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29th October 2014, 05:26 PM
i remember once i read about astral sex. it was described as two spirits or souls blending or melting together and that would give some kind of mental "orgasm"? is that for most experiencers a better feeling then the one we experience during physical sex?

29th October 2014, 08:29 PM
Depends 'where' you do it. Astral sex can be almost as physical in the etheric/real time zone, but when in the astral/mental, is a different experience- I suspect the second kind is the one they say is 'better'- I think it's just different.

29th October 2014, 09:42 PM
I may be out of order here thinking I can compare because I have never knowingly had astral sex. ( as a Mrs. Then obviously physical sex)
However , if merging of energies , although not knowing what body I was in the other day, I will try to compare, and yes there was a difference.
Even though this was recalled as a dream, the energy I merged with gave out so much love ( which I felt the same for) but the feelings of extreme happiness , unconditional love, such deep protection, and more happiness, kept going till this short merging was over.

However , the only comparison in physical life is to try to compare with physical sex,but with this the merging could have been male or female and not have left you wondering if this was a sexual thing that may have been a wrong sex . It was just contact through extreme love.
This has reminded me of the time I held my first born in my arms and felt I surrendered to him and just melted and wanted to be him so I could protect him .I was him. Sounds crazy but any mothers out there will know.