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27th October 2014, 04:57 PM
I was wondering how non-intended manifestation gets about? I mean the instances where someone suddenly gets hit by a truck and is left in a hospital with life threatening injuries? , or someone who suddenly gets called by a travel agency for an all-footed trip as a part of some promotional package?.
I'm having difficulty understanding the fact that there is this faction of people undergoing daily affirmations and visualizations and whatnot who keep ending up with nada while others who never even entertained the idea of something good happening to them are "hit" (for a lack of a better word) with sudden , non-intended good-fortune/manifestation.

The point I'm trying to underline here is that , I have constantly read (or read but misunderstood?) , that "we are all manifesting our reality , i.e where we are and what goes on around us , by what our subconscious is processing and churning out as it is connected and is a unified whole part with the universal consciousness".

If a particular person's subconscious that isn't even processing promotional package tours or fatal accidents , than how do they just suddenly get about? just like that? .

27th October 2014, 05:31 PM
I'm also going to add a little background to how I got started on this line of thought (I re-read my post , while it states the point it makes , it leaves room for interpretation).

there's also this widespread belief that manifestation "doesn't simply produce things out of thin blue air" , that one has to be "actively involved" in whatever they are aiming to produce in the physical reality.

Like say if you want a trip to Japan , then don't just wish it but get involved , be more hands on about it (give the universe something to work with?) , imagine yourself eating sushi , strolling in the Tokyo streets , practice Japanese on skype , cut out pictures of what you like in Japan and put them on a vision-board , etc etc , yadda yadda (you get the gist).
Now you take this person in the example highlighted above and contrast to them with a person who just randomly got called up for this trip , while never having even thought about it.

What goes in with these two people? and why does their success rate vary to that big and extent?

28th October 2014, 01:38 AM
I could swear that I've answered something like this before, but I'll chime in anyway.
Your mind is constantly 'on', even when not consciously thinking. So is everyone else's mind. Sometimes, things happen by 'chance' (which is nothing but being in a certain place when probability strikes)- so it's not that you're intending to look over there instead of over here and get hit by a bus, but that the collective thought process has created this thing called 'probability' (that we are exposed to day in and day out, if you haven't noticed) and thus 'rules' like that are born. For example, when I was a child I constantly heard that 'one in every four people get cancer'. Now I don't know if this was true in 1970, but I certainly heard it many times. Now I hear different odds for different things, and I always wonder if this is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
And of course, there is the cultural conditioning- the 'mass guilt' effect from certain cultural biases that makes me also wonder if the guy who looked the other way when he was crossing the street heard a lot of put-downs when he was growing up. But that's how my mind works.
It's not a 'blame' thing, or a 'bad luck' thing either, but I think that doing the 'manifesty' things help push the odds the 'right' way.

28th October 2014, 07:17 AM
Cf I'm going to recapitulate what I've been told succinctly , please let me know if I'm getting this right , or that if I've missed out , or left out something in the understanding of this.

*The subconscious mind is always working : (what is not currently in one's awareness or one's consciously present thought does not preclude the fact it's not within the subconscious or that it isn't processing it). The content of the subconscious isn't just simply dictated by our factual "awareness" of what lies within it.

*Other factors in play : Things like being in a certain place at a certain time and the exposure of thusly arranged placement ; leading to a certain outcome , The ongoings of process of things like "Chance" and living in the thought-matrix of our collective psyche that produces "Probability" and "Outcome of Rules" also affect us (whether we are consciously aware of it or not) are independent factors.

*Seeding by Prior Belief : "1 in every 4 people get cancer" , "UV exposure early in lifetime leads to skin cancer" , someone later on in life who has been seeded by these prior beliefs , might at the current moment not be aware that their subconscious has been working over the years towards this arrangement , could then suddenly get the news of cancer.

*Cultural Conditioning and the Mass Guilt Effect : touches on the fact that over the years , or by living amongst other people that promote or encourage negativity , people might pick up notions of their "worthiness" , the subconscious does not distinct between "yes" or "no" , or "good" or "bad". The unfortunate man looking the way when getting hit by a truck might have suspected to greet such a death was a commensurate condition of his demise.
Similarly the elderly lady who worked hard all her life and was saving pension could very well have been told "good things happen to good people" , culminating in a trip she never intended but was in the works of her psyche.

Now I will summate , what you said conclusively (from what I have understood so far) , things that transpire together to lead a certain outcome do not mean that this was "misfortune" , "bad luck" or "hardship" but instead it's important to understand that they were "placed" or "aligned" in a manner that lead things to be how they are.
What Manifestation does is takes these multitude of things and "aligns" them , or arranges them in such a manner that the odds become favorable to the outcome we want or are workings towards.

let me know if I'm on the right track so far :)

28th October 2014, 04:35 PM
Sounds pretty good.