View Full Version : Spam?

21st June 2014, 07:31 AM
Got a PM from a new forum member named "Astraal" asking if I wanted more information about group purchases. I entertained them by saying yes. I was sent a link to a web site in the Netherlands. [COLOR="#B22222"][link deleted so as not to give them even more publicity] I thought I should post it up for everyone in case it was not legit. I also noticed it advertised a lot of Roberts stuff. Did anyone else get this PM?

21st June 2014, 07:41 AM
Just for future reference, please report this kind of thing directly to one of the mods or admins (I know you can directly report a post, not sure offhand about doing it with PM but I think you can?). I deleted the link you posted for obvious reasons, and we'll look into this user (check IP address, etc.).

If anyone else got this kind of PM from this (or any) user, please let us know privately so we can take action. Thanks.