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3rd January 2015, 06:19 AM
I was getting ready for bed the other night when I noticed that my heart chakra seemed to be accumulating energy. This sensation kept building over the course of an hour and when I went to bed, I just relaxed into it and let it do its thing. It seemed to peak (nothing too dramatic) but then, things turned up a big notch. I felt a rumbling in my coccyx, then a sensation of energy building in my lower stomach. I intuitively started breathing with this. Suddenly I felt a huge force--a vague sense of pressure--rushing through my torso. I've had waves of bliss before, but this was of a different nature. I continued to breath with it as it rushed up through me and I felt my chakras activate. There was a lot of heat and spasming. There came a point where my entire face was spasming, which I've never had happen before. My minds eye was lit, but this isn't abnormal for me. Near the end of this experience, I felt an intense and constant spasm in my lower stomach, which lasted for about 3-4 minutes. I'm no stranger to energy flows and rushes, but this was intense, very physical. It was gonna do what it was gonna do regardless of my will, and every time I relaxed it would deepen again.

I haven't done anything related to energy work for a few weeks, seems things are still in motion after a long period of intense practice? I suspect that this was the process kicking into a higher gear? I wonder to myself just how close I may have been to raising it if I had consciously worked to do so?

3rd January 2015, 09:15 AM
Energy is unpredictable. Sometimes it's just "time" for it to increase, or rest, or whatever. Sometimes these things happen with little or no obvious trigger.

3rd January 2015, 06:19 PM
Hi TheFifth :)

Even when you are not working consciously you are still working in your dream state, and like ButterflyWoman said, these things sometime happen because it is time for them to happen. You might not be alone in this though. From my limited experience I nocied that sometimes different people experience similar sensations at very similar times, sometimes days or hours apart.

Robert Bruce
8th January 2015, 04:54 PM

This was a kundalini raising experience. It can be beyond intense and very visceral.

As you suspect, your energy body is adjusting to this new level of energy.

When you are ready, go back to energy work , or kundalini raising sessions, and see what happens.

Thanks for sharing here.

For kundalini, everything seems to be progressing fairly normally.

Kundalini energy has an intelligence and, as you discovered, it will do what it needs to when it needs to. And there are times when it will take over regardless of your intentions and will.

This is a big breakthrough. Well done.

peace, robert