View Full Version : Something stuck on your head

19th July 2006, 02:37 AM
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Has anyone every had this problem?

As soon as you make it out it feels like something is stick over your head and you can't get it off no matter how hard you try to pull it free. It's like a blanket that is never ending and it obstructs your vision.

23rd October 2006, 01:08 PM
Sometimes I do feel there is something on top of my head. But I can't see it, and I cannot feel it all the time.

However sometimes my head sort of cracks, and I can hear the sound like I'm breaking crab's legs. But it's not me doing anything, it's the thing moving and adjusting itself.

Other times, when I don't feel him, I suspect he might have gone away or I might have imagined it from the start.

When I can feel it again, I'm not sure whether he left in the first place and now i'm imagining it, or whether he was never there and I am imagining it sometimes but not all the time, or wheter he is there all the time but just sometimes I can't tell.

This sort of 'reasoning' is completely pontless because whenever I think I got the answer I'm also sure that is something it wants me to think and I abandon the answer just because i find it suspiciously too obvious. Or obviously too suspicious.

My conclusion is: it's useless to trust an answer is right, you can only see it, experience it and know it is the right answer.