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5th June 2015, 07:01 AM

i notice in the video on electrical grounding you mention a lot of benefits of being in contact with the earth for purposes of grounding, electromagnetic connectivity to the earth and spiritual health.

would it be more beneficial to raising kundalini if I did my energy work outside or would this counter the process as any energies I raise would be being absorbed into the earth and also making it harder getting into an altered state as I would be simultaneously ungrounding (moving into altered state) and grounding (doing it outside) myself?

Robert Bruce
6th June 2015, 06:02 AM
I recommend that you try both methods and see how they feel.

My thinking is that being in touch with the earth is a good idea, as all living things benefit from this connection in all ways, because everything evolved in touch with the earth. And, it is scientifically provable that the human body works better on the cellular level when it is electrically grounded to the planet.

Here is an excellent book on both the scientific and anecdotal evidence of grounding

Kundalini is achievable, but it will always be a challenge. Every little thing that might make it easier is worth considering.

peace, robert

30th June 2015, 03:46 PM
Thanks for the info. After having tested it bit I can see the potential benefits but I have been finding myself distracted by too many things. Bugs crawling on me, lots of noises etc... I like the idea in theory but i just found I have to keep breaking my altered state because an ant is tickling my leg as it traverses hair. For now I'm going to stick to the bedroom. I have some earthing sheets on order.

im on a five week break now between jobs and besides heading to TMI for a program I am devoting most of my time to energy work and being in nature. So far I have been doing nearly five hours a day split into two sessions. One three hour and a two hour hour. I was wondering whether you think it more productive to do just one long session or split it up like I have been doing. I'm questioning my current routine because every time I settle down I feel like it takes me a lot of preliminary time to get going whereas if I did it as one big block I maximise my energy work in an altered state. Seems logical to me but just wondered what you thought best.

Also, while I have your ear I wondered if I could get your take on doing energy work in the vibrational state. I tried doing work on my root chakra recently during vibrations and it instantly started buzzing like a motor much like the heart chakra does sometimes before exit. Could this be the ultimate fast track to awakening the chakras and eventually kundalini?


16th December 2015, 05:47 AM
i think that is good idea and also I can see the potential benefits but I have been finding myself distracted by too many things.