2 years experience with anything non-physical (or fortunately)
thanks to my consistent meditation and prayer (i am studying and unemployed, so usually around 4-6 hours a day and up to 8 during holidays) i managed to rise myself above some layers of lower astral planes and i am invisble to entities inhabiting them unless i choose to match my vibration to that level (which i don't for obvious reasons)
so with time i was left with older entities, i remember that joyful moment when i raised above astral larvae level, since the quantity was killing me
now i just pass through them and they pass through me
without angelic guidance and higher intervention i would be toast :?
as for incarnate humans they usually screwed up (aside my exorcist), so i expect at least 40 years of hands-on experience to start with (he is 70 :P)

i find adjusting methods a waste of time, i choose to out-ascend them and i don't regret that, although i have plenty of joyful memories
as above so below :P

i'll try to explain, although i feel you know, maybe someone else will learn
what i learned recently is that the moment you get defensive you lose, i mean the moment you start to create barriers to separate you from your opressors you create a barrier separating you from the God, and this is what they count on
i open myself to God and take on everything, or ask Christ/Holy Spirit to protect me with higher forces when my own sins/transgressions/negative energy etc open me to their influence, without them it was pulling the rope game

and you don't have time and resources on your own, i lost with direct HS link as my body was not sufficiently trained to absorb knowledge (but i do have it :)), and they exploited my weaknesses to the point of shutting down my 3 eye at will,
at that point i went to confession and restoration started, first time i was present at rosary i ran out of the church in panic :roll:), i've been sick to death praying it for the first months, also because at that time i was completely possesed by spirit to the extent he was thinking he was me,

although draining, he accelerated my growth immensly since i was living with everything we have after death (yeah, everything, but the worst thing was that since he had complete control over me, so everything else had, i was just a puppet with bunch of spirits fighting for the remote :lol:)
and so i live :) and Church works, whatever some people say, the point is in being opened to higher energies, thats why usual folks get so little
oh, and being a puppet made me realize loads of things regarding functioning of human mind and body, i wrote about it in You're IN topic

19th July 2006, 08:59 PM
I have to say, I don't know what "the manifest" is... could someone explain this to me?

Answered... thanks Shadow.Pulsar.


19th July 2006, 09:03 PM
Great story, Demek. It's been great to hear your stories of your transformation. Very inspiring. :D

20th July 2006, 11:38 AM
It may seem strange to ask that but do you know the reason for this voodoo?

Maybe this is a key.

20th July 2006, 12:17 PM
I've decided to remove my post above. I've thought over the reaction that Rayson told me a member had to my post and am appalled that they could twist and misconstrue my words to think... Well nevermind. I'm not looking to start a firestorm here. However to whomever it was that thought what they did, congratulations. You have silenced me on this forum forever. This will be my last post here.

SaraStar if you are interested in what I had to suggest to you please feel free to PM me. To anyone else, save mods, I will not discuss this from this point forward.

"The manifest" is the real world, reality, the physical.

P.S - Lets focus on helping SaraStar here and not on me as she really could use you're help.


Mod Note:
I'd just like to say, as I have found myself saying rather frequently as a moderator, that communication on forums is rough, and people often misread the words we write. My theory is that this happens because people were built to communicate in-person via talking, with body language and the ability to ask for clarification built into the package. When we read/write online, especially if you're like me and sometimes the lines start bleeding together, it can be easy to misread a person's words, either by actual misreading, or by misinterpretation of intent/meaning. It can be angering when people then respond to something which you did not mean to/didn't say, but ultimately we need to be aware that this happens frequently, and just calmly clarify. It's not worth stressing, and it's not worth losing valuable insight from a poster.

And as a secondary note, I just wanted to clarify that mis-reading the post by Shadow.pulsar is half of what happened, the other half is that the mods were trying to figure out how appropriate one of his suggestions was for this forum, as we haven't ever discussed/come up with rules for it.


20th July 2006, 02:24 PM
When I originally posted, I knew I couldn't write the entire story for the past 23 years, so I did expect a lot of questions from people in order to provide clarification in various areas. It is a good question.

This is an exceptionally skilled and committed group of attackers, and it is a large group, who have found each other on the astral plane or on the manifest... regardless, they have banded together.

I have defeated and eliminated a good portion of them through the traditional methods taught by Robert Bruce and Nita Hickok, and have worked with very skilled people, but no one seems to know how to get them out of my dreams, where they use trickery and deceit to manifest as other people, places, and things, and use created situations to obtain access.

When I see them on the manifest, they attack, hard and fast. At times, I am under tremendous attack for a day or two, leaving it difficult to think, and then suddenly, there they are... at the library, at the service station, at the grocery store, wherever.

I appreciate very much the suggestions of the more common methods, and I promise to review them all, but please don't take offense if it is something that I have already put into practice... because we truly have been working very hard to rid ourselves of this, and it appears, at least, to come down now to dream access.

Many thanks,

20th July 2006, 02:43 PM
i think the dream access represent unadressed parts of your subcon, so either you are pulling the line with them or are getting them (parts) out in the open and cleansing
my last words on that ;)
good luck

20th July 2006, 03:05 PM
I've tasted several times the lucid dreams and this has an enormous impact.
I mean, you cuold fight the same if you're lucid enough during your dreams.

20th July 2006, 03:37 PM
It sounds like you are saying that there are a few remaining ways that these people are using to get at you in your dreams and that they are doing this with the intent of causing harm. Because they can't be as obvious about it or as direct and still get into your dreams, they are masking their intent to get through and then causing harm. Are there people who could compete with them for the limited remaining access who could use it to do good and to strengthen your defenses instead of causing harm at the same time as they are taking up more of the limited remaining access?

20th July 2006, 05:10 PM
Hello... and thank you, Tom and Murraya,

I have had a few people PM me and recommend Lucid Dreaming, and I think it is a good idea. Any suggestions on where best to develop this skill would be most welcomed. I've always naturally traveled OBE, since childhood, and have had some limited experience in gaining some control over this.


20th July 2006, 05:39 PM
May I ask if your family is also aware of these attacks in the same way you are- "magical"- and if they are also taking the same countermeasures as you? Or are you mostly alone in this fight?

20th July 2006, 05:40 PM
The thing to watch out for is that when you are closed off completely to outside influence you can't draw in the energies you need for defense, healing, and growth. The higher the quality of energy you pull into yourself, the worse you will "taste" to people who are operating on a lower level who can't keep up with you. That's what I saw just a couple of minutes ago when I looked.

20th July 2006, 07:20 PM
Tom, I understand what you mean by the higher energies not "tasting" as good to the attackers, but I don't understand... what you mean by 'that is what you saw when you looked'... do you mean that when you looked you saw that this would be a good thing to remember, or that it is already happening, and that is probably why one of them may have wanted to 'take a look' and see what has recently changed?

Thanks so much... everyone,


21st July 2006, 07:05 PM

I thought to mention that I do not believe that the attackers are trying to kill all of us, but rather to live off of our energies.


21st July 2006, 07:23 PM
SaraStar wrote:
I thought to mention that I do not believe that the attackers are trying to kill all of us, but rather to live off of our good karma, all goodness that they can take, and to use us as vessels into which to empty their bad karma and all bad things in their own lives and selves.
However, out of all the people that I knew who knew the primary attacker in school, including the primary attacker himself, either the father of each family or the son in the family who assumed the father role, has died under bizarre and really tragic circumstances. The primary attacker once bragged to me, about after his son's death, of "sitting under a tree and holding the son in (his) hands", and motioning with open arms as if holding the son in his hands. Gee, where to start... First, are you on speaking terms with these people? How would you feel about going to them directly and asking them if they are cursing you and why, and do they realize what they may be doing?
And second, is your son open to some direct protection on him? Countermeasures and shielding he can adopt?
I don't want to be to 'fluffybunnyish" but I want to ask- As I was reading your post about all his close shaves, it occured to me that he has miraculously survived more than you could expect others to. It appears to me that he is being protected by a higher being. I would also routinely thank this angel for keeping him alive and safe in these unreal circumstances. What do you think about that?

Also, as the head of family lost a son- can you appeal to his sense of parenthood, or is he too far gone? Can he put himself in your position?

21st July 2006, 07:36 PM
Hi CFTraveler,

Thanks for your post. I didn't mention, and should have, that I and others have had some powerful protections around my family. So, those protections were holding, and yes, there are a LOT of angels and Archangels watching after us, too.

As for the primary attacker, it was one of his two twin sons that died, and I and another who looked into it on a psychic level believe that the primary attacker had something, on a spiritual level, to do with it. I don't have contact with the attackers. They are people who use both white and black magic... white to appear "good" and "normal" to others, and black to attack their victims while not being obvious about it to the rest of the world.

It is said that the most powerful magicians keep their magic quiet, and do not discuss it with anyone, and this man does not discuss what he does... he just shows up in your space, and won't leave.

It is hard to believe that there are people who are so evil out there, but unfortunately, it is true.


22nd July 2006, 05:17 PM

I'm assuming that in your years of learning ways to defend yourself and applying them, you have used many methods of "shielding" your aura and maybe even your home. The dilemma that popped into my head while reading this thread is that there doesn't seem to be anything to deter your attackers from continuing what they're doing.

It seems to be this ongoing battle where you keep putting up defenses and they keep trying to tear those defenses down or find holes in them. The problem is, in this scenario if you slip up, you can get hurt, but if they slip up... it just means it takes a little longer to wear your defenses down. They are not at risk of being hurt themselves.

Trying to attack them back psychically might have some karmic repercussions, so that may not be the best way to go. But the idea popped into my head that you could try making shields around yourself and imagining them as functioning like a sort of energy mirror--i.e. make shields with the intent that they reflect negative energy back to its source. I don't know if this would work or not--I haven't read anything about making mirror shields, though I have talked to someone who's metaphysical abilities I respected, who claimed to make her shields that way. (She was heavily attuned to the element of water, so that was a natural quality for her shields to have.)

I imagine that it would take a fair amount of time, effort, and energy for such a shield to have a strong effect, but if it worked... well, it would be a nice porcupine/thorned rose kind of effect, where your attackers would essentially be punishing themselves with their own actions, with no negativity required on your part. Making yourself dangerous to attack in that manner might convince them to give up, or at least weaken them.

22nd July 2006, 06:11 PM
It looks like no one has responded to your request for more info on lucid dreaming. A Google search on "lucid dreaming" will provide you with links to all the info on it; everything you need to know on lucid dreaming is freely available on the net and fairly easy to find.

A couple important things I'll say:

The first, and possibly most important step is to remember your dreams. Even if you weren't trying to lucid dream, for your case you'd want to make sure your remember as much of your dreams as possible so you at least know when they're attacking. And for lucid dreaming purposes, you'll never know if you're lucid dreaming or if you're succeeding in fighting your attackers in the dream if you don't remember it when you wake up.

Keep a dream journal close to your bed (preferably within reach without you having to sit up) and as you're falling asleep try to hold onto the subconscious intention to remember your dreams and write down key words to remember them by when you wake up.

Once you're able to do that consistently, start doing "reality checks" frequently throughout the day. Literally stop and ask yourself, "am I dreaming right now?" Look for signs that you might be dreaming. Look at a watch or clock, look away, and look at it again (usually if you're dreaming the displayed time won't make sense, or will be different each time you look at it).

This might feel silly to you, because of course you know that you're awake and not dreaming. The problem is, you habitually get so used to "knowing", and hence assuming you're awake, that you end up naturally assuming you're awake without question in dreams too. You have to change your subconscious habits; perform your reality checks frequently throughout the day no matter how obvious it may be that you are not dreaming.

Once this becomes habit, you will find yourself doing it in dreams too! In my experience, once you question the reality of a dream you figure out that it's a dream pretty easily quickly. It's easy to know that you're dreaming just like it's easy to know that you're awake--you will know the answer, you just have to get used to asking the question.

A side effect of focusing on remembering your dreams and having lucid dreams is that you will be more likely to catch yourself as you're drifting in and out of sleep (this is more likely if you have a lot of time to sleep--it's harder if you go to bed dead tired and then have to get up early). Often in this state you can actually will yourself back to sleep while holding onto your consciousness, slipping into a WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dream). In this near-sleep state it's also relatively easy to leave your body and have an OBE.

If you're not spontaneously getting potential WILD situations, you could try setting an alarm to wake you up at 3 or 4am, then try holding onto your consciousness as you fall back to sleep.

You might want to try using lucid dreams/OBEs to contact your higher self, a spirit guide, or whatever, to ask for further advice on how to deal with your attackers.

22nd July 2006, 10:23 PM
What Sarastar is enduring is not real dreaming, not by a long shot...and she is not slipping out by accident either.

Sarastar, I'm sorry I didn't realize you had posted here too.

These creeps are raising her energy while she is asleep and pulling out an aspect of her into the astral. From there on they work on the aspect to condition thinking and feeling. Soon the target becomes dissociated from their critical thinking and sense of self. They also take the opportunity to shove attachments in, usually in the back. I have undergone this same tactic and it seems to be widespread.

This is not something useful to remember and it has to be stopped.

Sarastar, I still say your best shot is to try to ground yourself while you sleep by lying on grounding stones, like hematite, bloodstone and black tourmaline. I know the financial straights you're in, and I have been in them too. it's hard for me to do right now, but if I can find a way to help, I will.

Sarastar, this is an incident that happened to me back in October 2005:

I don't think what I am about to describe was a dream, I think I was yanked out of my body astrally someplace.

Violet had worked on me last night while I was taking the Mega Salt Bath at 6:30PM US EST and I got cleaned out pretty good. Something felt very upset and retaliations began nearly immediately...I think Violet made one more clearing attempt at 8:00PM US EST. I fell asleep...

Sometime after falling asleep I heard an angry sounding male voice saying [paraphrasing, not exact words], "Satan is not going to let you go, Satan is coming for you and will keep you." Next thing I know I am in a room that feels like it is really far below ground, like a basement or dungeon or something. Up above is a trap door which is opened for something to be sent through. I heard and felt a lot of angry somethings around and doing similar chants to what the angry voice was saying. I started fighting back by saying, "Mary Mother of God help me." But my capacity to speak was being restricted and I couldn't get the words out as strongly as I would have liked. But I kept chanting as best as I could and would not give up. Suddenly the scene shifted and I saw an army of those short, butt ugly, malformed looking shuffling/waddling things I've written about.

I woke up and found a lot of crud attached to me or inside of me. One of the things said [verbatim], "You will accept our word." I stood up and started chanting, "The WORD made flesh is Christ," over and over. They screeched in disapproval and began to vacate, but I was only free a short time before they were back in.

It was a long stressful night.

Well, I will say this much...I don't believe Satan is after me. One thing I have learned over time is that these cretins do a lot of name dropping. Mick's partner read my account and I think coined it well...I think they were using my religous beliefs in a lame attempt to inflict fear and shove crap into me.

One thing I was terrified of was that while I was chanting "Mary, Mother of God, help me," I had the impression that my physical body was also chanting it. I felt afraid and concerned that my mother or father would hear me crying out like that in my sleep and didn't want to have to explain myself. I think that is what snapped me out of the OBE.

Satan or not, it was a horrible, stressful night and I was exhausted, strained and full of attachments when I woke up next morning.


23rd July 2006, 04:58 PM
i had a breakthrough in dream fight, just sharing
i was in partially ruined theatre (bombarded i think), walking stairways up to a group of chechens, and was buying something (ticket?), anyway i was given back a torn off part of hand (4 fingers, almost loose) as a spare change
i stopped and prayed to God for the salvation of the owner of the hand (in a dream!, it was just so natural for me..)
then there was big rush, and suddenly the dream ended, i was left awake with big commotion of the spirits around me disbelieving what i did
the dream access was sealed !!! at least most routes, there are still few remaining
the spirit responsible of it disappeared (the owner of the hand who was trying to access me ..), i feel to higher place
i can't believe it myself, really

24th July 2006, 02:03 AM
As I mentioned, this guy and his group have used every form of black magic against me, including the most evil and darkest black magic, and including satanic black magic.

I have twice seen large red demons, sitting on thrones, with this guy standing there and brokering a deal with them... offering to deliver me, to deliver us, in exchange for favors rendered. He... and others in his group.

I have seen him, on the astral, 'watching', in real time, actual murders and rapes and other horrific crimes... he is a psychic pedophile, and his tastes run into the graphic darkness.

So, when I say that I have worked very hard to get to the point where I'm at... I really mean it.

So, thank you, all of you who are trying to help me sort out what's left of the magic being sent against us.


24th July 2006, 04:13 AM
Hello Rayson, and many thanks to you for your kind and respectful post. In response, I can only say that I have always believed that hardship and trauma have the potential to "make you or break you", depending on the means that one chooses to deal with it. I am a fighter... my friends are always quick to point this out : ) ...but I've always, for all of my life, chosen to channel those impulses and energies into standing for justice and fighting injustice. I have to say, it is usually a thankless battle... and people such as yourself make all the difference.

I've often thought about how hard the world is, and how especially difficult it is, at times, to deal with others. Job's words, "Miserable comforters are ye", and Sarte's quote, "Hell is other people", have seemed especially applicable at times. There is such irony in the fact that we are not built to deal with life alone, and we so very much need to have others involved in our lives... and yet people have such potential to, intentionally or otherwise, cause pain. This was, no doubt, accentuated by the hexes which were placed upon us to actually cause people to take a nearly immediate dislike to us. And yet, the most remarkable effects of change in my life, for good, have also come from others. People are capable of, and demonstrate in unexpected and overwhelming ways, goodness of soul and spirit.

I did feel sympathy for myself, until I realized that there was truly nothing that I could do to change my past experience... but that I did have the ability to change things in the present, for myself and also for those I came into contact with. So, I decided that I would BE the person that I wished I'd HAD in my life. I applied to myself the sentiment expressed in Emerson's thoughts, "What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say".

I've felt despair, but it didn't help, and it only allowed the attackers more inroads. So, I have fought, and will continue to do so. And, I have attempted to use it to "make me" rather than "break me". It is the value, I believe, of placing a spiritual perspective at the center of one's being, and placing everything else in the periphery.

In answer to your question about dream invasion... I have to say, it is as Flew explains it, forced astral projection. As I've stated, I am far from being an expert in these areas, and have pretty much learned along the way... and, I was under the impression that dream invasion and forced astral projection were the same thing. My dreams have not been my own for such a very long time that I forgot that there is, indeed, a difference.

So... in answer to your other question, yes... I am learning things here that will no doubt help over time, and I am meeting some incredibly empathetic and kind people, yourself included.

Many blessings,

24th July 2006, 04:59 AM
Hello Rhone,

I appreciate your suggestion to reverse the attackers' own negativity back upon them, and yes, I have done this... initially with mirrors, but they are so adept at mirror magic that my using mirror shields to reverse only allowed them greater access through mirrors. What has worked better has been elemental reversal... reversing the elements that they have used against us, back at them.

It is a very good suggestion, and thank you also for your helpful recommendations about lucid dreaming.


24th July 2006, 05:05 AM
Many thanks, Flew... your posts and pm's have been most affirming, and are much appreciated.


24th July 2006, 05:12 AM
Thank you, Juiced, for sharing your thoughts and impressions in your post and pm's...

I have sent you a pm, and I hope that you find what you are seeking.


24th July 2006, 09:46 AM
I have twice seen large red demons, sitting on thrones, with this guy standing there and brokering a deal with them... offering to deliver me, to deliver us, in exchange for favors rendered. I've also been visited by the 'grim reaper', with a bowl, and he seemed to be demanding 'my essence'. This guy performed a 'soul split' upon me, and as I've stated, has sexually attacked both myself and my children on the astral, hundreds or perhaps thousands of times in over two decades of attacks. He has taken our good from us, and channeled it into himself, including our good health, our good luck, our wealth, etc.... And in exchange, he has emptied his own bad karma, his own bad luck, his own misfortune and illness, and that of his own bloodline, into us. He has sent thousands of curses, hexes, and spells against us, and has used voodoo dolls and voodoo magic. He... and others in his group. They have used mirror magic, and elemental magic, and every other kind of magic that exists.

I have seen him, on the astral, 'watching', in real time, actual murders and rapes and other horrific crimes... he is a psychic pedophile, and his tastes run into the graphic darkness. And he uses other people's goodness in order to appear as close to normal as possible and keep on doing it, in the 'real world'.

This is exactly what has been happening to me...and if you ever read my intro posts, you should check out my descriptions of the jet black leathery skinned negs and the tall 9-12ft black robed entities. And ask Spectral Dragon about how they split my soul apart: They removed my child aspect, female aspect, scientist aspect, righteous anger aspect, hope aspect, positive aspect...you name it, they removed it.

They've taken my good karma and channeled me with their crap, which I've been forced to overcome.

I've rarely, if ever, spoken of the sexual side to my attacks or having core images of children being sexually assaulted implanted in me. This is why if I die never having a sexual relationship I'll be just fine. Sex in all forms repulses me, even seeing people kiss makes me sick.

What I have noticed is that you start to feel disgusted with your own body you then dissociate from your sense of a physical form. This is often what happenes to rape victims.

That's how these characters operate, they inflict pain in some way and the only way to retreat from the pain is to dissociate from where ever the pain is being inflicted. Pretty soon, as a living being, you're just gone. Everything has been dissociated. So then you become like an empty can and they fill you with whatever they want.

Sarastar, you're right to a point about whatever doesn't break you makes you stronger.

In order to grow and overcome, the rate of creation of life has to exceed the rate of creation of death...even by just a little. This is how growth takes hold.

This situation we are in is no where near that requirement. This is holocaust level death. The rate of creation of death is exceeding the rate of creation of life. There is no learning when it is this bad, you just die over time until you are gone.

I started getting better when I started getting real help, because that was the only way to turn around the rate relationship.

Yes, you know what, I learned a lot through this experience. But if I had died and I almost did several times, I would never have been able to impart the info to people who needed it...I am so tired most of the time, I may still never write the book I want.

And no one can tell me people aren't dead from this crap. How many are dead and no one ever knew what happend to them, or for that matter, how many people died not knowing what in the name of God was happening to them.

This evil has to be stopped.

24th July 2006, 10:27 AM
It's been a while now since i 've been thinking about all of this as a programmation (dark night says "implanted in me").

Programmation of energetical body under control of bad evil.
How to reprogram, to reset everything...A friend of mine told me that it takes several months to reprogramm oneself and clean all chakras one by one from demoniac spells. We're no muppets.

reprogramming is cleaning everything by changing everything inside (way of life, attitudes, the way you eat, sleep...)

It sounds light, but I'll try myself. as my case is not so heavy as yours.

24th July 2006, 12:05 PM
Programmation of energetical body under control of bad evil.
How to reprogram, to reset everything...A friend of mine told me that it takes several months to reprogramm oneself and clean all chakras one by one from demoniac spells. We're no muppets.

It works if the jerks leave you alone...a wound isn't going to heal if a knife keeps getting pulled out and re-inserted.

Sarastar...we are enduring something most people don't. Because of this, the boundaries of what we should expect to tolerate get stretched out farther than they should ever go. After a while you feel like a superhuman because we're literally forced to do the impossible. But we aren't superhuman and we make mistakes. When we do make mistakes it's devastating because it doesn't fit into the idea of being a superhuman. It's like, "I should have known better, I should have done this, I should have done that."

These jerks have us personally at a level of control that is less than an alcoholic or a drug addict. When we go on with life, we steer as best we can, but it is never a straight line. We are doing the best we can. But no one should ever be made to live this way.

Things get sacrificed when you're forced to live this "superhuman" way...things that should never be sacrificed in a living being.

24th July 2006, 02:57 PM
Hello Murraya...

I don't know your story, but I can tell you that, if the implants in you are the same as those that are routinely placed within me, and those that Flew so aptly describes as being implanted within her... then they are real, and the re-programming of your emotions, self-image, view of life, etc... is a secondary and most natural human response to horrible abuse.

What I am saying is... if you do have these attachments, and if you are actively being attacked and having them re-attached... then you will need help with the situation. Our spirits are so amazingly resilient, that emotional healing will occur when the abuse is removed, and will even begin when the abuse is lessened. But again, as she described, there are some emotional scars that will not heal as well as others. However... we can still believe, and keep on believing, and it will lend strength to our healing.

Blessings to you on your journey.


24th July 2006, 08:09 PM
it's interesting how such reptilians can be and were banished in the name of Christ, and alien abductees have been successfully exorcised
given the choice of having control over your weaknesses and not having weaknesses, what would all and each of you choose ?
you don't really have time and resources on both of them .. it is so painful to watch people you love surrendering to them through their own faults and weaknesses ..

3rd August 2006, 04:56 PM
Or it is possibly karmic links (karmic?? sorry if not good).

Sarastar, yesterday we did an enormous thing for a girl who has quite the same problem as you...

We were very numerous and even if she is still under control at the time, there were plenty, really plenty of angels and some cvery importants.

unity was the key to success as her problem jumped over us...unity and numerous and the effects were spectacular.
She xille be released soon, i suppose you can do it alone, but if you have any friends helping you (we were 20!!) I guess it will be wonderfull.....they took a lot believe me.

3rd August 2006, 08:33 PM
Hi Murraya,

Thank you for your post about your great experience with your group, and I hope that the girl that you've released remains so.


3rd August 2006, 09:19 PM
what exactly do u mean by karma ?
please be very specific and descriptive

4th August 2006, 01:27 PM
Sarastar, You know, the whole job is not finished.

She is still under black magic, but now she has much more details, help, and strentgh. But we won our fight for those who caught the spell on them just by being linked with us energetically.

It was One fight, but not the end of the war, but I suppose everybody should link becaus unity is much better than a single personn.

We had help from friends in africa, and in the whole france.

It's a beginning.

i mean by karma that someone may have signed a pact in some other life and now gives its return.

4th August 2006, 01:42 PM
Hi Murraya...

What you've described, and explained, is exactly what I was saying... what you did for this person was a wonderful and gracious thing.


4th August 2006, 01:45 PM
Hope so much everybody will find its own way.......blessings to you too. :D

4th August 2006, 02:41 PM
I've moved my post to the Possession and Serious Neg Abuse Forum. I will be posting in that forum from now on.

I posted here, in this forum, when I was new to the site, and didn't realize that this was a forum for discussion... which is really not what I am seeking.

Thank you, those of you who took my psychic attack problems seriously and attempted to help.


10th August 2006, 07:39 PM
Well the only thing i can think of is a good shield. practice psi manipulation and program your shield to deflect any psychic/magick attacks back at the person. you can try putting it around your whole house. i recommend going to psipog.com and looking for an article on shields. as for the curse that is already on you, take a shower and while youre gettign wet, visualize negative energy draining from you. its normal if you feel a little tired when you do this. wont it be great when these hexes are gone from you and then all of a sudden those black magicians spells backfire and then theyll be in trouble!!! mwa ha ha ha!!!!!!! :twisted: