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18th March 2015, 06:27 PM
Hello Robert,

I have some hypothetical questions on Kundalini…

If someone were to raise Kundalini a couple times and then, for whatever reason, cease all development work, what would happen? Would they continue to evolve spiritually, albeit at a less rapid pace?

Can this process continue to work in the backdrop of someone’s life, periodically manifesting, rising (under the right conditions) and working to evolve their consciousness?

Thank you for remedying my insatiable curiosity and interest in this topic,


Robert Bruce
19th March 2015, 04:20 AM
You are correct.

Even if you only raise kundalini once, it will greatly improve spiritual development progress, and will continue to work in the background.

You cannot undo the changes caused by raising kundalini, any more than you can make a woman unpregnant by reversing the action that caused it.

Keep in mind that raising kundalini reduces or removes natural psychic shielding. This, while it can cause many problems, causes growth...because you are then forced to learn how to deal with these things.

peace, robert