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13th January 2015, 01:59 PM
To anyone with good knowledge on laptops and I Pads can you answer a question because this has got me baffled.
Used I pad to communicate with department store over a return. I can see my past communications with them listed.
Yesterday received one from them, using I pad retrieved through gmail.This got me annoyed at the lack of personal touch so I sent a reply back rather to the point and suggesting I will take this further. ( got me worked up) .
8.01pm, received bog standard reply same as previous. Okay, just have to wait.
8.30pm, sent message to son.
This is the bit.
Around 9pm, noticed a second message from them suggesting that they have been polite with me and to please be curtious towards them.
This got me worked up even more because I didn't feel I had written anything other than an e mail detailing their faults.
This morning went to retrieve this e mail and it's gone. The others are there but not this one.
So it's possible I deleted by accident and as far as I know on an I pad once deleted then it's gone. But not on a laptop.
Retreived my gmail using my husband's laptop and the original messages are there and newer ones but not this one telling me off .
Went into trash, nothing, anywhere.
To those in the know.
1) is it possible for a company to delete a message once I've received it?
2) if my computer recognised this as spam after it was read could it have deleted it.
Where could it have gone?

13th January 2015, 03:02 PM
Nobody can delete your emails except for you. Once it's written to your inbox, that's it. You've got it and they can't do anything about it. (Email, like postal mail, is "no strings attached").

I would check your Gmail account with a different computer, personally. It's possible that the iPad client for Gmail is more limited as far as searching or finding things, etc. Gmail does not delete spam for 30 days, though, so if it got sent to your spam folder, it's still there. Gmail does sort mail into other folders, though, so you should check those, as well.

Personally, I hate dealing with email via tablet or smart phone. It's just too awkward and limited.

14th January 2015, 10:05 PM
BFW is spot on with her answer. Even if you deleted the e-mail by touching on the screen by mistake (a problem with tablets - that's why I don't like them), it would have gone into your "trash" file. It could not have been deleted from there unless your trash box was full to capacity and you deleted lots more e-mails after that - not likely at all, as gmail has a good allowance for trash. When trash e-mails reach maximum capacity, the oldest are overwritten first, so as you received this e-mail recently, the chances of it being deleted like that are more or less zero.

Nobody can delete an e-mail once received, apart from you or anyone else who knows your login and password. The only other possibility is that a hacker could have penetrated your e-mails and deleted just that one. Once again, this is extremely unlikely.

I suggest that you check all folders, as BFW has suggested. You may have put finger pressure on the tablet somewhere and sent it to another folder whilst you were reading it.