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13th July 2005, 03:03 AM
Hey everyone.

After going through several postings, and seeing some people with formidible tasks at hand, sharing a couple of key parts to attacks witenssesed seemed like a good idea.

Please understand this is my own personal perspective on things, and what was visible to me. It does not match a lot of peoples thoughts, or even my own when this journey started.

Mental position seems to have the biggest influence on how "effective" an attack is going to be. I mentioned this in other posts, but want to elaborate more here. Just the act of thinking some one/thing can harm you gives permission to that entity. Most of your smaller negs will just leave if you deny them right on the spot.

More determined negs will try and "sour" your life causing a downward spiral that can eventually give them access.

Another well used trick is to create thought patterns, or use suggestions on you. The intent is to get you to make bad decisions. That is pretty well known, but there is a more subtle thing in operation here that involves karma. If a neg overpowers or fully posesses you and causes you to do something under karmic law (as I know it) most of the weight of the actions would fall on the neg. But if it you did the same things and all the neg (or person) supplied was some inprinting and suggestion work and you acted on those suggestions you bear the weight of your actions.

Over long term the amount of conditioning that can be achieved is high. Also as you make small bad choices you start to draw in negative repurcussions that allow more "space" for the neg to work. The neg will claim you "wanted" all of these things. If it was subtle enough it is nearly impossible to find the place where your mind ends and the neg influence begins.

Another problem is ones own imagination. Everyone creates with every thought. Think you are under attack, and you create a vehicle something else can use to attack you. Some create stronger or weaker, but anything you "stress" on is getting a LOT of energy.

Hope this helps someone.

Thoughts, comments, and experience wanted


13th July 2005, 03:27 PM
Thanks for that post. It both affirmed what I already believed and helped me to understand it more clearly, that is, the part about mental positioning.

My time is ending but I have some cleanup to do. I was beaten badly and am now a new person.

13th July 2005, 08:16 PM
Is this a good or bad thing?

Getting beat up in astral battles finally taught me that I did not approach the situation right, had let my ego get to big, forgot enough protection, etc...

15th July 2005, 04:27 PM
It is a good thing. I feel like I shed my entire body and have a new one. I fell asleep one day and the dreams I had seemed to change me. now my body can do things only my mind could do before.