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15th April 2015, 01:11 PM
At one time they were always there, now I cant feel them at all, does that mean your spirituality has died. does any one know what to do, it is a bit of relief to be honest as I feel drained, now I have to get on with life and its trauma, a bit lost. I wished I had never awoken. after realising and grieving for alife I cant have and a great great heart break, i'm faced with reality that's bleak, with all its problems.
during the heart break I did chastise god, and I felt him in my heart chakra like the song of Solomon in the bible. hes gone now too. I don't know whats happening I heard his voice, but then hes calling for someone else. so now I don't know if it was god or not. any way, taking a break from it all, but still worried I cant feel my chakras any more.

15th April 2015, 01:46 PM
Dear Wandering, I don't think your spirituality has died. It sounds as if you want to connect so much because of the sadness you are feeling with what is happening in your physical life. You want the other side to help you and tell you everything will be all right. Is this how it is?
It may be that your sadness is blocking out any contact.
It may be that you are going through one of your lessons that were planned. I read one author who spoke regularly with the other side and was told that there would be no communication when he was going through a lesson . He had to learn himself.
So maybe when you can accept somehow your current situation and get through it and see things differently then the communication may start up again.

15th April 2015, 02:14 PM
thankyou for your kind reply,
its what I was hoping but I don't think I will ever get back, I cant get back what has been taken from me, there is pain still there, I know there is love there too but why would god do this, I don't want love that can do that. oh I forgot, during this episode I deliberately pinched my self off from the connection, I refused any thing to do with my heart, very very bleak, after a day and a half I fell asleep and was woken after being shaken by a child, quick she said he is after the suns, I felt great evil rise from the base chakra and sent it love fast I think I would have died if it reached the heart. my nephew called out to me then I heard a voice say he has not long to live I have negotiated with spirit, and think he is ok. but im thinking of the bible pass over parable. and thinking that's why the children need baptising, none of them are, our family has lost its religious necessity to do these things. I don't want this, what awakening taught me if any thing is that I want a normal life but I cant have that either its been taken from me.

I think my thinking was skew wiff as well, see someone said those thoughts are not your thoughts, and there is no separation, well, that means Im in this mess because of god, not my will his will. so this is all his fault. right there is no separation. I was also suicidal at one point, but that was him too. not nice thoughts I know. but why should I lay down my life for him right? so then he showed what evil was about too its the opposite of love . im fighting ego I know but also life. Im not accepting the situ
ation, because that's defeat. no way turmoil however I need to let go of.

Robert Bruce
16th April 2015, 09:31 AM
It can be a sign of further energy body development, when you cannot feel your chakras so easily.

When you first start energy work, sensations can be very strong. But they generally reduce over time to more comfortable levels.

From all you say, it sounds like you are being tested.

In a way, when you aspire to great things spiritually, you are plunged into the fire, then beaten on the anvil of life with the hammer of dread. No fun while it is happening, and survival is never a given. But when this is done, and you look back years later, seeing where you came from and where you are, it will all make sense.

I have lived this myself, and know many others that have experienced the same. In fact, I do not know a truly evolved spiritual person that has not suffered extensively.

Pain and suffering are the default settings in life. It is this that drives us within and forces us to see beyond the illusions that blind us and keep us from stepping into the greater reality.

Just do your best and this will eventually lift.

peace, robert

8th June 2015, 06:38 AM
You can have any life you want. This problem comes from an attachment to certain objects, people, and feelings. If you want to experience a certain feeling, you have to realize that it can be manifested in an infinite number of ways - there is not only 'one fix' for any given problem.

When you have trust in this fact and in your higher being, who exists within you, you begin to realize that these singular attachments are not as important as you once believed they were, and that there is nothing anyone can ever do to 'break your heart.'

The more you struggle with this, the stronger you will become. Don't surrender to any hopeless feeling. There is never any need for that.