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26th June 2015, 05:43 PM
Self Exploration,

I learned a long time ago in a college psychology class that a vast majority of people have a real difficulty examining and identifying our own personal flaws. The course taught that this is just fundamentally a way people are. Our egos are just inclined to try to preserve our sense of self-worth in that our minds will always try to make us feel better than ourselves. Because of this human predisposition, excuses become "I'm overweight because McDonald's puts ingredients in my food that are bad for me," rather than, "I'm overweight because I lack self control and discipline to improve my life." I use this example because it was a lesson that was very important to me, and one that I am just as guilty of as anyone else. After that lesson though, I try my hardest to recognize my faults, whether they are situational or part of my personality.

I share this anecdote only because it is part of what I am going to be sharing in this journal and part of my exploration of myself. Some of the topics I plan on writing about in the days to come will include:

Anxiety and Fear

And much more. Please feel free to share my journey with me. I will endeavor to be receiving and not defensive, though I will try to point out if and where something makes me defensive.

Thanks for reading my first post!

- Kevin