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26th July 2014, 10:26 AM
Hey Robert

I've been working with EA Koetting's material and I remember you mentioned in an interview that I could use Kundalini energy for many things including magick, would that include Evocation?

Also would the energy conflict to working with an entity like Azazel?


Robert Bruce
27th July 2014, 04:45 AM
There is really no difference between normal subtle energy and kundlini energy. Kundalini, when raised, removes a lot of the natural shielding, especially around chakras. This allows for a higher level of activation of chakras, and psychic abilities can develop from this.

I do not work with spirits. But I do understand evocation. Evocation, like all other ritual magickal acts, will of course be enhanced through increased chakra activation and more abundant energy.

However, please keep in mind that kundalini, when activated, must then be controlled and 'evolved into' before it can be effectively used for anything.

peace, robert