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12th November 2014, 04:43 PM
I may as well do this too with my interpretation as well

I was working at Skype while travelling in a town of my youth. My new boss was eastern european and someone who I knew which surprised me. It turned out that his new hairstyle was formed because of influence from my own. I was sitting at a desk that was too big for me until I adjusted my chair which he was relieved that I did this. I went lucid around this and asked some of the people if I had a chance for a full time role here and they answered in the affirmative, but I don't remember specifics. I was at a conference where they were announcing large profits for the company and a holiday which was being sent somewhere in the US. A woman was showing slides of the CEO's email and it appeared that he lost the reservations and they were trying to recover them. I saw where they stored the files and the woman was going to clear it out. I told them not to do it which others were very surprised that I spoke up. He was browsing private sites and I wondered if he had been surfing porn.

Interpretation -

Something that I had formulated from my youth. potentially ideals and the way that I present myself to the public influences others or in this situation my boss (I am thinking that this may be more literal than symbolic as something happened today which seems to directly relate to this passage - my boss is eastern european and needed help with presentation of wording). I think that me sitting in a seat at a desk that was too big is indicative of my potential suitability for a particular job until I adjusted my foundation of the chair, which made my rise up to speak to my boss at his level.

The next passage doesn't appear to be linked to the previous passage. A conference to me would be indicative of a gathering. The boss was looking to hand out bonuses due to increased revenue - This is almost credit due to work done, so potentially a reward for something potentially for work done previously? Or an indication that I am due to go on holiday soon (which I am shortly - perhaps this dream is indicative of this). However, here, the reservations - a reservation would be saving a time to do something. Holiday - a break/relaxation from work? It was misplaced, but it didn't affect anything. CEO - the head of the organization. something from above? I was trying to find out the underlyings of his communication, but it was marked private. So there are things which I am trying to uncover about how things work in reality.

Another Dream

Another mall, I was working in a shopping mall and I called a number of someone who called me. It was a woman from my past (fictitious) who was single and I spoke to her. I assumed that there were issues with her and I didn't recall what she looked like. I was laughing about peopel who went to the mall to hang out and not to buy anything. She disappeared from the phone and I was a little depressed about this. I then got a text from her and an invite to attend a karaoke. I saw a movie in which she was with her friend on a boat and they were doing water sport. She was very attractive, but then I remembered that I was married with a small child, so nothing would happen. I woke up soon after this.

Interpretation -

Here, this is pertaining to a match to my own psyche. The female side to it - probably anima related. I was working in a place of ideas/or potentially I was exploring this while at work (probably more likely). I thought that it was odd for people to go to a place of ideas without identifying (buying) with any or exploring them. In the dream, they were more or less aimless. I then lost contact with her, but then was invited to spend more time with her. She was gliding on the waters of the unconscious with her friend. I was surprised to see that she was quite beautiful. She immediately extended an invitation for a gathering. At this point, I remembered my real life which put a damper in things. Whether or not this would have led to lucidity is another matter.