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15th July 2005, 05:55 AM
Hey, I was wondering if anyone of you have heard of or know anything about a healer who calls himself "John of God' I watched a documentary on him and he seems like a phenomenal healer and spiritual person but haven't really heard much outside of the documentary. If anyone can post any information on him here please do!

Best wishes to all,

18th July 2005, 12:02 AM
Greetings Stu,
Last week was the second time I saw that special documentary
about John of God on Primetime Live on ABC. I have been to
his website off & on for a few years~ http://www.johnofgod.com
He is a wonderful healer/conduit for 30 individual spirits of
doctors & healers that have passed on.
Two other healers that are in his realm~ Gene Egidio at:
and Grandmaster Choa & Master Steven Co at:
Many marvelous anecdotal healings from all 3 of these 'Sources'.
Love ~ Namaste ~ Deep Peace of the Quiet*Earth,

19th July 2005, 01:54 AM
Thanks alot! would it be possible for you to type your impression of him? I"m out of town at the moment and have little time to reply but when I get back I will do the same. Has anyone else seen this documentary??

Without wax,

19th July 2005, 02:10 PM
Hi again, Stu & All~
I guess you are asking me/us to speak more about John of God!
Hmmm, I do not know anyone personally who has been to him.
I intuit him to be a remarkable healer who has had many good
results with healing people & is a pure conduit for healing many
types of ailments & diseases. I feel the same way about him that
I do about the other three healers that I mentioned in the above
post... There are many more amazing healers on the planet~ I am
someone who feels that each person on the planet is a healer! As
one can only be healed if they are open to it at some level of their
consciousness...Healer heal thyself is applicable to each & every human
at the most basic level, for our cellular structures are designed to heal.
That said, many feel the need for human touch & bells & whistles to
heal. There are more healing modalities now than ever before. Even
during the Atlantean times there were not as many diverse methods.
We have the benefit currently of Lemurian & Atlantean healers being
alive now...so we receive the best & worst of both of those cultures!
Plus many other eras of healing that have existed & do exist, that are
available now with the veil having been lifted & the awareness that all
time happens simultaneously, so that we have leakthroughs to these
healing types. Sorry, that is not on topic & is a long tangent... :roll:

If I knew someone who required physical contact for healing then I
would recommend John of God as one source to visit...Yet, to my view
& experience long distance healing works just as well...Gene Egidio &
many others, with long lists of those whom they have healed, are very
excellent long distance healers for example...Also, John of God has some
Doctors coming through him of many types of healing, which causes a
variety of methods to be used, exponentially increasing probabilities of
healing for many types of diseases. Some have a shamanistic feel, too.
Without wax gave me a giggle! Thanks~
Namaste ~ Love ~ Highest*Health,